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The fashion and apparel industry has one major negative associated with it: there’s so much competition. And money –– while not the final nail in a brand’s winning strategy –– can definitely help with online design. Leading fashion & apparel brands choose BigCommerce.

The Complete Ecommerce Product Photography Guide to Starting Up, Selling More and Reinforcing Your Brand


How important are product images to ecommerce? In this guide we’ll cover topics like: How to build your own ecommerce photo studio. Ecommerce Design How To Sell Online photography product photography

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162 Best Ecommerce Site Designs of 2017


Now, one of the biggest aspects of — and reasons for — a redesign doesn’t actually have much to do with the design itself. Sight mingles with touch when it comes to online design. Sight and touch: they make up online design and user experience. Best Ecommerce Site Design of 2017.

How to Turn Product Pages into High Converting Landing Pages [14 Examples of The Good & The Bad]


If only ecommerce customers arrived on your website in so linear a fashion. Don’t worry, I haven’t forgotten about the special case of ecommerce product pages and category pages. Let’s look at the structure of visitors on an ecommerce site, for example.

The Results Are In: The 22 Best Ecommerce Website Designs of 2018


And to give those customers a reason to keep buying from your ecommerce website channel, and not from your Amazon channel (where you lose out on brand equity and customer lifetime value). Best New Ecommerce Website Design. Best Ecommerce Homepage Design.

60 Amazing Online Clothing Stores and Their UX Tricks You Should Steal

Ecommerce Platforms

There are plenty of inspirational clothing stores and these 60 were chosen for their clean design, great UX or creative products. 90% of visitors want to see great design paired with awesome products, easy-to-read fonts (but matching the overall design!), Fashion Bunker.

The Ecommerce Guide to Back to School Shopping


While sales don’t reach the heights of the winter holiday shopping season, back to school shopping in the autumn still outperforms all other events of the season—which makes it a lucrative opportunity for ecommerce brands to branch into. Ecommerce – 36%.

Ecommerce Trends 2019: 7 New Retail Consumer Habits for a New Year


Last year saw new tech clashing with old methodologies, with business trends wavering from old-fashioned to ultra-modern. Even after the dust has settled, it’s still too close to call which side won… So where does that leave the ecommerce trends of 2019? Ecommerce Trends

The 50 Top Ecommerce Store Designs 2018

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Ecommerce businesses are popping up all around us. Good user experience is one of the key features of any successful ecommerce store, and without taking care of this one aspect, you're in an uphill battle to drive sales. Primarily, your store's design.

Ecommerce Templates and Designs You Should Try Right Now


At the heart of any successful eCommerce site is great web design. A well-designed site can help you increase sales, win more customers and strengthen your brand. Here are six eCommerce templates and sites that illustrate design best practices that you can apply today.

Top 60 Best Online Shops and Key Marketing Tactics to Learn from Each One

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What makes an ecommerce store successful? We've teamed up with Ecommerce Design and selected the next 50 sites for their flawless design, great customer service, unique ideas or just because they deliver an unforgettable experience to their visitors.