My Wife Quit Her Job

432: The Curse That All Successful Entrepreneurs Have With Mike Jackness

My Wife Quit Her Job

Today I have my friend Mike Jackness back on the show to talk about a sensitive topic that is rarely discussed. Can successful entrepreneurs live a balanced life? Do you have to make sacrifices in order to make money in business?

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Top 25 Best Things To Sell On eBay To Earn A Profit

My Wife Quit Her Job

EBay is a great place to sell new and used items. They provide a user-friendly platform and access to millions of potential customers. But with so many products to choose from, how do you know which ones will sell?


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431: The Dark Side Of Entrepreneurship And How To Build A Business You Love With Jadah Sellner

My Wife Quit Her Job

Today I have my friend Jadah Sellner back on the podcast. The last time I had Jadah on the show, she and I discussed how she created Simple Green Smoothies with her partner Jen Hansard.

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430: How To Make Money In a Downturn When No One Is Hiring With Charlie Hoehn

My Wife Quit Her Job

Today I have my friend Charlie Hoehn on the show. Charlie is a best-selling author who has worked with many entrepreneurs such as Tim Ferriss, Ramit Sethi, Seth Godin and Tucker Max.

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Industry Shake-Up: 2023 Commerce Trends To Rock Your World

Speaker: Ashlee Aldridge - Reach Partners LLC | Bill Mirabito - Chameleon Collective | Ronak Shah - PSA Retail & CPG, Amazon Web Services | Wayne Teigen - Pivotree

Join this exclusive conversation with our expert panelists and learn how you can thrive as an e-commerce retailer - even when faced with adverse market challenges. Don't miss out; register today!

Ecwid Vs Shopify: Which Is Best For Your Online Store?

My Wife Quit Her Job

Ecwid vs. Shopify. Both are popular ecommerce platforms that can help you with the many different aspects of setting up and running an online store, but is one better than the other? Find out in this head-to-head comparison. The post Ecwid Vs Shopify: Which Is Best For Your Online Store?

Is Selling On Amazon Worth it? Here’s What You Need To Know

My Wife Quit Her Job

Amazon dominates the US ecommerce market with a share of nearly 40%, but with increased competition, not to mention the fees, you might wonder if selling on Amazon is still worth it. In this post, I explain why selling on Amazon is still worth the effort and the cost.

428: Counterintuitive Strategies (Which Make No Sense) That Can Grow Your Sales With Kurt Elster

My Wife Quit Her Job

Today I have my long-time friend Kurt Elster on the show. Kurt is the host of The Unofficial Shopify Podcast and a Shopify store consultant. As part of his job, he often runs split tests for his clients. And over the years, he’s amassed many counterintuitive strategies that can grow your sales.

429: 17 Million Dollar Business Ideas Free For The Taking With Nick Loper

My Wife Quit Her Job

Today I have my friend Nick Loper on the show. Nick is the host of the popular Side Hustle Nation podcast where he and I share similar goals. We highlight entrepreneurs who run businesses on the side or full-time.

417: How To Make A Million Dollars Selling Bling With Natalie Mounter

My Wife Quit Her Job

Today, I’m thrilled to have Natalie Mounter on the show. Natalie is a member of both my courses and she runs which is a 7 figure business selling rhinestone accessories for weddings.

422: This Student Makes $2M Selling Womens Clothing Online With Ming Wang

My Wife Quit Her Job

Today I have Ming Wang on the show. Ming is a student in my Create A Profitable Online Store course and she’s the founder of Alina Mae Maternity, a store that sells maternity clothing for business professionals.

How to Address the Needs of the Next Generation of e-Commerce Customers

Speaker: Jenn VandeZande, Head of Digital Engagement Strategy at SAP Customer Experience | Beth Scott, VP, Business Operations - Supply Chain | Nikki Grigsby, PHR, Chief Operations Officer at Syndigo | Levana Wang, Content Creator, Gen Z Expert

Join Jenn VandeZande, Beth Scott, Nikki Grigsby and Levana Wang for this insightful and topical conversation on the modernization of e-commerce tech.

Shopify Exchange: How To Buy & Sell A Shopify Store

My Wife Quit Her Job

Shopify Exchange can be a great platform if you're looking to buy or sell an ecommerce store, but it's not without its limitations. In this post Shopify Exchange Review, I'll show you how it works, including how to buy and sell on the Exchange marketplace.

