How Ecommerce Discounts Hurt Customer Loyalty


Other than being a day when normally level-headed people start brawling over a pair of Nike sneakers , it’s also when B2C marketers go a little crazy with the discounts in a bid to boost sales in the run-up to the holiday season. In fact, they can actually backfire spectacularly for your B2C brand unless it’s part of a solid, tried-and-tested discounting strategy. Build trust with your customers in every interaction. You won’t win loyal customers.

How Customer Service Data Can Improve Customer Loyalty


The more you have, the better you know your customers, and the more relevant you can make your campaigns. Even if you’re lucky enough to have detailed analytics into customer lifetime value and repeat purchase rate, you still don’t have the whole picture. One area that marketers have typically not had access to is customer support data. Even better, you can improve loyalty and transform the customer experience in unexpected ways. Customer support benefits too.


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Values and Customer Loyalty

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We’re constantly told that loyal customers are an asset, but look at research and you get a really keen sense of just how valuable they are. B2B, B2C, Customer Experience, Strategy & Operations

How FOMO Can Create Customer Loyalty


FOMO is an appealing way to push your customers to click “Buy” again and again. For example, many B2C marketers used to rely on flash sales or coupon expirations to create a sense of FOMO. Unfortunately, your customers may have realized that same sale offers come up again and again and stopped responding. . Here are a few ecommerce marketing strategies that can create FOMO for your buyers so they become your newest loyal customers.

How Contextual Commerce Improves Customer Loyalty


But before you run off, let me tell you about an ecommerce trend that will actually help you better sell to customers and ensure their (undying) loyalty. Every B2C marketer needs to know about contextual commerce. If your customers notice any friction as they switch between channels while engaging with your brand, then you’re in trouble. That’s why contextual commerce is so important in B2C marketing. How can contextual commerce improve loyalty?

WHITEPAPER: Lifecycle Marketing is The Key to Long-Term Customer Loyalty


Modern-day B2C marketers realize there are new rules when it comes to winning customers over. In order to compete in an oversaturated market, you need to deeply understand the customer journey and nurture your buyers carefully to build strong relationships with your brand. In this whitepaper, we’ll break down everything you need to do to be successful at lifecycle marketing and earn your customersloyalty. High-performing customer lifecycle campaigns to run.

Want to improve customer loyalty? Start with inventory visibility


Although much has been made about how Amazon—and ecommerce in general—is reshaping the world of retail, this seismic shift has far wider consequences on both B2C and B2B vendors. Customer expectations have evolved and, in many cases, surpassed what merchants can deliver. All B2B customers are also B2C consumers. And like it or not, they’re comparing their B2B ecommerce experiences with gold standard B2C shopping experiences. Customer service.

Predictions 2021: B2C Marketing Goes Local And Retention-Based

Forrester's Customer Insights

B2C marketing in 2021 will take a decided turn toward retention and localization. Read on to discover how B2C marketers will adjust in the face of a post-pandemic world.

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Make the Transition from B2B to B2C Marketing


Shifting your career from business to business (B2B) to business to consumer (B2C) marketing is a surprisingly difficult task. For example, personalization is crucial for both B2B and B2C customers, with 72% of B2B customers expecting personalized experiences, while 56% of B2C customers say a tailored experience based on past interactions is important to winning their business. You’ll have a lot more customers. Loyalty is everything.

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Brand Loyalty Examples: 8 B2C Brands with a Rabid Fanbase


These are the loyal customers your brand relies on. Given the much higher cost of acquiring new customers , you need loyal customers who will follow you to the end of the earth (or at least watch all your Instagram stories). For every Apple, there are hundreds or thousands of brand wannabes who buy fake followers and pay for engagement from their customer base. It’s incredibly hard to authentically and organically build up brand loyalty. Fans are everything.

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Are You a True Data-Driven B2C Marketer?


