Global Marketing Automation Spending Will Reach $25 Billion By 2023

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In our first Marketing Automation Technology Forecast, 2017 To 2023, we expect global spending on […]. Marketers today are managing more channels, more content, and more data, while delivering vast quantities of personalized content quickly around the globe. As digital marketing complexity increases, more marketers are embracing automation tools to improve efficiency and speed to market.

Online Retail In Southeast Asia Is Expected To Reach $53 Billion By 2023

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Southeast Asia (including Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, the Philippines, and Vietnam) is home to 574 million people.

The Fraud Management Solutions Market Will Exceed $10 Billion By 2023

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Estimates of the cost of fraud vary widely, but almost everyone agrees that the cost is huge and appears to be increasing. Looking just at eCommerce, Forrester predicts that US and Western European eCommerce fraud will reach $18.6 billion in 2018. And in its 2017 True Cost of Fraud report, LexisNexis Risk Solutions estimates that fraud […]. fraud management IT spending forecasts security & risk ForecastView fraud

Smartphone adoption to drive ecommerce activities in Latin America to 2023, says GlobalData

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The increasing availability of connected mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets are one of the main growth drivers for ecommerce activities globally. Internet Retailing Critical Issues

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Digital Media Spend Continues To Outreach Martech Budgets

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In our most recent effort, “The US Digital Marketing Forecast, 2018 To 2023,” my forecast analyst colleague, Brandon Verblow, and I found that spend on search marketing, banner and outstream video, instream video, [… Every 18–24 months, I work with our dedicated forecast team to evaluate and size spend on digital marketing in the United States.

The Three Fs From MWC Barcelona

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But practically speaking, 5G won’t be relevant to most consumers and companies until at least 2020, and it will take through 2023 to reach widespread network […]. MWC Barcelona is a wrap. The biggest theme of the event was the breathless anticipation of the benefits of the 5G networks, which are in early deployment this year.

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ChannelAdvisor Pulse E-Commerce Newsletter | March 2019


According to eMarketer, digital video ad spending in the US will nearly double by the year 2023 — and ultimately exceed $58 billion. Welcome to ChannelAdvisor Pulse, our monthly e-commerce newsletter.

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How Blockchain Technology is Shaping Ecommerce


With worldwide ecommerce revenue set to hit the $135 billion mark by 2023 , the adoption of blockchain technology isn’t just a passing idea anymore. Blockchain technology is becoming the driving force for global financial transactions.

Time to move past eCommerce analysis paralysis and the ‘incrementality’ mindset


billion and 8% share by 2023. Everywhere you look, eCommerce is booming—and loudly. eMarketer projects worldwide retail eCommerce sales will grow at a staggering compound annual rate of 21.5% from 2016 to 2021—which is nearly 4x faster than overall retail sales projections.

Fresh Perspectives on Today’s Consumer from Leading Research Firms: Shoptalk ’19

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He jokes that by 2023, we’ll receive packages before we’ve even ordered them, but is it a joke? Today’s consumer: they want it and they want it now. But what is “it?” And how do they want it? Ken Cassar, Principal Analyst and VP at Rakuten Intelligence, Piers Fawkes, Founder of PSFK, and Mark Berry, EVP, US at Ipsos Marketing share their latest consumer insights, from delivery and store experience to touchpoint strategies. Delivery Experience.

Zappos Embraces Content-Plus-Commerce, While Paid Loyalty Programs Multiply


billion by 2023 — only 42% of loyalty program members are actively engaged. How do you engage readers and shoppers? Zappos launched a commerce-plus-content effort, and more retailers turn to paid loyalty programs.

From BuzzFeed to The New Yorker, Engagement Helps Pay Publishers


The New Yorker thinks it can continue to boost subscriber growth, eventually planning to double subscribers by 2023. Whether subscriptions or brand extensions, revenue streams that don’t depend on advertisers are now table stakes for digital publishers’ survival.