How To Sell On eBay Without Paypal Using Managed Payments

My Wife Quit Her Job

Many eBay sellers avoid using PayPal because of its high processing fees and poor handling of disputes. If you prefer not to use Paypal for your eBay transactions, here’s some good news for you ? you can now sell on eBay without PayPal using eBay Managed Payments.

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425: This 1 Strategy Grew Her Water Bottle Brand To 10M+ With Alicia Reynoso

My Wife Quit Her Job

Today I have Alicia Reynoso on the show. Alicia is the founder of Live Infinitely which is a company that sells water bottles and outdoor gear online.

Shopify Vs. WordPress: Which Is Better For Your Online Store?

My Wife Quit Her Job

As ecommerce platforms, Shopify and WordPress are both solid choices, but each one appeals to a different type of user. Don't invest time and money setting up your online store only to discover that your sales platform isn't working how you need it to.

426: The Best Strategy To Grow An Audience Today With Neville Medhora

My Wife Quit Her Job

Today I have my favorite outspoken Zoroastrian friend back on the show, Neville Medhora. Neville is the founder of where he runs an incredible copywriting community and teaches people how to write persuasive copy.

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Learn Today, Sell Tomorrow: Increasing ROI & Conversions Through Search Metrics

Search metrics can drive conversion by helping website owners, and marketers learn from their online visitors. The data provided by an onsite search engine can help personalize the eCommerce experience and turn a visitor into a repeat buyer.

How To Start A Sticker Business – The Complete Guide

My Wife Quit Her Job

If you’re looking for a creative side hustle that you can start on a low budget, then a sticker business could be perfect for you. Stickers are in high demand, easy to ship worldwide, and the profit margins are excellent.

How To Clear Customs And Navigate The Customs Clearance Process

My Wife Quit Her Job

If you own an online store, importing goods from overseas can be intimidating. There's a lot of paperwork involved, and even the smallest errors can lead to a hefty fine from the customs agency. This post explains what you need to know about customs clearance, including important terms and costs.

Best 29 Wholesale Clothing Vendors In Los Angeles And The LA Fashion District

My Wife Quit Her Job

There’s a common misconception that clothing is no longer produced in the United States. But a significant amount of wholesale clothing is designed and made in Los Angeles, California within the LA Fashion District.

How To Sell On eBay – The Ultimate Beginners Guide

My Wife Quit Her Job

Most people know eBay as a place to sell used items lying around the house. But over the years, eBay has evolved into a leading online marketplace where you can resell new products or even your own private label brands.

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The Headless (CMS & Search) eCommerce Hunt

Speaker: Jonathan Meyer & Jonathan Read

Headless CMS is redefining the way online content is presented. But don't worry––it’s not nearly as spooky as it sounds. Connect with Hawksearch’s Jonathan Meyer, joined by Sitefinity’s Jonathan Read, where the pair will define Headless CMS, the benefits it offers, and outline its eCommerce potential,

Top 17 Alibaba Alternatives To Find Wholesale Suppliers

My Wife Quit Her Job

As the world’s largest online business-to-business trading platform, Alibaba has helped many businesses connect with suppliers and customers around the world. But it’s not the only option out there and there are many Alibaba alternatives.

What Is Amazon Renewed And How The Program Works

My Wife Quit Her Job

As a buyer, the Amazon Renewed program is a great way to find incredible deals on merchandise online. As a seller, the Amazon Renewed program is a great way to make some serious money from home selling refurbished merchandise.

What Can I Sell To Make Money Online? 30 Ideas Explained!

My Wife Quit Her Job

One of the best ways to make money online is by selling products. You can do so through various online marketplaces or create your own online store. To help you develop ideas on what to sell, I've created the following list of ways to generate extra cash online from the comfort of your home. The post What Can I Sell To Make Money Online? 30 Ideas Explained! appeared first on How To Find Products To Sell Start An Ecommerce Business

421: How Authors Make Millions In The Book Business With Mike Michalowicz

My Wife Quit Her Job

Today I have one of my favorite authors on the show, Mike Michalowicz. If you don’t know who Mike is, he’s the author of the hit bestseller, Profit First, which has become the de facto manual for running a profitable small business.

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The Marketer's Guide to Surviving Black Friday & Cyber Monday

Speaker: Jonathan Meyer, Danielle Erwin, Jeremey LaDuque, Nathan Hedley & Nils De Moor

To help eCommerce merchants set themselves up for success, Bridgeline's leading eCommerce, SEO, and marketing experts are coming in an all-star roundtable to discuss Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2023. As a group, they will showcase the checklist for how to prepare your eCommerce site, how to identify the latest online shopping trends, and how to seize new revenue-generating opportunities.