You’ve designed a very pretty marketing email and are ready to send it out to a dynamic segment that signed up for a 10% off promotion from your B2C brand. Are you really a data-driven B2C marketer? Below we pose three important questions to help you understand whether your marketing strategy is making the most of your customer data. How many converted into long-term customers? Do you know where your customers have come from? You’ve got a new customer.

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7 Post-Purchase Actions You Need to Take to Build Customer Loyalty


Savvy business owners know that customer retention is worth its weight in gold. The numbers say it all: it costs five times more to bring in a new customer than it does to maintain a current one and the odds of making a sale to a current customer are 60-70 percent compared to only a 5-20 percent chance of selling to a new lead. That’s why you need to develop post-purchase strategies: in order to enhance customer loyalty and drive revenue.

Why B2C Marketers Need a Single Source of Data


If you manage to pull together all of your customer data, you can gain really powerful insights into what marketing tactics work and what don’t. In order to succeed, B2C marketers have to be half artist, half data scientist. It’s time for B2C marketers to get a better handle on customer data. Many of these platforms are completely siloed from each other, collecting your customer data in completely separate and sometimes duplicate systems.

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B2C Firms Must Prepare As Consumer Buying Enters A New Era

Forrester's Customer Insights

Age of the Customer B2C Marketing Channel Marketing Chief Marketing Officer CMO Trends Customer Engagement Customer Insights customer loyalty customer relationship management (CRM) customer-centric design promoted

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Why B2C Marketers Need to Own All Customer Data


Your B2C brand has a big sale coming up to move excess women’s shoe inventory and make room for next season’s styles. In order to do that, you need access to your customer data. Not quite the customer segment you wanted, but you’re on a deadline, so what can you do? What you can do — and what you need to do — is have access and ownership of all customer data yourself. But with high-quality customer data, you can do even more to personalize your marketing.

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The Role of the B2C Marketer Is Changing Fast. Here’s How to Keep Up


But even more importantly, top B2C marketers are honing their skills and working to become well-rounded. Now, marketers have to own the entire customer experience, from the first interaction to true customer loyalty across platforms and devices. By focusing on these three aspects of marketing, you’ll be able to succeed in this ever-evolving role and give your customers a fantastic experience from day one to 100.

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Should Your B2C Brand Switch to Direct-to-Consumer?


Buyers today have simply changed the way they purchase products, with more and more of the B2C market moving online (or to Amazon) each year. Many B2C brands are making the leap and shifting away from retail and toward direct-to-consumer (DTC). You have to choose your own strategy, and test out what works best for your customers. While the company continues to sell through large retailers, it also sells directly to customers through distribution centers.

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On-Demand Zaius Demo: Delivering a Customer-First Experience with B2C CRM


Zaius launched a new, customer-centric approach that helps you connect all your customer data, analyze behaviors, and orchestrate and automate highly personal interactions. With our newly improved platform, you’ll be able to guide the shopper journey, improve customer service, and sustain customer loyalty. Hear from a Zaius customer already using the platform to their advantage.

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An Beginner’s Guide To Creating A Customer Loyalty Program In 2020

Ecommerce Platforms

Loyalty? You can hardly get enough of it– feels like a rare commodity mostly where customers have wild options to consider. Even with a loyalty program in place, the competition is boundlessly growing. Setting up an entrancing loyalty program is one engaging step a retailer can use to reach out to their most loyal customers in a gratifying manner. . Superficially, boosting your sales roughly equates to widening the customer base.

WEBINAR: Adapting to Your Changing Role as a B2C Marketer in 2019


In fact, you have to focus on the entire customer experience, from the first touchpoint to the final display of customer loyalty. At the end of the webinar, you’ll be armed with everything you need to be successful in this ever-evolving role—and give your customers a great experience. The post WEBINAR: Adapting to Your Changing Role as a B2C Marketer in 2019 appeared first on Zaius. Your role as a marketer today isn’t exactly a simple one.

