QUIZ: Are You Ready for Omnichannel Ecommerce?


But there’s a big difference between having a presence on a channel and creating coordinated and personalized omnichannel marketing campaigns. Omnichannel ecommerce is one of the buzziest terms in B2C marketing today for a reason. A solid omnichannel marketing strategy can help you reach your target audience more effectively, drive up engagement rates, increase customer lifetime value, and result in more revenue for you B2C brand.

Omnichannel Ecommerce Marketing is Within Reach


True omnichannel marketing is tough to do well. But, according to the 2017 Ecommerce Holiday Report , 86% of ecommerce marketers have still not executed a full omnichannel marketing strategy for their brand. What is an omnichannel marketing strategy?

Keep Experimenting To Apply The Best Digital Technology For Your Store Environment

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Retailers are slowly moving beyond omnichannel fulfillment capabilities in stores to invest in digital store technologies that empower store associates, improve customers’ engagement, and enhance store operations.

Omnichannel Technology (And How Companies Are Using It)


Omnichannel Is The New Normal The omnichannel experience is no longer an option, it’s the new normal. Technology has enabled these expectations.

Realizing ROI in an Omnichannel Rich Retail 4.0 Environment

Digital Store Technologies Take the Stage For Both Customer and Associate Experience

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It’s the combination of original retail theater – entertainment, novelty, and engagement – with digital technologies and services to create the next level of in-store experience.

The Digital Consumer Age Of Retail: Moving Beyond Omnichannel

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Consumers’ proficient use of digital channels has revolutionized the retail industry and technology has changed the way people shop today. To keep pace, retailers must innovate beyond the early technology approaches, which strived to simply coordinate discrete channel engagement strategies.

Are Microservices The Answer To Retailers’ Technology Woes?

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By Steven Berkovitz, OrderDynamics When presented with a need for a new technology capability, retailers are often faced with the decision of whether to ignore the need, or to rip-and-replace an existing system and purchase a whole new solution suite.

Omnichannel Experiences: How Retailers Can Bridge The Digital-To-Physical Divide

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In today’s business climate, technology has been used to supplant face-to-face engagement. These omnichannel experiences can help retailers generate exceptional in-store experiences for their customers that will leave them feeling valued and returning to their brands.

Understand Connected Shoppers In Southeast Asia

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Older Consumers Embrace Technology During Their Purchase Journey, Too!

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Recent reports that focus exclusively on how Millennials use new technologies have misled eBusiness execs into believing that they must focus primarily on Millennial dollars. [i] omnichannel. Data Insights Mobile commerce Path to Purchase eCommerce omnichannel smartphones tablets

Omnichannel is dead. The future is harmonized retail.

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Omnichannel” is dead. And while I’ve been bashing the term for quite some time now, based upon discussion at the last few conferences at which I have spoken , it sounds like others might be finally willing to put omnichannel out to pasture as well.

Omnichannel Retailing : Are You In Or Out?


Omnichannel Retailing: Are You In Or Out? Retailers, you have to make a decision on omnichannel retailing. Prior to this weekend, I did not even realize that there was an ‘undecided’ or ‘partially-in’ category of omnichannel retailing. Omnichannel Consistency Counts.

What Exactly is Omnichannel Fulfillment?


What Exactly is Omnichannel Fulfillment? . Omnichannel has become more than just a buzzword in retail. Omnichannel retail is gaining momentum. What specifically is omnichannel fulfillment, in the retail environment? What is Omnichannel Fulfillment? .

[Guest Blog] Four Ways to Enable Your Omnichannel Strategy


Developing an omnichannel supply chain strategy is essential to remaining competitive. According to Multichannel Merchant, while 91 percent of US merchants currently have an omnichannel strategy in place, less than 10 percent of those retailers and brands claim to have mastered the approach and technology. Here are four key areas of focus to ensure effective implementation of your omnichannel strategy.

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Retail Spotlight: A Look Into Nordstrom’s Newly Opened NYC Flagship

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age of the customer retail customer experience digital business digital retail digital store digital store technologies omnichannel personalizationLast Thursday, Nordstrom opened the doors to its highly anticipated NYC flagship location.

Should the Word Omnichannel Stay?


Should the Word Omnichannel Stay? Mike Cassidy wrote a post called “ Omnichannel is not a word, please stop saying it. ” million hits on the word ‘omnichannel’. Omnichannel retail is part of the retail renaissance taking place today. American Omnichannel Practices.

Navigating Omnichannel Complexities: 3 Tips for Success


Navigating the omnichannel universe is a challenge for many retailers. This article explores strategies for building an omnichannel business that makes sense to the reader’s unique business. Choose technology that is relevant to your personas.

The Omnichannel Retailer – Omni-2000 Research – EP001


The Omnichannel Retailer – Omni-2000 Research – EP001. In the opening episode of The Omnichannel Retailer Podcast Charles Dimov and Carla van Deventer delve into the Omni-2000 research. The Omnichannel Retailer. It’s that omnichannel is here.

Can A Microsoft-Amazon Go Rivalry Jumpstart Cashier-Less Technology Adoption?

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Amazon Go has been hyped for more than a year as the potential vanguard of cashier-less retailing, but it appears another tech giant is testing out the technology. Microsoft is working on cashier-less technology of its own. I think this technology may be divided by what Deloitte.

