How 3 Health and Beauty Brands Leverage Data to Personalize the Buyer’s Journey


The beauty industry is valued at $532 billion and expected to grow to over $800 billion by 2023. Health and beauty brands need to find a way to compete, and fast. Oftentimes, health and beauty brands have both an online and in-store presence.

The Best Health and Beauty Winback Campaigns


While cleaning out my inbox recently, I noticed that an ecommerce health and beauty brand has sent me emails almost every day for the past six months — despite the fact I haven’t opened a single one. It’s time to create a healthy and beauty winback campaign. Here are some of the best examples of health and beauty winback campaigns we’ve found to inspire you to create winning email messages and campaigns that truly reengage customers and drive real ROI.


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Health & Beauty Ecommerce Site Design


The health and beauty vertical has two distinct requirements: Build trust through recommendations and ingredients listings. Look as beautiful on-site as the product looks in person (or will make someone look). After all, health and beauty products are items you put in or on your body. And, finally, these sites must be beautiful. After all, they are selling health and beauty. Leading Health & Beauty Brands Choose BigCommerce.

18 Striking Health and Beauty Brands Turning Heads Across the Web


Health and Beauty, a $300 billion industry according to estimates from the US Department of Commerce, remains one of the fastest-growing ecommerce categories with online sales rising 17% YoY in 2016 to $28 billion globally. With so much revenue on the table, health and beauty companies are stepping up their online selling game to stand out among the competition. Stunning Health and Beauty Themes Out-of-the-Box. Health + Beauty Showcase.

CVS Achieves Transparency Goal for Beauty Product Imagery, Shifts Focus to Mental Health Initiatives

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CVS Pharmacy has reached its goal of full transparency for beauty imagery that is produced by and for CVS Pharmacy. This marks the culmination of the original CVS Beauty Mark commitment made in 2018 to educate customers about the difference between authentic and digitally altered photos.

3 Tips for Health and Beauty Brands to Bring the In-Store Experience Online | Salsify


year-over-year, with the beauty and health category growing 47.7% Amazon also reported a sizable 70% year-over-year increase in March for beauty and health products. Digital Commerce Beauty COVID-19April saw online sales of household care items increase 57.5%

Beauty Ecommerce Marketing: The Must-Know Trends to Grow Your Beauty Brand


The beauty ecommerce business is booming. In 2021 alone, the beauty industry was estimated to be greater than $510 billion. Before COVID , in-store shopping accounted for 85% of beauty and personal care sales. This is also reflected in beauty industry insights.

Q&A with the Category Experts: Holiday Tips for Health and Beauty Sellers


— Up next: health and beauty. The health and beauty segment is second to only food and beverage in e-commerce growth, with eMarketer estimating over $53 billion in sales by the end of 2019. We asked Leah Maddox, one of our account managers, which strategies and tips should be top of mind for health and beauty sellers over the next couple of months. An overwhelming majority of beauty searches happen on mobile today.

3 Ways to digitally transform your health & beauty eCommerce business


With the rise of digital-born, single-brand beauty and cosmetics companies, it’s becoming clear that the traditional way of doing business is beginning to face serious disruption. According to a 2017 Deloitte study , older sales channels, such as department stores, are being challenged by online sales and specialty stores. The study also discovered that consumers aren’t as interested in the B2C mass-selling tactics that worked just a few years ago.

Lifebuoy kicks off £12m campaign


Health & Beauty Health and beauty health and personal care lifebuoy unileverHygiene soap brand Lifebuoy has launched a campaign to “help educate consumers on how to reduce the spread of infection in a post-lockdown nation”.

Lynx reinvigorates portfolio with new range and pack design

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Health & Beauty Health and beauty health and personal care Lynx unileverToiletry brand Lynx has unveiled a new pack design across its entire portfolio and a new trio of sports products.

e.l.f. Beauty’s Growth Formula: TikTok, Clean Products and a Clear Brand Mission

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Beauty is riding high on seven consecutive quarters of net sales growth. Beauty leadership reported 7% year-over-year net sales growth , largely driven by the company’s “strength in digital” during the pandemic. Beauty. Beauty. Beauty address this reality in 2021?

