Jewelry & Accessories Ecommerce Site Design


When you’re selling jewelry and accessories online, you are selling details and final touches. Here’s how 13 jewelry & accessories brands nailed their ecommerce site design. Get more inspiration for your jewelry and accessories store from these great brands.

How to List Compatibility For Your Parts and Accessories on eBay Motors


While this is not a problem for most parts, certain types of accessories available to a wide array of vehicles can quickly exceed these limits. As you may or may not know, auto and powersports sellers can use eBay’s product catalog to specify vehicle compatibility.

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Even Your Shopping Cart isn’t Sacred

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They can also suggest or recommend accessories and features you might want, so you can get the instant gratification of getting a complete set-up all in one trip. Birth of the Shopping Cart. The first rolling shopping cart was created by a Piggly Wiggly owner in Oklahoma City.

162 Best Ecommerce Site Designs of 2017


We know they love to build custom desks, select options, add accessories, and more, and we wanted to give them an online experience that would let them quickly and easily build the desk they’ve always wanted. Accessories are also important, and we wanted to showcase each of them.

Ecommerce Trends: 147 Stats Revealing How Modern Customers Shop in 2017


60% of shoppers have purchased clothing, shoes and accessories items from large retailers, 54% at marketplaces, 44% from category-specific and 45% from webstores.

Email Marketing Inspiration from 100 Top Email Marketing Campaigns


For example, Speck, a smartphone and computer accessories company, has created a colorful, to-the-point email to sell their phone cases. Email is an excellent way to stay top of mind with customers.

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The 6 Most Effective Types of Social Media Advertising in 2017


A great example of Pinterest ads in action comes Native Union , a popular cell phone accessory brand. While there are hundreds of different marketing strategies, only one can bring in consistent sales from day one. Social media advertising.

More Traffic, Less Money: 13 Tactics to Build Inbound Links for Your Online Store


Take for example , an online shop that sells fitness bikes, equipment and other accessories. Do you want more traffic, more trust and more sales for less ad spend? Of course you do.



Unlike my youthful, bright-eyed self, 63% of shoppers plan to buy technology or tech accessories. The users are becoming younger and younger, with more kids stuffing backpacks with the latest gadgets and accessories instead of yesteryear’s paper flashcards. I’ll say it – I was a nerd.

The Complete Omni-Channel Retail Report: What Brands Need to Know About Modern Consumer Shopping Habits


Here are a few takeaways: Clothing, shoes and accessories: 44% of shoppers have purchased from marketplaces (e.g. No single formula, algorithm or crystal ball can tell you for sure when and why each individual customer will make a purchase.

Instagram Shopping: The Future of Mobile Ecommerce + 19 Tips to Increase Conversions Now


The flat lay complete with accessories shows an experience. Today, Instagram announced it is expanding its Instagram Shopping initiative, and we’re excited to announce BigCommerce merchants will be among the first to have access to the feature.

The Ultimate Guide to Ecommerce SEO: How to Attain Page 1 Ranking + Organic Traffic Domination


So are the terms “RV accessories” and “solar panels” – not because they’re synonymous, but because they fall within the same topic. For example, I wrote a blog post about the best RV accessories for my blog, The Wandering RV, which now ranks #2 for its keyword.

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Learn How to Personalize the In-Store Sales Experience with iQmetrix at MWCA


We'll show you how this technology gives your consumers the same information as sales associates, so that they can shop the way they want to—and how to personalize the sales process by following up with email promotions for add-on and accessories that match the shopper’s browsing history.

Raising the Benchmark of a Good Customer Experience


A sound technologies specialist, Devialet sells Phantom brand wireless speakers, speaker-mounting accessories, professional grade sound amplifiers and more. Retailers are no strangers to the concept of remodeling their businesses.

The Power of Super Specific Customer Segmentation


One company using innovative segmentation today is Cellular Outfitters , an ecommerce retailer that offers a variety of cell phone accessories. Today’s customer segmentation isn’t your grandfather’s segmentation. (If If your grandfather was a marketer.).