Omnichannel Technologies Every Wireless Retailer Should Adopt


That's why wireless retailers who don't use omnichannel technologies are starting at a disadvantage when you decide it's time for a new phone. Omnichannel Interactive RetailChoosing a new cell phone can come with a lot of pressure; not only are they expensive, but with so many choices it can be hard to know if you're buying the right one.

DX3 2019: Photos & Omnichannel Retail Perspectives


DX3 2019: Photos & Omnichannel Retail Perspectives. Hosted in downtown Toronto, it was nice to get out of the office, to hear some of the latest omnichannel retail perspectives. From an omnichannel retail perspective, the donut chain is making strides here too.

Bridging the gap between online and offline omnichannel sales channels


As innovative companies leverage breakthroughs in cloud, mobile, social, AI and chatbot technologies to deliver personalized omnichannel solutions, customers have come to expect an a seamless customer experience at every touchpoint. omnichannel strategy

Omnichannel Order Management – Today’s Challenges


Omnichannel Order Management – Solving Today’s Challenges. Omnichannel order management is the technology that provides inventory visibility, routes orders to the best locations for fulfillment, and accepts returns – across all retail channels.

E-Commerce Platforms that Embrace New Technologies


These technologies are at the cutting-edge, but they are already being widely applied by e-commerce players with very impressive results. “Alexa, I’d like to buy a Keurig to go with the new countertops in my kitchen, can you help me?”

The Omnichannel Glass is Definitely Half Full in Germany | Austria


The Omnichannel Glass is Definitely Half Full in Germany | Austria. But when it comes to omnichannel, are retailers in Germany and Austria keeping up with the rest of the world? The research shows that Germany and Austria are among the leading regions for omnichannel practices.

The Role of SaaS in Omnichannel Marketing


The Role of SaaS in Omnichannel Marketing. Omnichannel Marketing Brings It Together. Omnichannel marketing brings all of a business’ channels together. It’s more than likely you’ve heard the word “omnichannel” thrown around a lot. The world is changing.

Retail Technology Integration: How Important is it?


Retail Technology Integration: How Important Is It? This based on how deep the retail technology integration was between several products – compared against the retailers/brands short term and long-term needs. Retail Technology Integration is Only One Part of the Puzzle.

Omnichannel Personalization Technology Stack — Dynamic Yield

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The post Omnichannel Personalization Technology Stack — Dynamic Yield appeared first on Dynamic Yield

[Forrester Report] The Top Retail Technology Investments in 2019


Having the right retail technology can give you a big competitive edge. Many brands and retailers are asking: What retail technology trends should we be prioritizing? Which retail technology investments make the most sense for our business today? In The Top Retail Technology Investments in 2019 , researchers explore today’s hottest trends. Which technology investments are truly “hot” among brands and retailers right now.

What You Need to Know About "Just Walk Out" Technology


Advancements in technology have been true game-changers for the retail industry, and they show no signs of slowing down. From Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and 5G connections , the future of retail is full of potential as more and more new technologies emerge.

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Order Management System: The Brain of Your Omnichannel Retail Enterprise


By Keith Blankenship, Regional Vice President of Sales, Kibo Retail technology has […]. The post Order Management System: The Brain of Your Omnichannel Retail Enterprise appeared first on The Omni Channel.

The Land Down Under Ups Their Omnichannel Game


The Land Down Under Ups Their Omnichannel Game. The Omni-2000 research looked at over 2000 global retail websites to discover the shopper’s view of omnichannel offerings. The global report examined the state of omnichannel capabilities across the world.

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3 Reasons Your CEO Wants an Omnichannel Approach


By next year, Forrester estimates that digital technology will play a part in almost 60% of all in-store transactions, which will equate to roughly US$1.8 The sooner you can begin the omnichannel conversation with your CEO, the better.

Why omnichannel could be the high street's saviour

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This is in part due to rising costs of owning and operating physical stores, the higher profit margins for online retailers and also the technological advances that have led to consumers being able to purchase goods from any device By Dean Frew, CTO & SVP RFID Solutions at SML Group. Within the past decade, retailers have shifted their focus from physical stores to an "online only" strategy.

Criteo reveals 2017’s most searched terms: The omnichannel opportunity

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the performance marketing technology company, has announced the top online retail searches conducted in the UK in 2017 as revealed at Criteo's Ecommerce Media Forum Criteo S.A.,

The 2017 Omnichannel Holiday Strategy Advantage


To succeed, omnichannel retailers and brands need to be true to their names and fully unify their selling channels. Omnichannel holiday strategy requires channels to work together. ” Having omnichannel capabilities that are subpar simply won’t cut it.

Omnichannel Selling - a seamless shopping experience


Technology has wholly disrupted the retail industry. Utilizing the method of omnichannel selling can help with that. Omnichannel is a multichannel approach that seeks to provide the customer with a seamless shopping experience, whether they are shopping online on a computer, on a mobile device or in a physical store. With that said, it is becoming more and more important for retailers and wholesalers to be creative in their selling approach.

Impressions From Alibaba’s Computing Conference

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Alibaba has become one of the world’s most fascinating and cutting-edge technology businesses — and is key to understanding where the digital era is heading.

Wholesale Distribution Trend 2018: Omnichannel Selling


Technology has wholly disrupted the retail industry. Utilizing the method of omnichannel selling can help with that. With that said, it is becoming more and more important for retailers and wholesalers to be creative in their selling approach.