The New Era Of Marketing Strategy

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As marketing strategy changes and marketing resources shift, so do consumers and customer loyalty — today, consumers use more devices, ad blockers and other privacy protection tools, and still have increasingly sophisticated customer […].

Brands Must Revamp Digital Commerce Strategy

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The following video shares highlights from research by myself and fellow colleagues, evaluating how brand manufacturers digital commerce strategies must evolve. […]. Should all brand sell directly to customers online? How should brands work with marketplaces?

DX Platform: Strategy, Software, or both?

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In the past two business days, my colleagues and I have published the Q3, 2019 iterations of our Digital Experience Platform NowTech and Wave (big sigh of relief, and huge thank you to everyone who supported this research!).

The Insights Beat: Save Your Data Strategy From A Nosedive

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Is Your Data Strategy Lacking? (Jeremy Vale and Paolo Santamaria contributed to this post.)

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Define Your Payment Strategy For B2B eCommerce In China

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Multinationals that want to develop their B2B online commerce business in China will need to clearly define their strategy, including what payment solutions […]. As the world’s largest eCommerce market, China appeals to global B2C and B2B brands alike.

Google Ads Bid Strategy Crash Course

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Then an automated bid strategy could make your life a lot easier. And while some of these bidding strategies can really help to sell more, others are the equivalent of giving Google direct access to your bank account. What exactly is a bid strategy? How to set up a bid strategy.

Employee Personas Strengthen Your EX Strategy

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It’s an exciting time to join Forrester as CX culture analyst. My colleagues are thought leaders at the forefront of customer experience (CX), as well as employee experience (EX).

Connect Your In-Store Experience to Your Online Marketing Strategy


To be able to provide a consistent experience that will turn casual browsers into loyal customers, you need to make sure you connect your in-store experience with your online marketing strategy. Here’s how to build an effective marketing strategy across channels whatever your business model.

A Guide To 5G Strategy

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The hype around 5G is growing.

Leverage Forrester’s Business Strategy Workshops To Accelerate Digital Transformation

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Watch the video below to learn how Forrester is leveraging design thinking in our business strategy workshops to help executives unlock customer value. corporate strategy digital business digital transformation ebusiness strategyLooking for help with rethinking your current business model? Accelerate your own digital transformation by booking an inquiry or by checking out my research here.

Digital Process Automation: An Important Part Of Your Digital Transformation Strategy

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One strategy is to use a digital process automation solution with strong low-code development tools to meet the demand. Driving successful digital transformation will require developing a lot of software – much more than we’ve ever had to in the past.

Marketing Unboxed: Unpacking Away’s Marketing Strategy


We didn’t even get into their cart abandonment, retargeting, and social media strategies, which were just as well thought-out. The post Marketing Unboxed: Unpacking Away’s Marketing Strategy appeared first on Zaius.

Healthcare Organizations Are Future-Proofing Strategy And Operations With Cloud

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Healthcare organizations (HCOs), once cloud laggards, are embracing public and private cloud services to address a wide range of business problems.

Digital Myth No. 4: Your Company Needs A Digital Strategy

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When your CEO asks you for your digital strategy, you could go away and huddle up with your team for a month and produce some voluminous document full of TLAs only to have it sit on the shelf for the next two years. Instead, simply give your CEO a copy of your business strategy.

Data Strategy and Insights Forum: Data Governance Goes Ambient with a Digital Strategy

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data governance data management data strategy Forrester eventsData governance is good for you, they said. Data governance de-risks your business, they said. Data should be owned by the business, they said. How’s that working for you?

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There’s No “Data Strategy” — Align Insights Priorities To Your Business Strategy

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Greetings from sunny but cold Orlando, where the inaugural Forrester Data Strategy & Insights Forum just wrapped up. During the event, I spent time with a seasoned data professional who joined me as a panelist in my session and who took advantage of the wealth of wisdom dispensed in keynotes and deep dives throughout the event. […

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The Google Ads Strategy of Purple Mattresses

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Here is their broad strategy: Create great and memorable ads to brand “Purple = good mattress” into people’s mind. Comparing dollars in vs dollars out gave them the confidence that this was the right strategy to pursue. Imagine a new brand launching in a hyper-competitive market.

Is Your Data Strategy Ready To Keep Up?

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I remember a few years ago when, as enterprise architects, we sat around in the office of the VP of architecture and planned our data strategy on the whiteboard.

Coupon or No Coupon: What Should Your Ecommerce Discount Strategy Be?


Although you may attract new traffic to your website and get a spike in ecommerce sales, constant coupons are hardly a viable strategy for building a long-term, sustainable ecommerce business that attracts loyal customers. Article Optimization coupons discounting marketing strategy

Use Product Detail Page Views to Fuel Your Email Strategy


If you make good use of the data you collect on your buyer’s visits to your product detail pages, you can add serious fuel to your email marketing strategy. With the right product detail page data, you can power your entire email strategy and drive real results for your brand.

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Engage Buyers Between Purchases with an Ecommerce Content Strategy


Your ecommerce content strategy should help build a positive feeling about your brand, and ensure it stays top of the customer’s mind. Here’s how to create an ecommerce content strategy to engage buyers between purchases and drive serious growth for your B2C brand.