Heyoo launches vitamin range for Booker Retail Partners


New vitamin brand Heyoo is launching its range of health and wellbeing products for Londis and Budgens retailers nationwide. Health & Beauty Health and beauty health and personal care heyoo

Travel Blue rolls out hygiene range for convenience sector


A multi-use silver ion antibacterial, Health & Beauty face masks hand sanitiser Health and beauty health and personal care travel blueTravel accessories company Travel Blue is launching a range of hygiene products suitable for the convenience sector.

Lifebuoy sponsors England Cricket ahead of new season

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Health & Beauty Health and beauty health and personal care lifebuoy unileverHand sanitiser and soap brand Lifebuoy is partnering with England Cricket ahead of the start of a new season.

Personal Care, Health, & Wellness Ecommerce: Stats & Strategies for 2021

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The global health and personal care industry was worth $116.5 It’s clear that brands in the personal care, health, & wellness industry are positioned to profit in 2021 and beyond. 2021 Personal Care, Health, & Wellness Ecommerce Stats. Published June 30, 2021.

Rite Aid to Offer Same-Day Delivery of Health and Wellness Essentials via DoorDash

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Rite Aid has partnered with last-mile logistics platform DoorDash to offer same-day delivery of non-prescription health, convenience and wellness products from more than 2,100 locations across 17 states.

Grade your business with Omnisend Benchmarks and Health Check


We have introduced Health Check and Benchmark reports, to help you measure the performance of your ecommerce store against your direct competitors. How do Health Check and Benchmarks work? Ways to Utilize Health Check and Benchmark insights. #1 Reading Time: 3 minutes.

Celebrate World Mental Health Day with 6 Wellness Brands

Gone are the days where “mental health” or “mental illness” were taboo topics to be avoided at all costs. This October 10th is World Mental Health Day , initially created by the World Health Organization. And that’s because sleep is a crucial part of mental and physical health.

Procter & Gamble unveils reusable and refillable shampoo bottles


Procter & Gamble (P&G) is launching refillable packaging for its haircare brands, as part of its “commitment to be a force for good and a positive force for beauty in the world”.

Panadol offers more laughs with comedy sponsorship

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Health & Beauty gsk health and personal care panadolPain relief brand Panadol is kicking off a marketing campaign to highlight the consensus that “that laughter can help increase our pain tolerance”. The “More Laughs.

Health, Beauty, Cosmetics: Search and Find


Bob Dylan likely wasn’t talking about the health, beauty, cosmetic category when he coined the term “times they are a-changin’,” but he could have been. An industry segment previously defined by large consumer healthcare and consumer goods companies is now mixed with niche organic beauty companies, functional food start-ups, and biotech medical device organizations. In time, all aspects of our health will be individualized to optimize our well-being as we mature.

Panadol unveils new pack design and supporting TV campaign


The TV campaign, “Together, Health & Beauty gsk health and personal care panadolPain relief brand Panadol is launching a new pack design, supported by a TV campaign to “drive awareness across the nation as we enter the winter months”.

Report: CVS Health Expands On-Demand Delivery Options With DoorDash

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CVS Health has partnered with DoorDash to offer same-day contactless delivery for an assortment of 3,000 products, according to Adweek.

Tena Women partners with Channel 4 for new campaign


Health & Beauty Central Convenience Stores incontinence products promotional campaigns Tena WomanTena Women has set out to challenge the perception of and the social stigma surrounding incontinence in its latest campaign, in a new partnership with Channel 4.

