Why DTC Brands Are Joining The OTT Movement

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Rebecca Lerner is Executive Vice President at MadHive, an end-to-end advanced advertising solution for digital video that leverages cryptography, blockchain and AI to deliver evidence-based business outcomes. By Rebecca Lerner, MadHive.

5 ways cryptocurrency benefits ecommerce


Blockchain uses advanced cryptography and encrypts the path of every transaction. Cryptography also serves to protect the system from hackers and thieves, since all the transactions are connected and cannot be changed manually.

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The History of Blockchain

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History of cryptography. ? A Brief History of Cryptography and Algorithms. Enter Alan Turing, a studious British mathematician with a knack for decoding info and who is known to be a whizz at cryptography (which itself is essential to blockchain’s). The History of Blockchain. “To

Beware of these 6 app security issues


To do so, techniques such as string encryption at the code level and advanced application of white bix cryptography for ensuring higher security to protect your sensitive data both statistically and at runtime. #4

Social Media Water Cooler: August 2019

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And it’s secured by cryptography which helps keep your money safe. As we move through the second half of the year, retailers and manufacturers alike should be preparing to ramp up for back to school shoppers, and quite soon after, the holiday season.

Are Blockchain and Bitcoin the same?

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Once a new chain is added to the block, it’s encrypted using cryptography and can’t be changed, replicated or removed. Blockchain and Bitcoin – Are They Different? One of the questions that come up a lot is “Are blockchain and Bitcoin the same?”.

Dwolla Review 2019: ACH Payments Made Easy

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Which is why both Dwolla's Engineering and InfoSec teams are continually training and educating themselves in numerous areas of online security (including cryptography and OWASP Top Ten). Do you run your own business? Or are you considering launching a brand?

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