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Do QR Codes Right – Here’s How

Forrester Digital Transformation

Age of the Customer B2C Marketing customer centricity Customer Engagement customer experience customer loyalty Digital Transformation Innovation marketing strategy

Loyalty Is A Lifeline During The Inflation Crisis

Forrester Digital Transformation

Age of the Customer B2C Marketing customer loyaltyLast week, consumers in the United States woke up to a grim statistic from the US Bureau of Labor Statistics’ Consumer Price Index: Consumer prices rose 7.9% in February, the highest rate of annual inflation in 40 years.

WEBINAR: Evolving Beyond Email in Ecommerce


While this growth is great news for B2C brands, it’s also created a highly competitive market. . Consumers were more loyal to brands because they had fewer options, and discounts were a proven way to keep customers coming back again and again. Brands can no longer assume that offering a buyer a discount via email is enough to earn their long-term loyalty. How dynamic, real-time customer segmentation can drive repeat revenue.

WHITEPAPER: How To Successfully Engineer The Repeat Purchase


With so many new ecommerce brands popping up every day and thousands of ways to purchase on demand, buyers simply don’t have the same sense of customer loyalty anymore. And yet, it costs 5x more to acquire a new customer than it does to keep your current customers. Repeat purchase rate is incredibly important to building a sustainable B2C business. Lifecycle Automation Report customer loyalty repeat purchase repeat purchase rate

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Who Exactly is Your Ideal Ecommerce Customer?


Is your ideal customer: A. A 20-year-old college student who loves football and wants a custom-printed t-shirt with their team’s fight song? As a B2C marketer, you can’t market to everyone or you’ll sell to no one. You have to specifically target your ideal customers, and to do that, you must really understand your top buyers. What makes them happy customers? This is exactly why you need an ideal ecommerce customer profile. Here’s a pop quiz for you.

WHITEPAPER: The Rise Of The B2C Marketer


The role has evolved beyond simple campaign management to focus on the entire customer experience, from the first moment of interaction to customer loyalty. In order to thrive in 2019, top B2C marketers today have to be a combination of: Marketing Technologist. Learn how each of these three new titles can become part of your ever-evolving role as a B2C marketer. The post WHITEPAPER: The Rise Of The B2C Marketer appeared first on Zaius.

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What Is Customer Engagement?


In an attention-starved world, customer engagement is crucial to commerce success. Defining concrete strategies across touchpoints and metrics is the first step toward leveraging the power of engagement to lift sales and loyalty. Customer Engagement Metrics. Loyalty.

Promotions And Offer Management Providers Want To Help You Deliver Personalized And Compelling Incentives

Forrester's Customer Insights

Have you noticed the growing link between commerce and loyalty? Forrester has, and we’ve set out to explore it.

Three Consumer Changes Will Define The Future Of How We Buy

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Age of the Customer B2C Marketing CMO Trends customer centricity customer experience Customer Insights customer loyalty Data Insights digital business digital disruption direct-to-consumer (DTC) pandemic retail loyalty Retail Trends values-based customer experience

Keep Your Eye on the Customer Engagement


Are your customers truly engaged, or are they just coasting? Unless you’re keeping a close eye on customer interactions with your B2C brand, it’s impossible to know for sure. If you’re not keeping track of customer engagement, you could completely miss this slow process of pulling away from your brand — wrongly assuming that your customers are just as highly engaged as the day they first bought from your company. Constantly update your customer data.

Consumer Energy Fizzles To A New Low As Consumers Approach Q4

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Age of the Customer B2C Marketing Chief Marketing Officer CMO Trends Consumer Energy Index customer experience Customer Insights customer loyalty Data Insights pandemic values-based customer experience

Reaching Gen Z Starts With Understanding Their Truths

Forrester's Customer Insights

During my time in advertising, one of the top questions I was asked by clients was: How do we reach the next-generation consumer without alienating our current (aging) customer base?

CCS 2022: Experts Provide Lessons and Best Practices from the Great Acceleration

Retail Touch

Sessions illustrate the increasingly complex nature of the customer experience, and how the lines between commerce, marketing, service, and even supply chain and fulfillment, continue to blur. Why the Non-Purchaser Might be Your Most Important Customer.

