Meet Your Customers Where They Are This Holiday Season


The holidays are fast-approaching and this year’s unique challenges are having us take a trip back to the drawing board.… … Omnichannel Strategies

Make it Big Podcast: Sustainability Meets Commerce: Building a Brand with an Impact with Justin Wang


Welcome to The Make it Big Podcast, a bi-weekly audio series about all things ecommerce by BigCommerce. As the creators… Make It Big Podcast Make It Big MIB MIB Podcast The Make It Big Podcast


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Meet The Team: Antonio Lagrotteria


The post Meet The Team: Antonio Lagrotteria appeared first on Zmags. Zmags News meet the team Zmags cultureWhat do you do at Zmags? How long have you worked here and why do you stay? I am a Lead Developer and Team Leader for the Development Team located in Copenhagen. My role mainly focuses on contributing actively to the overall project code base (“getting hands dirty with code” as I like to say), being involved.


Meet a LiveIntenter | Charles Ensley


This blog post is from the Meet A LiveIntenter series, a spotlight on the professional and cultural experiences of LiveIntent employees. After meeting several members of the team, I felt a strong connection and thankfully received the offer.

Meet Your New Technology, Architecture, & Delivery Analyst

Forrester Digital Transformation

When did you join Forrester? I began my latest career adventure with Forrester in November, 2021. The Forrester “Bold at Work” values will be core drivers for my research with the intent of enabling clients and technology vendors to also be “bold at work”. Together, we’ll accomplish great things.

Meeting the new luxury retail shopper

Retail Dive

Now is the time for luxury retailers to begin shifting their priorities to keep up with changing consumer preferences and focusing on the necessary products, services, and values of the moment

How Lowe's retooled its logistics network to meet pandemic demand

Retail Dive

Leveraging coastal holding facilities and shifting to a market delivery model are two pillars in the company's strategy, said Don Frieson, EVP of supply chain

Worcestershire store doubles in size to meet pandemic demand

Talking Retail

The established family grocery store, which has been serving shoppers in the area for more than 15 years, This story continues at Worcestershire store doubles in size to meet pandemic demand.

Meet the LiveIntenterns of Summer 2021


Meeting the people here and the other interns has been awesome. While it definitely is a bummer to not be in the office and meet everyone I am working with, there are other aspects of working remotely that I enjoy.

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Meet the proud leaders of PrideIntent!


LiveIntenters had a ton of fun showing off their pride, both in virtual meetings and while out and about. The post Meet the proud leaders of PrideIntent!

Events 105

Meet The Analyst Covering Data Storytelling, Data Literacy And Data Leadership: Kim Herrington

Forrester Digital Transformation

Tell us about yourself: I help people seek, solicit, and speak data & information in safe to share environments. I can help data, technology, and business leaders influence culture change and ignite insight-driven decision making at their organizations.

8 Top CBD & Cannabis Wellness Brand Founders To Meet At LMCC 2022

Retail Minded

This year marks the 5th annual Luxury Meets Cannabis Conference (LMCC), a first-of-its-kind event to feature the world’s finest premium CBD and Cannabis everyday wellness brands. The post 8 Top CBD & Cannabis Wellness Brand Founders To Meet At LMCC 2022 appeared first on Retail Minded

Meeting the Demands of Today’s Data-Rich Retail Environment with Data Mesh

Retail Touch

In order to meet these expectations, retailers must deploy data strategies that enable them to better understand consumer behavior and make more informed business decisions.

Meet The New Analyst Covering Vulnerability Risk Management: Erik Nost

Forrester Digital Transformation

What Topics Will You Be Covering at Forrester? I am very excited to be covering vulnerability risk management (VRM) at Forrester, including threat modeling and management and penetration testing.

Will Your B2B Content Meet Buyer Expectations In 2022?

Forrester Digital Transformation

It’s nearly the end of the year, so it’s the perfect time to reflect on your accomplishments while planning ahead. Now is also a good time to review the content you published during 2021 and ask some key questions about it. Does your content include data and tech expertise that buyers want?

