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Hotel Chains Demonstrate Common B2B eCommerce Website Blunders

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age of the customer application development & delivery B2B ecommerce offshore services travel & leisure web development b2b ecommerce hotel travel valueWhy do hotel web sites fail to support business travellers' customer journeys, in both the digital and physical sense? B2B eCommerce sites should help business shoppers balance price with value, which is a nuanced combination of many factors, not a series of binary choices.

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Cybersecurity And Professional Sports: Securing The Internet Of Sports

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age of the customer risk management security & risk travel & leisure two-factor authentication (2FA) wearables zero trustOver the past few years, companies in all markets have embraced digital transformation, whether it is financial services finding new mechanisms to engage with customers or manufacturers adding sensors and other data collection components into their operational processes.

Supermarkets hand back business rates relief


Chancellor Rishi Sunak announced in March that all retail, hospitality and leisure businesses in England would be given a business rates holiday for 12 months to help them through the pandemic.

Retailers urged to apply for Covid-19 grants as deadline looms


The government has confirmed that the Retail, Hospitality and Leisure Grants Fund (RHLGF); the Small Business Grants Fund (SBGF); and the Discretionary Grant Fund allocated to Local Authorities to pay businesses.

Treasury introduces £4.6bn in new lockdown grants


Businesses in the retail, hospitality and leisure sectors. The Treasury has launched £4.6bn of funding to help retailers through the new national lockdown.

Carex supports government’s #EnjoySummerSafely campaign


The government’s nationwide campaign is designed to encourage a safe and responsible return to summer and leisure activities. Carex is working in partnership with the UK government on its #EnjoySummerSafely campaign. Carex, along with a number of leading brands, will launch promotional initiatives to encourage good hygiene behaviours and ‘Enjoy Summer Safely’. The brand, which. This story continues at Carex supports government’s #EnjoySummerSafely campaign.

Bogus coronavirus business grants hit inboxes


One email informs the recipient that they have been awarded a Retail, Hospitality and Leisure Grant. The Chartered Trading Standards Institute (CTSI) is warning retailers to be on the lookout for bogus emails from fraudsters offering fake business grants. The emails, which use UK government branding, are the latest in a series of scam messages. This story continues at Bogus coronavirus business grants hit inboxes. Or just read more coverage at Talking Retail.

Lockdown spike in DIY activity: The logistics sector responds

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By the end of April online sales across Europe, within the home and leisure sector, in which Dachser DIY-Logistics covers, were at a level more than double than experienced at the start of last year. The UK’s Office of National Statistics (ONS) figures show that in April this year, 30% of retail sales in the UK were conducted online. This figure compares with just 18% in the same month last year and 21% at the Black Friday/Christmas peak in 2019.

Fears of COVID’s second wave and post-election unrest spurring stockpiling behavior


According to a recent poll fielded by Sports and Leisure Research Group, a little over half of Americans are already stocking up on food staples and other household essentials or have plans to do so in coming weeks. The participants cite the potential reimposition of quarantining measures as the number one reason for such behavior, although many are also feeling anxious about the possibility of civil and supply chain disruptions following the November elections

Synthesizing Viewpoints to Enable True Digital Commerce Success

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For many this has been a leisurely Special Project process of future focused navel gazing while sipping large… The post Synthesizing Viewpoints to Enable True Digital Commerce Success appeared first on Etail Solutions.

Dive Into Moments-Based Marketing At CX North America

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Take Netflix, for example: its investor FAQ page explains that its competition is not merely other streaming services, but also other leisure activities like reading a book. When it comes to vying for consumers’ attention and share of wallet, brands face an increasingly varied mix of competitors. Similarly, in a shareholder letter last year, Netflix […].

How Will the Holiday Season Impact Shopper Behaviors In 2019?

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Other times, you’re in the mood to browse leisurely and hunt for items. During the hustle and bustle of the holiday season, consumers don’t tend to shop how they would on a normal day. Their time is stretched, they have shopping lists to check off and while they’re always looking for the best deal, they tend to spend more than usual. Despite these nuances, the holiday season is a prime time for new trends to emerge.

