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How Digital And CX Teams Collaborate To Deliver On Brand Promise

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Take Practical Steps To Apply CX Disciplines To Digital Initiatives Odds are your firm is regularly seeking ways to improve customer experience (CX). You’re also likely embracing digital technologies to enable a more customer-driven, agile operating model.

What Brands Won Super Bowl LIII?

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Super Bowl LIII brought in a national audience of approximately 98.2 million people, but let’s be real — a handful of people watched for reasons other than the plays on the field. With a $5.25

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Data Governance Takes A Turn — And It’s A Doozy

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If you were to ask me a year ago what I would point to as a best practice for data governance, my response would be to look at what financial services firms do to meet their regulatory requirements.

243: Marcus Sheridan On How To Get Results With Your Blog

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Today I’m thrilled to have Marcus Sheridan on the show. Marcus runs the Sales Lion where he consults and teaches companies how to do inbound content marketing. Today, he’s known as one of the premier thought leaders in the digital sales and marketing space.

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The B2B Analytics Portfolio: Untapped Competencies To Develop Now

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This past year, I attended Forrester’s Data Strategy & Insights 2018 Forum. As I sat down to breakfast on the first day, I joined two attendees from a multinational package delivery and supply chain management company.

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WHITEPAPER: How to Transform Into a Creative Marketing Artist


Must be creative. This simple phrase is arguably the most common qualification requirement of a marketer. Creativity is at the core of everything marketers do. However, you need more than that. You need to be organized, thoughtful, and use data to guide your creative decision-making. In order to thrive in 2019, top B2C marketers need to be both right AND left-brained: Left brain marketing involves digging into your customer data to harness key insights and areas of opportunity.

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The Ultimate Shopify Lite vs Snipcart Comparison

Ecommerce Platforms

In this Snipcart vs Shopify Lite comparison, we'll take a look at the features, pricing, security, customer support, and their key differences. When would you even consider to use these two shopping cart solutions?

As Java SE 8’s End Of Public Updates Passes, Everyone Scrambles To Adjust

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By John R. Rymer and Jeffrey S. Hammond This January, Oracle’s new support program for Oracle Java SE went into effect. The cost, security, and timing implications are proving to be a difficult adjustment for thousands of enterprises that rely on Java SE for critical applications. Thousands of independent software vendors that embed Oracle Java […


4 Ecommerce Marketing Takeaways from Netflix’s Black Mirror – Bandersnatch


Black Mirror – Bandersnatch from Netflix has got everyone talking. While the interactive viewing experience is an unparalleled-first, many are concerned about the data gathered based on the viewing choices they’ve made, and how Netflix can leverage that information in the future.

Data Governance Takes A Turn – and Its a Doozy

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If you were to ask me a year ago what I would point to as a best practice for data governance, my response would be to look at what financial services firms do to meat their regulatory requirements. Fast forward to the age of GDPR and the new privacy mandates coming out of California (CCPA). […].

The stores strike back

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Amidst all the retail apocalypse nonsense it turns out that physical retail isn’t dead after all. Last year some 3,000 new stores were opened and physical retail continued to have positive growth in most major global markets.

Five Performance Metrics WooCommerce Retailers Should Track


A fast WooCommerce store is better for customers and your business’s bottom line. But what does it mean for a WooCommerce store to be fast? Which WooCommerce performance metrics matter, and which are misleading or unhelpful?

Omnichannel Retail Trends Brands Can’t Afford to Miss 2019

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As consumers grow and change, so do online retail trends — and with more and more Gen Z’ers aging into shopping dominance, keying. Read More. The post Omnichannel Retail Trends Brands Can’t Afford to Miss 2019 appeared first on Retail Performance Marketing Blog - CPC Strategy. Ecommerce

Reasons to Include Valentine’s Day in Your Sales and Marketing Strategies


Hearts of Gold. After the frigid lull of January, the romantic warmth of Valentine’s Day offers a welcome respite from the cold. Although it was initially a day of remembrance for a Catholic martyr (or two…), Valentine’s day is now a mostly secular celebration of love. As traditions of gift giving have expanded over the years, so has the holiday’s annual revenue. In fact, conservative estimates by the NRF have forecast $20.7 billion in spending for this year. It wasn’t always this way, though.

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Ecommerce Shipping in 2019: A Full Guide

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There’s an art to creating a good ecommerce shipping strategy. You have to ensure solid profit margins for your business, while still offering. Read More. The post Ecommerce Shipping in 2019: A Full Guide appeared first on Retail Performance Marketing Blog - CPC Strategy. Ecommerce

Mobile Goes Way Beyond Conversion


Mobile is at the center of retail growth, but before your business can harness it you need to first understand how customers are using their devices to interact with brands. Mobile is Transforming E-Commerce Mobile is the number one way that brands and their customers interact.

Cobotics, eCommerce, and the Revolution


Behind and within recent news on automation there lies two emotions: excitement and fear. Not marketing automation; nor inventory or supply-chain automation. With digital automation , it’s all upside. Physical automation is where the divide begins.

How to Price Your Software with a Subscription-Based Model


Pricing your software correctly is a crucial part of selling software , but sometimes it’s hard to know if you’re on the right track with your pricing strategy. We’re sharing some tips for setting up a pricing model that attracts and retains long-term customers for your software company. Offer a Range of Options . Everyone likes options.

China, the Bots, and Why It Matters to Your Online Business


The future belongs to the bots. That’s not a warning and, thanks to cobiotics, neither is it something to fear. It’s simply the truth. Between 2017 and 2025, the global market for industrial and non-industrial robots is expected to rise 1,168.7% from $39.3 billion to nearly half a trillion dollars.

How digital assistance in Banking is changing Customer Engagement


Digital banking is revolutionizing customer’s behavior, expectations, and needs. Because it combines digital speed and convenience with human interactions. All of which is crucial to the digital customer journey and adds extra points for nurturing your customers. .

How Rubbermaid Commercial Products Established a Single Source of Reliable Market-Facing Data in 30 Days


Rubbermaid Commercial Products® (RCP), a global leader for commercial and industrial cleaning, food service, and safety products, needed to meet their B2B buyer demand for a robust digital shopping experience.

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Just how to Produce Your Title in Binary Numbers

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They’re an art full of ideas and ingenuity. Cause and effect another major facet to a lot of types of writing. Summarize the thoughts within the paragraph. Achieving this is an excellent approach to search for understanding. If so, following specified steps can empower the reader locate the key notion, consequently improving comprehension. After the student comprehends the concept of overall and particular phrases, he/she can better locate an overall statement within the paragraph.