B2B 83

4 Tips to Help Retailers Meet PCI DSS Compliance

Retail Touch

PCI DSS was first released in 2004, but it has since evolved to meet the shifting demands of the electronic payments landscape. . Tips for Meeting PCI DSS Compliance. Over the last year, retailers have endured a range of unprecedented challenges.

Proposed Surveillance Advertising Ban, Meet Contextual Targeting

Forrester Digital Transformation

Three US lawmakers (Rep. Anna Eshoo, Rep. Jan Schakowsky, and Sen. Cory Booker) made a splash on Wednesday when they introduced the Banning Surveillance Advertising Act of 2022. Its primary goal is to limit the data that advertisers and adtech vendors can use to target advertising.

How to Meet ADA Website Compliance

Neil Patel

In practice, that means sites meet the Americans with Disabilities Act Standards for Accessible Design by allowing people who use tools like screen readers or keyboard-only access to consume online content, including blog posts, videos, and online services.

SEO 114

The Digital Meets the Physical

Retail Technology Review

The Sewing Studio finds a solution to bridge the online and brick-and-mortar divide. EPoS Systems Internet Retailing

Meet Your New Operations Analyst: Julie Mohr

Forrester Digital Transformation

When did you join Forrester? In November, I started as the newest member of Forrester’s infrastructure and operations (I&O) research team. As a senior analyst at Forrester, I aspire to live by our company values of being bold at work.

Need For Speed: How Retailers Can Meet Consumers’ Digital Expectations

Retail Touch

Without abundant data, it’s impossible for retailers to truly understand their customers, their demands and the brand’s success in meeting their expectations.

Meet Fahad Ehsan, Forrester’s Newest Security and Risk Analyst

Forrester Digital Transformation

Hello, my name is Fahad Ehsan, and I am the newest analyst on the Forrester’s Security and Risk team. I will be joining Fred Giron, Jinan Budge and David Holmes doing research in Managed Security Service Providers, Vulnerability Management, Zero Trust and Cloud Security.

Personalization Meets Peer Influence: Top Visual Content Trends in Ecommerce

Retail Touch

How will we ensure the content meets our brand guidelines, or how will we quickly edit assets so that they meet our needs?

Elastic Path Insider: Meet the Customer Success Team


Meet our customer success team! Small but mighty, the group consists of four people (you'll meet them soon). Let's go meet the team! Esme : My role is always evolving to meet the needs of our customers. To me a lot of that is measured by meeting their goals.

Meet the 2022 shoppers: 5 ways buyer expectations will change retail

Retail Dive

Consumers continue to grapple with the lingering effects of the pandemic, including supply chain hiccups and other shifts that are changing the way they buy. Retailers can expect five themes to impact brick-and-mortar sales

Traditional Retail Meets Ecommerce: Your Guide To Running A Successful Brick-And-Click Business


In today’s climate, selling online has never been more important. Between growing ecommerce sales, dynamic changes in consumer behavior (and preferences),… Brick and Mortar Sales

Meet Jessica D’Oliveira, Forrester’s Newest Low-Code Analyst

Forrester Digital Transformation

Hello, my name is Jessica D’Oliveira, and I am the newest analyst on Forrester’s application development and delivery team. I will be joining John Bratincevic and Rob Koplowitz in researching low code.

Meet Chiara De Gasperin, Forrester’s Newest Digital Intelligence Analyst

Forrester Digital Transformation

Meet Chiara De Gasperin, Forrester’s Newest Digital Intelligence Analyst, if you are interested in digital data insights. Start discovering Chiara's best "job-cocktail" to understand if it tastes good to you too.

Meet Zam: Your Marketing Assistant


We have someone you MUST meet! The post Meet Zam: Your Marketing Assistant appeared first on Zaius. Zam (like Sam, but with a ‘Z’). If you’re a marketer, Zam is about to become your new best friend. Zam is a data science-powered marketing assistant that lives inside the Zaius B2C CRM platform.