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Shoppers who navigate your site at a fast pace are fundamentally different from leisurely movers. Do you treat these 2 groups differently? You should. Fast browsers are typically in pre-research or post-research pre-commit mode. This means they either have just started their shopping journey or are at the end of it and have a shortlist of options but want to make sure they are making an informed decision.

Flooid Names New CEO For North America

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Mutter’s most recent positions include work as a CFO at private equity-backed companies in the renewable energy and leisure sectors, as well as senior finance roles with Quotient and Sema Group. Flooid , formerly PCMS, has made a number of senior leadership changes to reflect its increasingly international focus. The sales operations platform has hired Diane Palmquist as its new CEO-North America and Group Co-CEO, and also has named Chris Mutter as Group CFO and Eric Bilange as CTO.

Data Will be Key to Retail Success in 2021

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Further, the only two categories that experienced a decline were electronics and gadgets and — not surprisingly — travel and leisure.

Why Experiential And Omnipresent Retail Will Help Traditional Stores Survive And Thrive

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As co-founder and co-CEO Dave Gilboa told the Vancouver Sun : “We’ve always thought that shopping for eyewear should feel a little like browsing at a library — leisurely, filled with pleasant surprises, and better with friends alongside.” By Brian Hannon, Voxpro Digital is increasingly becoming the common battleground for retailers. Brick-and-mortar stores play their part, but it’s only when they employ efficient digital strategies that they can truly compete.

Walking the Line: How a Post-Pandemic Retail Hybrid Might Make the Best of Both Worlds

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Post-pandemic, leisurely sprees might be left in the past. Even the best business plans expect some bumps along the road: financial insecurity among consumers, supply chain complications, a shortage of labor or reduced in-store traffic.

Retail’s Digital Future


Consumer preferences have shifted in response to the pandemic, as many have faced changes in their jobs, income and leisure time. In store shopping has long been the predominant way to shop, however, online shopping has quickly grown to become the preferred channel for many.

Retail pop-ups at the airport: turn passengers into customers


Leisure, pleasure or business – air travel is one of the top forms of transportation for people across the world – and in 2017, almost one billion flights took off from the US alone. Although processes at airports are becoming more streamlined due to the introduction of innovative technological systems, travelers are still waiting over an hour on average between getting through security and boarding the plane.

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3 Tips To Build Consignor Loyalty In A Modern Retail World

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For most, the more pragmatic and safer bet is to withdraw the funds, return to the site or store at their leisure, and pay with a credit card. By Michael Ting, Hyperwallet There are currently more than 25,000 commercial and not-for-profit resale shops in the United States, not to mention the number of consignment marketplaces active online.

The Platinum Card Experience: Travel Clubs And Loyalty Programs In The Retail Landscape

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For high-value travelers and even occasional leisure travelers, a branded travel club can be a Platinum Card experience at a fraction of the price — and a strong incentive to remain loyal to one retailer. By Mike Putman, Customer Travel Solutions If co-brand credit cards and frequent flyer programs have taught us anything, it’s that consumers love to travel and will go out of their way for exclusive travel benefits.

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The Importance of Mapping the Customer Journey in Ecommerce


Whether they’ve come across one of your tweets or are just leisurely browsing your ecommerce website, shoppers should have a basic understanding of what you do and sell at this point. Whether you’re welcoming an influx of new customers from Black Friday and Cyber Monday or planning for growth next quarter, it’s always a good time to assess how new customers fit into your ecommerce brand’s overall marketing goals.

2019 Wrap-Up: The 5 eCommerce Trends That Defined Consumer Spending Last Year


Case in point: Sales of sport leisure footwear rose in the 12 months leading up to August 2019, according to research by NPD. The company expects strong sales growth to continue in the years ahead, with sport leisure surpassing fashion as the largest footwear category in 2020. It was a strong end to 2019 for eCommerce sales. Despite falling short of some analyst’s predictions, holiday sales grew significantly. Data from Digital Commerce 360 shows that eCommerce made up 19.2%

Voice Technology is Changing the Rules of Ecommerce and Customer Experience


Voice technology in leisure and hospitality. The impact on customer experience: The entire leisure industry is built on pampering the customer with round-the-clock service. By 2020, 30% of searches will be carried out without a keyboard or screen 1. Customers will talk to their devices, skipping the “tedious” process of typing or scrolling through information.

