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How To Build An Email List Fast Without Spending Much Money

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This post will teach you how to build an email list fast. Most of the methods described in this post are free but the quickest methods will involve some form of paid advertising. Enjoy!

How to Calculate LTV (And Why It’s Important)


When you’re trying to decide how to scale your business and how to calculate profits, there are tons of metrics out there you can use. In fact, it’s easy for businesses to get overwhelmed by metrics and not know which ones to prioritize.

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Back-to-school is about to look different. Here's what retailers need to know to prepare.


Retailers play a key role in helping shoppers navigate this year's unusual back-to-school season


7 Common B2B Ecommerce Challenges (+ How to Overcome Them)


In 2019, only 13% of all B2B sales were generated digitally. By 2023, when U.S. B2B online sales are projected… B2B Ecommerce

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Retain Valuable Customers with Loyalty

Learn how to effectively retain your most valuable and profitable customers. Download Annex Cloud's 2020 Customer Retention white paper.

How to Use On-Site Personalization to Treat Every Shopper like a VIP


Why On-Site Personalization & Why Now. On-site personalization is a critical part of delivering relevance throughout the buyer’s journey. In fact, personalized homepage promotions influence 85% of consumers to buy, and 74% of consumers feel frustrated when website content is not personalized.

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Squarespace Review (Sep 2020) – 11 Pros and Cons of Using Squarespace

Ecommerce Platforms

Initially, Squarespace was only a SaaS-based content management system (CMS) which offered a designer-friendly website builder, blogging platform and hosting service. Now Squarespace has spent some time in the ecommerce space to make it an experienced contender in terms of ecommerce platforms.

9 B2B Ecommerce Trends to Drive Your Long-Term Sales Strategy


Ecommerce drove 13% of total B2B sales in the U.S. in 2019. Forrester projected in December that share would reach… B2B Ecommerce

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The future of retail is same-day delivery: Are you ready?


What can a retailer do to ensure a seamless transition from in-store only to fast and reliable delivery


320: Derek Halpern On How To Get 250K Orders In 2 Years With Truvani

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Today I’m thrilled to have Derek Halpern on the show. Derek recently started an ecommerce business named Truvani with his business partner Vani Hari selling health foods online with a focus on ingredient transparency.

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Realizing ROI in an Omnichannel Rich Retail 4.0 Environment

Welcome to Retail 4.0. This is the land of opportunity where retailers connect with shoppers and drive sales in a way like never before. With this eBook, you’ll learn about the advanced technologies that are available to create a seamless integrated omnichannel experience.

5 Simple Customer Segments Every Retailer Should Use


Reading Time: 7 minutes. Sixty-three percent of customers expect personalized brand communication.

How to Sell Toys Online (Sep 2020): A Beginner’s Guide

Ecommerce Platforms

If you're here reading this blog post, you probably want to know how to sell toys online. Perhaps you're looking for a new full time business venture? Or maybe you're thinking about taking up a side hustle? Either way, the toy niche can be incredibly lucrative.

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What the future of TikTok means for retail


Brands must be prepared to pivot their marketing efforts if the platform is banned or acquired

How Hyperlocal Fulfillment Helped Loblaw Handle A Sudden 4X E-Commerce Surge

Retail Touch

As an essential retailer, Canadian supermarket giant Loblaw was in a good position to weather the COVID-19 outbreak. However, when e-Commerce sales spike 4X in a matter of days, even strong retailers can feel the strain.

Real-time Personalization Guidebook: 10 Tips to Improve eCommerce Conversions

Conversion rate remains the most important metric for measuring success. This guidebook reveals 10 tips to improve eCommerce conversion rates, and insight into how an AI-powered personalization platform can dramatically improve performance.

Volusion Bankruptcy: What This Means For eCommerce


Volusion has always been a trusted company that provides cloud-hosted online stores for relatively smaller businesses. The company revolves around helping other businesses leverage eCommerce to grow. Unfortunately, many unexpected events have happened for Volusion in the past year.

Ethical Ecommerce Interviews: Mayamiko on Transforming From a Charity Into a Business

Ecommerce Platforms

We spoke to Paola Masperi, founder of both charity Mayamiko Trust and ethical womenswear label Mayamiko.

How to shift your brick-and-mortar business to e-commerce


The pandemic has made online shopping indispensable. Here’s how to ease the transition when bringing your business online


How To Design Your eBay Store in 5 Simple Steps


It’s time to take your eBay venture to the next level. You’re listing more products, seeing more sales, and ready to establish your own ecommerce business on the marketplace. An eBay Store subscription is designed to help you take that next step and expand your business.

Tips For E-Commerce Best Practices

An infographic listing the best practices companies can follow to bolster their e-commerce website.

Bobby’s Foods rolls out ‘uniquely shaped’ crisps


Food distributor Bobby’s Foods is launching a new range of crisps into convenience stores. Strips potato chips will be available from 7 September in Salt & Vinegar, Cheese & Onion, and BBQ flavours, in 90g bags retailing at £1.


A Quick HostArmada Review: Your Questions Answered

Ecommerce Platforms

Whether you’re a new seller or a veteran ecommerce store owner, you’ll need a high-quality web hosting service. These days there are tons of options on the market, which can make picking the right service for your business somewhat of a daunting task. .

What Q2 says about apparel


The category has dragged down retail since the pandemic forced stores shut and dented the economy. Some players are doing better than others

Westfield Adds Location Analytics To Data Harvesting Initiative At Shopping Centers

Retail Touch

Unibail-Rodamco-Westfield (URW) has named as its location analytics provider as part of a wider effort by the property management firm to leverage new technologies at its retail locations. URW will use the

Employee Spotlight: Elizabeth Faddis, Recruiting Manager, and Yoga Enthusiast


FastSpring’s Employee Spotlight is a Q&A series that features the hardworking, intelligent, and fun people that make FastSpring great. Get to know the fantastic team behind the ecommerce platform! In this post, we’re featuring our Recruiting Manager, Elizabeth Faddis!

WordPress Pricing (Sep 2020): Everything You Need to Know

Ecommerce Platforms

WordPress is one of the most popular tools for website building in the world. According to TechJury, there are over 75 million sites using WordPress today. Clearly, people find WordPress to be a compelling tool for site creation, but is it the most affordable way to get online too?

Walmart to launch its Walmart+ membership service


The retailer's answer to Amazon's Prime touts its store base as well as fuel and Scan & Go perks


How Retailers Can Control Costs Even As Return Rates Climb

Retail Touch

Returns are a cost of doing business for any retailer. But despite representing $309 billion in lost sales for U.S. retailers last year, they haven’t always been a strategic focus.

Klaviyo SMS: The Power of Personalized Messaging


Texting is a quick and easy way to send a message to someone, rather than emailing or calling. Today, many consumers open text messages fairly quickly once they notice the notification.

Metapack and Manhattan Associates team up to provide retailers with frictionless access to a complete suite of supply chain and delivery solutions

Retail Technology Review

Metapack, the eCommerce delivery technology provider, has launched its direct External Parcel Integration (EPI) with Manhattan Associates, the supply chain and omnichannel commerce technology provider. Internet Retailing Retail Supply Chain