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said they prefer a virtual view of how home furnishings and accessories fit in a home before they make a purchase, and a majority said they want mobile access to a floor map to locate products in stores. Rumors about the “death” of brick-and-mortar commerce are greatly exaggerated.

How Ecommerce Made in North America is Set to Shake Up Lifestyle Fashion in Asia Pacific


Steady economic growth has led to huge populations with more money to spend – and clothing and accessories are at the top of their shopping lists. The Asia Pacific region is enjoying a retail spending boom.

YouTube Remarketing: A Golden Opportunity for Your Ecommerce Business

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In 2015, Brighton , a leading retailer of designer jewelry, handbags, and accessories, was looking to utilize their video content to increase online transactions. YouTube remarketing isn’t some flash in the pan marketing opportunity. There are over 1.3

Many unhappy returns: E-commerce’s Achilles heel

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And with Amazon and newer disruptive brands helping drive the share of apparel, accessories and home furnishings that is sold online, the impact of high returns rates will become a bigger and bigger issue for many brands.

Quad Assortment and Pricing Data Illuminates Fashion Trends


From necklaces to dresses and sweaters, choker-styled accessories and tops have made a statement in the fashion industry. The following is a contributed article by Vivian Yu, Data Analytics and Operations Intern at Quad Analytix. Retailers always claim to be selling this season’s “hottest trend,” but what exactly does this entail? How quickly do companies catch onto and adapt to trends, and how do they respond to the varying demands of their customers?

Personalization vs. Segmentation: The Real Difference and Why it Matters


As the customer’s email, onsite, and mobile activity generates more behavioral data, JustFab generates fully personalized recommendations for apparel and accessories the customer is likely to want. Personalization is many things to many marketers.

5 Reasons We’ll See You at Bronto Summit

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Uri Minkoff is the co-founder and CEO of Rebecca Minkoff, a global apparel and accessories brand leading the way in wearable tech and omnichannel experiences and is also one of our clients. Blue Acorn is headed back to Las Vegas! We’re ready for another round of sparkling lights, networking parties, educational seminars, and … dinosaurs? Bronto is at it again, and this time bringing us four days of education and training with a side of fabulous Las Vegas.

Halloween ’17: Will eCommerce see more tricks or treats?


Don’t forget the accessories. In North America, Halloween is one of the most opportune non-major holiday seasons for thoughtful eSellers who take the time to find out what customers are likely to buy. If history is the best predictor of future outcomes, look no further than Halloween 2016 to get a sense for what you can do to optimize revenue and profits during the holiday this year as an eSeller. Don't let high fees and slow payments catch you this Halloween.

33 Ecommerce Strategies for Growth from 12 $1M+ Brands [18 Must Have Tools Included]


And you know they will be the most stylish baby clothes and accessories on the web. Brandon Chatham runs around 30 various stores online, but his tech accessory ecommerce store, NatoMounts, is unique. I talk to 3-5 ecommerce owners or business operators each week.

Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams Launches on Salesforce Commerce Cloud

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The company’s American-made upholstery as well as table & storage, lighting, rugs, bed linens, artwork, and accessories are designed to help people live comfortable with style. Today, we are excited to announce the launch of Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams on Salesforce Commerce Cloud.



Products vary from healthy snacks, household items, makeup, clothing, accessories, books, underwear, to flowers, coffee, pencils, and games. Who doesn’t like arriving home and seeing a package at the front door? Even if it’s something you ordered and expected, it’s still exciting.

3 Important Things I learned By Attending eTail Canada 2017

eCommerce Training Academy

Rent frock Repeat solves the problem of “not having anything to wear ” by providing women an easy way to rent designer dresses and accessories for any event.