Messaging Strategies That Meet the Needs of Today’s Consumer


Learn how to tailor messages and campaigns that meet consumers’ needs and win their loyalty. COVID-19 has changed what consumers want from brands. Market Insights Customer Acquisition Personalization

New mobile 'smart stores' can meet customers in a variety of locations

Retail Dive

The units from automation startup Tortoise can be used to sell items in front of a retail location after hours, inside a store or at stadiums and other venues

The Japanese collectibles craze: how optimised ecommerce platforms are meeting global demand

Retail Technology Review

By Matt Cannon, Chief Strategy Officer, Reach. The insatiable global demand for Japanese collectibles, such as anime figurines and pop culture items, is a goldmine for retailers in this space. Critical Issues Internet Retailing

How One PTA Meeting Turned Into a Thriving School Supplies Business with a Charitable Arm


“If you are not embarrassed by the first version of your product, you’ve launched too late.” – Reid Hoffman, Co-founder… Ecommerce Success Stories

Shared Services, Meet Product Management

Forrester's Customer Insights

If you want to be unpopular with an Agile or DevOps team, tell them “you need to use the shared service.” ” Shared services have a well deserved reputation for bureaucracy, one-size-fits-all standards, long lead times, and high transaction costs.

Tesco works with suppliers to meet demand for greens


Tesco is working with its UK suppliers to meet the growing demand for greens created by plant-based events, such as Meat Free Mondays and Veganuary.

Meet Your New Operations Analyst: Julie Mohr

Forrester Digital Transformation

When did you join Forrester? In November, I started as the newest member of Forrester’s infrastructure and operations (I&O) research team. As a senior analyst at Forrester, I aspire to live by our company values of being bold at work. Throughout my career, I have focused on IT service management (ITSM), research, consulting, and speaking […]. Age of the Customer

Social Media Meets Tulip Mania

Forrester's Customer Insights

It’s a story straight out of the Sherwood Forest, with a stopover in Holland. A determined group of small investors have used the power of social media to punish “the smart money” by pushing the price of GameStop, a widely shorted stock, from $19 to $325 (as of this writing). As the saga continues to […]. Age of the Customer customer experience digital disruption financial services fintech social media Wealth Management

Emerging tech to meet B2B buyer expectations 


The post Emerging tech to meet B2B buyer expectations appeared first on Get Elastic Ecommerce Blog. It is estimated that the US alone will generate over $1.2 trillion in business to business   ecommerce sales by 2021. With a market of that size, B2B organizations need to start planning now as to how they’ll compete for a piece of that trillion-dollar share.  In

B2B 111

Meet the Elastic Path Leadership Team: Part 2


Welcome back to Part 2 of our Meet the Elastic Path Leadership Team! We are excited to showcase the rest of our leadership team below. Jamus Driscoll - Chief Executive Officer. Connect with Jamus on LinkedIn. Jamus is the driving force behind the vision and strategy for Elastic Path.

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A Flip of a Switch: Meeting Consumers’ Post-Pandemic Needs

Retail Touch

There’s very good news ahead for physical retail, for one simple reason: shoppers cannot wait to return to stores. Just a few months ago, as soon as England’s second lockdown ended, London’s Regent Street was packed shoulder-to-shoulder with eager consumers.

Meet Forrester’s New Principal Analyst Covering Media: Kelsey Chickering

Forrester Digital Transformation

With the launch of Forrester Decisions for B2C Marketing Executives last August, we recognized the opportunity to expand our media strategy coverage.

Meet the Elastic Path Leadership Team: Part 1


Commerce is part of what we do every day and we need to meet our customers and their customers where they want, which at times is not just a web site.

Books 78

Constellation Brands Meets Surging Demand With Salsify PIM | Salsify


“Right now there is the opportunity to really go digital, and I think brands are really figuring out ‘Can I be digitally native?’” said Duan on the Unpacking the Digital Shelf podcast, where he discussed the recent surge in ecommerce for alcoholic beverages. Case Study PIM COVID-19 Alcohol