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Security Budgets In Asia Pacific, 2019

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It has taken me 15 months and a LOT of travel, listening and talking to feel confident enough to write this research for APAC. APAC is a unique region in its cultural, geographic, regulatory, security maturity and economic diversity.

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Why Mailchimp Pricing Is Deceptive And Grossly Overpriced

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The reason most people sign up for Mailchimp is because of it’s forever free plan. For no money whatsoever, you can store up to 2000 contacts and send up to 10000 emails per month. Sounds great right? But did you know that the free plan has very limited functionality?

The Rising Tide Of Ransomware Requires A Commitment To Best Practices

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Last week, the United States Conference of Mayors adopted a resolution against paying ransoms. What’s interesting about this is by creating what is essentially a vertical front of communities against ransomware. It may well disincentivize attackers from targeting US towns and cities.

Don’t Be A Dandelion — Respect Your Customer’s ‘Digital Lawn’

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By Jimmy Egeland, Elicit The dreaded dandelion. A mustard stain on the otherwise crisp, white shirt of spring. Instead of lying low like a patch of crab grass, or blending in like a clump of clover, the dandelion invades lawns by loudly flaunting its bright yellow flowers, then has the audacity to unleash its arsenal of spawns in a deceivingly playful little puff of white. Kids blow on the puff ball — a seemingly fun and innocent rite of passage in springtime — and the damage multiplies.

Tips For E-Commerce Best Practices

An infographic listing the best practices companies can follow to bolster their e-commerce website.

Dont Waste Your Creativity Spend As You Fight Digital Sameness

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Is your CMO considering shifting investments in marketing technology toward the services of creative agencies as Forrester recommends? You should find out — because one of two possible scenarios will play out.

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The Forrester Wave™: Loyalty Service Providers, Q3 2019 Is Now Live

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Consumers are connected, empowered, and experimental. And loyalty programs aren’t as effective at driving emotional loyalty as marketers would like: Less than half of consumers agree that programs make them feel more loyal to a brand. This reality makes loyalty harder than ever to earn.

Primed for disruption: 12 wacky Amazon patents fueling the future of fulfillment


With 2018’s Prime Day moving over 100 million products (expected to grow this year) — fast and reliable fulfillment is top-of-mind for the world’s largest retailer. And it’s no surprise Amazon’s so patent-happy when it comes to improving logistics.

The Canada Customer Experience Index, 2019: Canada’s Best Year Yet

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Modest Gains Amidst Stagnation Give Canadian CX Its Best Year Yet Forrester’s 2019 Canada Customer Experience Index (CX Index™) reveals that the overall quality of the Canadian customer experience rose by 1.2 points, to 67.2.

How I Migrated 11 Sites from Magento to BigCommerce, Saved $1,000,000 and Increased Conversions 312% – All in 90 Days


When a boat has a hole, the crew spends half its time rowing and the other half with buckets, frantically… Ecommerce Marketing Enterprise Ecommerce

FORRward: A Weekly Read For Tech And Marketing Execs

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Nike Wins The (Marketer’s) Golden Boot Turns out Nike was not an official World Cup sponsor — could have fooled us! Nike dominated viewer attention just as the US women dominated the field.

Why Apartment Managers Shouldn’t Be Afraid to Test Innovative Digital Marketing Ideas


The post Why Apartment Managers Shouldn’t Be Afraid to Test Innovative Digital Marketing Ideas appeared first on PERQ.

Low-Code Platform Pricing Is Broken

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I am one of the 64% of developers who have yet to adopt a low-code development platform. My friends at other companies have implemented one of these platforms and report great results — much faster software delivery and happy business colleagues. We should also adopt, but my boss will ask a question I can’t answer: […]. age of the customer application development processes & tools business process modeling low-code platforms

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Magento UX design: Rethink the Hamburger! Menu UX trends in e-Commerce

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When visitors land on your homepage they naturally want to navigate the store. . That’s right. Do you have the omnipresent hamburger on your menu or did you opt for something fancier like vertical lettering?

How to Determine Which eCommerce KPIs Matter Most


eCommerce businesses have access to an exciting amount of data today. It’s impossible, however, to understand all the data without wasting time, resources, and possibly your sanity. That’s why being selective matters.

The Beginner’s Guide to Content Websites: Building Content Sites vs. Building Ecommerce Sites

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Content websites might be a better way to start an online business depending on your goals and aspirations. Want to learn more? Check out this article. The post The Beginner’s Guide to Content Websites: Building Content Sites vs. Building Ecommerce Sites appeared first on A Better Lemonade Stand. Product & Niche Selection Strategy & Analytics

Can a SaaS system be open and flexible? BigCommerce believes APIs may be the answer.


Both sound like viable options, and in reality, you will choose Option 1 or Option 2 based on total cost, your deductible, pre-existing conditions, whether you have a preferred primary care physician and a host of other factors. It will be a highly personal decision.

Causes of Retail Overstock and Best Ways to Avoid Them.


To remain profitable, retailers must avoid losing sales and stay on top of situations, like out-of-stock items. However, there is another costly culprit that has the potential to cost retailers a lot of money – and that is overstock.

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All you need to run a Successful Gift Card Program


Gift Cards have become a choice of the utmost audience and merchants. Leveraging it into your business can boost your AOV(Average Order Value) and ROI(Return On Investment). Any business owner can embrace a Gift Card program for their business but only a few of those can successfully execute it.

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