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Welcome To The Future Of Marketing Technology

Forrester eCommerce

To meet customers in their moments, marketers must design, execute, and optimize interactions across the full range of devices, channels, and touchpoints where consumers engage with a brand. Meanwhile, the marketing landscape continues to evolve with new technologies, data deprecation, and sophisticated consumers.

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Benefits of Cross-Channel Tracking in eCommerce


Cross-channel tracking, also known as cross-device tracking, involves monitoring customer interactions and behaviors across multiple online channels and devices. These channels can include websites, mobile apps, social media platforms, email, and more. This is where cross-channel tracking becomes invaluable.

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LinkedIn Live Recap: Meet the need for instant gratification, with Lori Howitt and Jon Reily


Welcome to our recap of fabric’s recent LinkedIn Live event, where Jon Reily, Bounteous’ SVP of Commerce & Loyalty, joined Lori Howitt, fabric’s Senior Solutions Consultant, to discuss how retailers can meet the needs of customers in this age of instant gratification.

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Anthropologie CMO: ‘Digital is not a Channel, Platform or Tech — it’s a Business Driver’

Retail TouchPoints

Preis, her team and really the whole organization had no choice but to become digital-first, and this pandemic survival tactic actually helped them meet the audience expansion challenge as well. Digital is not a channel, platform or technology — it’s a business driver,” said Preis.

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The Pragmatic Path to Composability: Creating Efficient Commerce Systems

Speaker: Jason Cottrell and Brian Walker

But over time, one vendor was no longer enough to meet a brand’s needs, so they added, and added, and added— and now it's essential that these vendors work well together. Customers and your board expect you to be in new channels and to adapt quickly to market change. That’s composable, and it’s important to get it right.

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Combat Inflation’s Impact by Streamlining Conversational Commerce Channels

Retail TouchPoints

That’s part of the very fast-moving trend toward meeting customers where they are , and that’s often in a conversational interface. I interacted with it to do things like request more towels, and then it switched into a nurture campaign, providing offers to encourage me to come back to the chain’s hotels.

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The Customer Is The Channel

Steve Dennis

Despite the accelerating growth of digitally-enabled shopping, the concentration of power in the hands of consumers and the blurring of the lines between retail channels , it’s still common for retailers to report their sales for e-commerce and physical retail as two separate figures. This is more than a semantic argument.

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Industry Shake-Up: 2023 Commerce Trends To Rock Your World

Speaker: Ashlee Aldridge - Reach Partners LLC | Bill Mirabito - Chameleon Collective | Ronak Shah - PSA Retail & CPG, Amazon Web Services | Wayne Teigen - Pivotree

From social commerce to BOPIS, the name of the game is to meet and sell to customers wherever they are, through multiple channels. Companies must expand on the trends that exploded during the pandemic if they want to see continued growth in their businesses while facing a recessionary economy.