How to Give Best-in-Class Omnichannel Customer Support


When your customers make a purchase, they’re thinking about getting the product and not about things like customer support. When that time comes, the customer will look to contact the company. This way, your customers always get accurate answers. Reading Time: 7 minutes.

Choose Your Loyalty Service Provider Based On Three Capabilities

Forrester's Customer Insights

Globally, we’re seeing a proliferation of brands that are investing in loyalty — whether for the first time or to revamp their existing strategy and programs.

[Live Demo] Turn Buyers Into Fans with B2C CRM


Zaius recently launched a new, customer-centric approach to marketing with Zam , the data science-powered marketing assistant. Zam assists you by connecting all your customer data, analyzing behaviors, and orchestrating and automating highly personal interactions. With Zam, you’re able to guide the shopper journey, improve customer service, and sustain customer loyalty. Hear from a Zaius customer already using the platform to their advantage.

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The Forrester Wave™: Loyalty Service Providers, Q3 2019 Is Now Live

Forrester's Customer Insights

And loyalty programs aren’t as effective at driving emotional loyalty as marketers would like: Less than half of consumers agree that programs make them feel more loyal to a brand. This reality makes loyalty harder than ever to earn. age of the customer B2C marketing loyalty vendor selection b2c marketing customer loyalty Marketing WaveConsumers are connected, empowered, and experimental.

Customer Acquisition vs Retention


What Is Customer Acquisition? When analyzing customer acquisition vs retention , it’s important to distinguish between the two. First, we have customer acquisition which involves all of the steps that an eCommerce or brick and mortar business takes to attract new customers and convince them to purchase. Customer acquisition involves spending both time and money in figuring out which inbound and outbound strategies work best in attracting customers to your business.

Marriott’s Bonvoy Boasts “Better” Loyalty, But Can It Deliver?

Forrester's Customer Insights

After more than two years of loyalty program limbo and “will they, or won’t they” debates, Marriott unveiled the name of its unified loyalty program: Bonvoy. age of the customer B2C marketing loyalty b2c marketing customer loyalty hospitality loyalty rewards

Why Should You Care About Ecommerce Lifecycle Automation?


The customer lifecycle is a beautiful thing. In an ideal world, it ends with a meaningful relationship: a new loyal customer. As your customers move through their unique lifecycle stages, your ecommerce brand should engage with them at each step of the way. In our recent study , we found that customer lifecycle marketing is not a focus for most B2C marketers. In the world of ecommerce, your buyers go through a series of stages in their lifecycle as customers.

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How Used Zaius to Double Their Repeat Purchase Rate


Most ecommerce marketers know that on average, 80% of your sales will come from 20% of your customers. This means it’s not only critical to make sure your shoppers have a positive and memorable experience with your brand, but that you need to actively drive repeat purchases as early as possible – so you can see more of your customers coming back for second purchases, and more of your one-time shoppers turning into repeat purchasers.

Your Loyal Customers Don’t Need Another Coupon This Holiday Season — Here’s What To Do Instead

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But it’s never too late to show some appreciation for your most loyal customers. age of the customer B2C marketing holiday loyalty retail loyalty b2c marketing customer loyalty Marketing videoThis blog post is part of Forrester’s Holiday 2019 retail series. The holiday season is in full swing for retailers and shoppers alike. Campaigns are locked, loaded, and going live.

How Consumers Really Feel About Your Loyalty Program

Forrester's Customer Insights

Points and discounts are the hallmark of most loyalty programs. But loyalty isn’t just about the purchase — or at least […]. B2C marketing customer emotion emotion loyalty b2c marketing customer loyalty MarketingAnd, our data shows that they are usually pretty successful in incentivizing purchase behavior: nearly half of US online 18- to 35-year-olds admit that programs influence what they buy and how much they spend.