Carnival and their Guest Experience Digital Transformation


When the world’s largest leisure travel company, Carnival, wanted to create the ultimate vacation experience aboard their ships, they realized they needed to improve the convergence among the physical and digital worlds into a seamless experience.

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FILA Site Enhancements Boost Conversions, Dramatically Reduce Bounce Rates

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Traditionally, sport/leisure apparel and footwear brand FILA relied primarily on retailers to get its products on the bodies and feet of consumers.

Survival Of The Personalized: Brand Success In The Age Of The Retail Apocalypse

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Prior to founding Velocity, McShane held various senior marketing titles with London Events Agency and Archer Leisure. By Enda McShane, Velocity Worldwide The fear of a ‘Retail Apocalypse’ is not new. Google Trends shows the term first appeared in 2005, with intermittent spikes every couple of years until it skyrocketed to unprecedented popularity at the start of 2017.

Which Retail Tech Is The Real Deal?

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Chatbots can streamline the buying journey and provide customer service at the customer’s leisure, without having to hop on the phone and wait on hold until a representative is available. Every year, the retail industry generates hype about the next great technology that’s going to change the customer experience forever. Beacons, RFID, in-store mirrors and recently chatbots have all had their turn as the “next big thing.”

Retail’s Digital Future


Consumer preferences have shifted in response to the pandemic, as many have faced changes in their jobs, income and leisure time. In store shopping has long been the predominant way to shop, however, online shopping has quickly grown to become the preferred channel for many.

Retail’s Digital Future


Consumer preferences have shifted in response to the pandemic, as many have faced changes in their jobs, income and leisure time. In store shopping has long been the predominant way to shop, however, online shopping has quickly grown to become the preferred channel for many.

Sell More, Retain Customers Longer, and Have Fun with Discovery Shopping

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Discovery shopping is about being leisurely, not pushing a customer to purchase. You know the feeling when you are in a store and see an amazing, exciting, perfect thing that you instantly know you just have to have?

RevTech Event Spotlights Retail Innovation: Which Technologies Will Win Out?

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When I travel, for leisure or business, my hotel room is the last place where I want to be “sold” something (except perhaps from the minibar. RevTech , a venture accelerator focused on developing early-stage retail technology companies, is hosting its 11 th semi-annual Tech Trends in Retail event in the flagship Neiman Marcus store in Dallas on April 5.

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Hindsight is 2020: A Retrospective with Jamin Harkness


While staging a unit helps prospects picture in their head what it would be like to live in the unit, by offering snacks and the leisure to relax in the unit, Jamin has created an experience that is more impactful to the prospect. 3 min read.

How Digital Technologies Have Changed The Retail Store

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One of my first jobs was as a sales associate at a clothing store, after which mall shopping lost any of the leisurely appeal it once held. I still find myself folding clothes I didn't unfurl and fixing hanger hooks to all face the same direction. Chalk it up to knowing how the sausage is made, or perhaps a logical side effect of working in eCommerce research, but I do most of my shopping online these days.

Critical Insights About Display Advertising in 2019 Explained

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Unlike their male counterparts, women consider shopping to be a fun leisure activity. Hobbies and leisure comes third with 10%, while food and drink, plus home and garden complete the list with 6% and 5% respectively. What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you hear the words “Google” and “Marketing”? Well, I bet that’s a no-brainer since we’re all crazy about SEO. It’s pretty evident that ecommerce relies greatly on SEO.

Wix Pricing UK 2021 – Everything You Need to Know

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With various benefits to offer, Wix allows you to develop your site however you choose, upgrading plans at your leisure. Wix has rapidly emerged as one of the best-known and most popular tools for building a website in the modern marketplace.