10 Beauty Brands Using Minimalist Design to Elevate Products

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Why do minimalist website designs and user experiences work in the beauty industry? The beauty industry is cluttered with household names, retailers, and digitally native brands alike. Minimalist blends beautiful visuals with prime functionality—removing the clutter and noise that often deters customers from making a purchase. We gathered the top ten beauty brands using minimalist design and customer experiences to elevate their products and brand story. Beauty Desig

How Beauty Brands Use Content to Combat Price Concerns

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Traditionally, the only indicator for the level of quality of a health or cosmetic item was price. Social media completely upended this philosophy in the beauty industry, giving more power and information to consumers than ever before. To help price-conscious consumers combat their cost concerns, high-end health and beauty brands leverage content and messaging to prove the price tag reflects the value of the product. That said, clean beauty doesn’t always come cheap.

ViraPro launches child-friendly sanitiser


Health & Beauty convenience stores coronavirus hand sanitiser ViraProViraPro has launched a hand sanitiser specifically for children, which is non-toxic and alcohol-free. The ViraPro Kids range comes in four scents: Strawberry, Apple, Banana, and Bubble Gum.

Huggies expands Pull-Ups range


Health & Beauty convenience stores huggies kimberly-clark marketing campaign nappiesHuggies is expanding its Pull-Ups range with new Explorers. Pull-Ups Explorers are designed to flex and protect children as they reach every new milestone.

Aquafresh unveils new toothpaste ranges


Health & Beauty aquafresh convenience stores toothpasteAquafresh has launched two new ranges of toothpastes, one for children and one for adults.

Consumers swap clothes for alcohol and face cream in pandemic, research reveals


Industry News alcohol consumer research convenience stores coronavirus Health and beauty hot beverages ShopifySkincare and alcohol are among the categories that have seen dramatic increases in sales during the pandemic, new research reveals.

[Infographic] The Essential Ingredients for E-Commerce Sales: Success Stories from Health and Beauty Sellers


Consumer spending for health and beauty products is rapidly shifting from brick-and-mortar stores to online. In fact, according to Internet Retailer, the amount consumers spent online on health and beauty products in 2016 was double that of five years earlier — with no signs of slowing down. Below are three stories of health and beauty sellers who are on the right track. Industry Trends customer success health and beauty infographic

Carex supports government’s #EnjoySummerSafely campaign


Health & Beauty Carex coronavirus government handwash PZ CussonsCarex is working in partnership with the UK government on its #EnjoySummerSafely campaign. The government’s nationwide campaign is designed to encourage a safe and responsible return to summer and leisure activities.

How to Build Customer Loyalty in the Beauty Industry

Valued at $523 billion, the beauty industry has scaled dramatically over the last decade, becoming more innovative and trend-focussed, with many brands finding unique ways to own the customer journey. These three things alone make loyalty and the beauty industry an essential combination.

6 Beauty Brands That Use Questionnaires to Create a Personalized Experience

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Health and beauty brands have been at the forefront of innovation and technology adaption both in online and offline channels, including customer questionnaires. To avoid overwhelming the user with recommendations, the beauty brand only makes two suggestions for each category (skin and shave). This latest (not yet released) beauty innovation combines personalization and technology to align the mask with a customer’s specific skin concern areas based on a series of questions.

Cultivating Better Mental Health as Entrepreneurs


Today Sherry Walling of Zen Founder talks to us about depression with entrepreneurs and how to maintain a good sense of mental health as a founder. How to start taking better care of your mental health with her top tips. You know, mental health is something that doesn’t get talked about a lot in the entrepreneurial circles. That’s a thorny one, all sorts of things along the mental health line. Being an entrepreneur can be really hard at times.

The Power of Attribution for Millennial Beauty Sales


The vegan food movement, which has realized 600% growth between 2014-2017[v] has found life in the beauty industry as millennials strive to unify their values across all aspects of life. These substitutes equal attributes, these attributes are what constitutes these products being found among a sea of cosmetic and beauty items. Millennials are changing the face of beauty, yet it’s anything but straightforward. Superfoods are Needed Beauty Attributes.