415: My Wife Goes Back To Work! I Need A New Domain And Your Advice

My Wife Quit Her Job

Today I have my lovely wife Jennifer on the show to discuss a potentially significant event in her life. She might be going back to work! And in doing so, my entire blog, my podcast name, and my domain may need to change to But seriously, we need your advice.

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22 Crafts To Make And Sell For Profit

My Wife Quit Her Job

Selling crafts is a great way to create an extra source of income. But the truth is that not all crafts make money. A profitable craft business requires low product costs, high profit margins, and most importantly, high customer demand.

412: Student Story- From 0 To 6 Figures Selling Mosquito Nets With Maria Finch

My Wife Quit Her Job

Today I’m thrilled to have a friend and long time student of my Create A Profitable Online Store Course on the show, Maria Finch. Maria is one of my favorite students in the class and what I love about her is her grit.

What Is The Cheapest Shipping Option – USPS, FedEx Or UPS?

My Wife Quit Her Job

If you want to know the cheapest way to ship packages or if you run an ecommerce business and want to keep your shipping costs down, this article will teach you all of the cheap shipping methods I use for my 7 figure online store.

B2B Distribution Roundtable: The Challenges & Solutions of Buying and Selling

Speaker: Jonathan Meyer, Kyle Mitzner & Jacobi Zakrzewski

Join Hawksearch’s Jonathan Meyer as he moderates a roundtable discussion with Bridgeline’s Kyle Mitzner and Luminos Labs’ Jacobi Zakrzewski, where they highlight the challenges and solutions surrounding B2B distribution.

How To Sell Used Items On Amazon (A Step By Step Guide)

My Wife Quit Her Job

In the ecommerce community, you’ll often hear about business models like dropshipping, retail arbitrage, private label, and Amazon wholesale. There’s one more business model that’s often overlooked ? selling used items on Amazon.

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423: A Controversial Way To Grow Your Email List Fast With Adam Robinson

My Wife Quit Her Job

I’m going to say this upfront. This episode may blow your mind. It’s about building an email list fast, but in a way that is slightly controversial. Your first reaction is probably gonna be “Oh my goodness, is this even legal? I would never do that.”

How To Ship Items Sold On eBay: The Ultimate Guide

My Wife Quit Her Job

How you handle shipping for your eBay store can significantly impact your overall success, either positive or negative. But deciding on shipping options can be tricky, especially if you’re new to selling on eBay. This post provides a full breakdown of eBay shipping. The post How To Ship Items Sold On eBay: The Ultimate Guide appeared first on Shipping & Fulfillment Start An Ecommerce Business

416: Bootstrapping A 2 Billion Dollar Company With Spencer Jan Of Solo Stove

My Wife Quit Her Job

Today I have my friend Spencer Jan show. Spencer is probably one of the most successful e-commerce entrepreneurs that I have had on the show who bootstrapped his business from the ground up.

Management Techniques for Offshore Employees

This whitepaper looks at the changes and challenges that stem from remote hiring and current HR trends that address them. Download this comprehensive guide to learn more!

Shopify Vs Amazon: A Detailed Comparison And What To Choose

My Wife Quit Her Job

Shopify and Amazon are two of the top leaders in the ecommerce world. Both help you display your products in front of millions of potential customers, but they are completely different services. Shopify is an ecommerce platform that lets you build an online store without code.

418: Unconventional Ways To Grow Your Amazon Sales With Norm Farrar

My Wife Quit Her Job

Today, I have my friend Norm Farrar on the show. Norm is a serial entrepreneur and leading Amazon expert with over 25 years of product sourcing and development experience. He runs 2 Amazon companies and 2 ecommerce podcasts.

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How To Sell On Amazon In Canada From The US (Step By Step)

My Wife Quit Her Job

If you’re selling on Amazon in the United States and looking to expand your business to a new country, Canada is your best option. Right now, 23% of US marketplace sellers also sell on While

413: The Harsh Reality Of Selling On Amazon Today With Liran Hirschkorn

My Wife Quit Her Job

Today I’m thrilled to have Liran Hirschkorn on the show. Liran is the founder of Incrementum Digital where he helps Amazon sellers grow their businesses. Over the years, he’s helped many clients grow to 8 and 9 figures and he has his finger on the pulse of Amazon.

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Why Offshoring is Better than Outsourcing

Offshoring and outsourcing are not interchangeable, as they differ in purpose depending on what drives the need behind the hiring decision. In this whitepaper, we clarify what offshoring and outsourcing are, along with the unique use cases they address.