The Google Ads Strategy of Glossier (Case study)

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That site accounts for 32,000 visits a month, so its a pretty vital part of their content strategy. Now let’s take a closer look at the different parts of their strategy. The post The Google Ads Strategy of Glossier (Case study) appeared first on Store Growers

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Are You Modernizing Your B2B Go-To-Market Strategies?

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account-based marketing (ABM) B2B marketing customer data data insights data management data quality & data governance analytics B2B Marketing big data digital strategy

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So What is CX Strategy Anyway?

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Talk to 10 different customer experience (CX) professionals and you may get 10 different definitions of what a CX strategy is and what it does. One CX professional from a company with more than $65 billion of funds under management confided in us, “[When we started], we didn’t even know what a CX strategy was […].

Use-Case Selection Will Make Or Break Your AI Strategy in Healthcare

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The use of AI in healthcare has moved beyond just science fiction to actual practical applications of the technology in various pockets of the healthcare ecosystem.

Predictions 2019: Automation Will Become Central To Business Strategy And Operations

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age of the customer application development & delivery application infrastructure technologies artificial intelligence (AI) automation business models business process management (BPM) business technology (BT) chatbots chief information officer (CIO) employee engagement prediction predictions 2019 robotic process automation (RPA) robotics shared services AI artificial intelligence Automation business strategy Chief Information Officer (CIO) employee experience operations

WEBINAR: Smart Ecommerce Discount Strategies to Drive Revenue


However, there’s usually no strategy behind the discount, which could be hurting your ecommerce brand. Discounts are not a viable strategy for building a long-term, sustainable business that attracts loyal customers. Strategies for a smarter approach to discounting. The post WEBINAR: Smart Ecommerce Discount Strategies to Drive Revenue appeared first on Zaius. Optimization video discount strategy ecommerce strategy webinar

Email strategy teardown: Target


A successful email marketing strategy treats your subscribers as people rather than as email addresses on a master list. For this latest email strategy teardown , I’ve dissected how a big name retailer makes this personal connection in its email marketing.

Mobile Content Strategy: 3 Key Steps


Why Your Mobile Content Strategy Matters Retailers have only recently begun to give mobile ecommerce its due. The post Mobile Content Strategy: 3 Key Steps appeared first on Zmags.

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Marketing Unboxed: Soko Shines with a Winning Strategy


While Soko’s video content was a bit lacking and they have a minimal paid ad strategy, this brand is clearly not just a flash in the pan. The post Marketing Unboxed: Soko Shines with a Winning Strategy appeared first on Zaius.

The Complete Guide to Advertising on Facebook: Strategies That Convert [in 2018]


How to Master Your Facebook Ad Targeting Strategy : Learn effective techniques to use in each campaign type, see some real examples, and how to approach measuring your results. Ecommerce Marketing Omnichannel Strategies advertising Facebook marketing strategies

The Cross-Sell and Upsell Strategies Every B2C Marketer Needs


If you’re still not sold on investing more in upselling and cross-selling strategies, think about this: an average of 1%0 to 30% of e-commerce revenues comes from the help of product recommendations. Effective upselling and cross-selling strategies.

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Shopify Pricing Strategy: How to Stay Profitable


You see without a proper profitable pricing strategy, your e-commerce store will quickly end up costing you more money than it makes you. E-Commerce Strategy shopify pricing

Do You Have an Effective Omnichannel Marketing Strategy?


If you hear the words “omnichannel marketing strategy” and get the same urge to Google, you’re not alone. While many marketers know that omnichannel is important and want to do it, a shocking 86% of ecommerce marketers have still not executed a full omnichannel marketing strategy for their brand. Most importantly, your omnichannel marketing strategy must be consistent. How do I create an omnichannel marketing strategy?

Introducing The Forrester Wave™: CX Consulting Practices: Experience Strategy And Business Transformation, Q2 2019

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The Forrester Wave™: CX Consulting Practices: Experience Strategy And Business Transformation, Q2 2019 is now live.

Strategies to Grow Your Email List Pre-Purchase


That’s why you need to have strategies in place to grow your email list before a customer has made their first purchase with you. But it’s a controversial strategy, and one you have to be really careful about using.

Drive Ecommerce Sales with a Funnel Strategy


With this move to online, ecommerce retailers need sound strategies to drive business growth — that means retaining existing customers and attracting new ones by meeting them when and where they shop. The buying habits of Americans are in flux. Increasingly, purchases are being made online.

Google Shopping Strategies to Fight Amazon


To do this, you need an omnichannel marketing strategy that can help you take advantage of new opportunities as they arise. This requires an omnichannel strategy that takes advantage of every channel your buyers may decide to shop on. As Google determines when your product listing ads show up and for which queries, you should take a similar approach to your SEO strategy for optimizing your website to appear high in the search results for your chosen keywords.

Building a Modern Data Strategy


Retail is evolving, and brands that don’t adopt new technological skills and data strategies will not last. The post Building a Modern Data Strategy appeared first on Bronto Blog. Marketing Strategy Partners

Data Strategy & Insights 2018 Forum Workshops Deliver Immediate Dividends

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I’m getting more and more psyched about our first-ever Data Strategy & Insights 2018 Forum as I work on the sessions with my colleagues here at Forrester and with our external speakers. advanced analytics architecture & technology strategy big data business intelligence chief information officer (CIO) customer analytics customer data data governance data insights data integration digital business