How to Get Ahead with Competitive Intelligence Data


For example, brand name electronics accessories typically dominate the market, as consumers want to make sure they only buy things that are compatible and safe for their big ticket electronics, like computers and TVs. Amazon used competitive intelligence data to their advantage and introduced a line of low cost charging cables and other electronics accessories for a fraction of the price their brand name competitors were charging.

49 Tips & Strategies for Successful Holiday Marketing Campaigns


If customer order history shows that a customer purchased a surfboard three months ago, target them with ads promoting a holiday sale on surfboard accessories. It’s official: #FirstDayOfSchool2017 is trending on social media and the back-to-school shopping season is in full force.

Behavioral Marketing: A Closer Look at What Gets Consumers Clicking


An Amazon behaviorally-marketed suggested sell with the current item, as well as accessories that users often buy in addition to the original. In the past, marketing to consumers based on things like how many pages they visited on a site were rudimentary at best.

How Push Notifications Can Increase User Engagement (With Examples)


It’s hard to imagine going anywhere without your mobile device these days. From kids tethered to their phones, to grandmas Facetiming with their grandkids, our smartphones have become as much a part of our lives as our opposing thumbs.

5 Emerging Marketplaces to Consider for the Holidays


Average selling price is $15 — from jewelry and accessories to beauty and home. Good fit if you are selling apparel, footwear and accessories in multiple colors and sizes, have deep inventory, and you can package well and ship quickly. With the holiday shopping season fast approaching, we want to make sure you are well prepared and are visible on as many marketplaces as possible.

A Quick Start Guide to eBay Promotions Manager


Accessory discounts. Example: Buy a camera, get 20% off select accessories. Are you looking for a new way to grow your eBay business? Consider running a promotion with eBay’s Promotions Manager tool! Before you decide on the type of promotion you want to run, establish your end goal. Are you interested in increasing cart size? Or would you like to increase your AOV (average order value)? eBay offers five different types of promotions: Order discounts.

The Ultimate Guide to Retail Promotions


They will be focused on the big ticket item and not mind the comparatively small cost of the accessories they need to bring that new laptop to life. . Have you ever noticed the difference in retail sale signs based on the pricing tier? Value and mid-market retailers tend to have giant red signs that take over their windows, websites, and marketing emails.

How to Send Effective Web Push Notifications


A Framework for More Effective Marketplace Campaigns


This major mobile shopping platform sells around 2 million items a month — from jewelry and accessories to beauty and home — as well as other impulse items. Marketplaces have exploded in popularity with Amazon, eBay, Walmart and Jet playing a leading role in many retailers’ e-commerce strategies.

Countdown To Catalyst: The Definitive Conference Packing List


Now is a great time to try out some new travel accessories or swap out you old carry on — it’s valid through the end of March. As we get closer to the opening keynote of Catalyst 2017, stay tuned to this blog for Catalyst stories, announcements and conference tips in our “Countdown to Catalyst” blog series.

The Complete Comparison Guide Between Your 3 Ecommerce Fulfillment Options: Drop-Shipping, 3PL or Self-Fulfillment


For example, companies like Printful specialize in on-demand printing and fulfillment of posters, apparel, and accessories. You’ve got a killer product, nailed down your marketing strategy, and are finally getting in front of customers.

234 American Business Owners on Starting, Scaling and Staying Inspired


So, we rolled out an entire line of leather goods and accessories that use solid brass rivets instead of thread stitching. In 2004, we saw an opportunity in updating an existing apparel accessory that had not really changed in decades. Don’t believe the 24/7 cable news stations.

The Kors/Jimmy Choo Deal May Usher In A New Era Of Retail Consolidation

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Last week’s announcement that Michael Kors would buy luxury shoe and accessories brand Jimmy Choo comes on the heels (heh, heh) of Coach’s $2.4 billion deal to acquire Kate Spade. While this particular move is not in and of itself a catalyst for more merger & acquisition activity, there is a growing sense that various forces are converging to drive an acceleration in retail industry consolidation.