Consumers Demand Hybrid CX

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In part driven by the [correct] assumption that customers are increasingly digital themselves and bolstered by legitimate evidence that […].

COVID-19 Accelerates Digital Adoption For European Consumers And Businesses

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What is customer experience?


If you want to know what is customer experience, also known as CX, let me first tell you a short story. Consumers have changing habits over their lifetime and want unforgettable experiences,… The post What is customer experience?

How APAC Retailers Can Elevate The Customer Experience

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Brands are facing more complexity than ever with the growing needs of customers and the multiplying number of sales channels. Each consumer has a unique preference. As a result, consumers are expecting customized products marketed with relevance via their preferred medium.

The Effect Of COVID-19 On UK Consumers? Financial Well-Being

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Even before the COVID-19 outbreak, our research showed that UK consumers were facing multiple financial challenges and were worried about their financial situation.

Tap Consumer Energy To Drive Sustainable Innovation In Singapore

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Changing Commercial And Social Conditions Spark Consumer Energy

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Age of the Customer B2C marketing consumer energy index customer insights data insights pandemic values-based customer experience

Consumer Energy Drops On All Four Dimensions Amid COVID-19

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Results reveal that consumer energy among […]. age of the customer B2C marketing chief marketing officer (CMO) consumer energy index customer experience data insights pandemic

UK Consumers Keep Calm And Carry On

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Results from the our Consumer Technographics® COVID-19 Survey show how UK consumers have adjusted their spending habits and digital behaviors during the pandemic. Age of the Customer customer engagement customer experience Europe pandemic UK

The Retail Customer Experience Is Changing — Is Your Brand Ready?

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Harnessing voice technology is one of the leading ways today’s brands can truly deliver a more seamless customer experience tomorrow. These technologies have the power to provide data and insights around customer behaviors that retailers otherwise wouldn’t have easy access to.

Why You Need Consumer Intelligence Solutions Now

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It’s not enough to just keep up with your customers. AI-enabled consumer intelligence technology can help you bust through the key blockers. Age of the Customer customer engagement customer insights Customer Experience (CX) emerging vendors market research

DTC Disruptors Solve Three Escalating Tensions In Consumer Decision Making

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age of the customer brand experience chief marketing officer (CMO) customer centricity customer emotion customer experience customer insights digital disruption direct to consumer marketing & strategy retail

Making It Real: Disruptive Technology To Elevate the Customer Experience

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By Austre DeHaro and Brandon Pemberton, Point B Store experience is an essential element of success, particularly as retailers lose market share to assortment and price players like Amazon and Walmart. A company’s value proposition articulated through store experience becomes the product.

How COVID-19 Influences The Values-Based Consumer

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On the 50th anniversary of Earth Day, brands from Hyundai to SodaStream flexed their creativity to socialize messages of inspiration and optimism as the dire reality of COVID-19 continues to strain consumer well-being.

AUDIO: Shoppable Video Creates Unique Customer Experiences And Differentiates Brands

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When British lifestyle brand Ted Baker wanted to create a compelling customer experience, it employed the storytelling power of video and augmented it with interactivity.

Creating a Better eCommerce Customer Experience


The topic of these articles varied: from the things wrong with eCommerce shopping; to information gathering through online coupons; to marketers gathering information about eCommerce customer experience. Customer service inconsistency (seeing a pattern yet?).

Retail Mobile App Experiences: New Best Practice Series

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Mobile is the dominant digital touchpoint in retail and mobile apps play critical role – consumers who down load a retailer’s app are likely to be more loyal, but that does not mean they wont uninstall the app if it does not meet their expectations!

Mobile 364

The Future Of B2C Buying In Europe: May You Live In Interesting Times

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Age of the Customer customer experience EMEA Europe values-based customer experience CX future of buying values-based consumers values-based customer webinar

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The Power Of The Values-Based Consumer — And Of Authentic Brand Values

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As consumers look to align their purchases with their principles, opportunities arise for brands — though genuine commitment is key. age of the customer B2C marketing chief marketing officer (CMO) loyalty values-based customer experience

Values-Based Selling Will Help Retailers Win Consumers’ Spend

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age of the customer digital business holiday retail values-based customer experience Corporate values digital retail ecommerce holiday season philanthropic marketing social responsibility

Better customer experience means targeting people, not buyers


The success of industry disruptors such as Airbnb, Amazon and Tesla can be attributed to many factors, but these companies all have one thing in common — a focus on creating an exceptional customer experience, rather than just selling a product.

Introducing Forrester’s Consumer Energy Index: A Formula For Consumer Innovation Readiness

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CMOs’ ability to impress and influence consumers becomes more difficult with each new technology and experience that enters the market.

How chatbots can optimize customer experience (CX)


Imagine a customer service experience where the business representative is always available, friendly and equipped to handle any inquiry you send their way. They have quickly taken over customer service functions for a growing number of businesses. The B2C Experience.

The Keys To Providing Great Customer Experience: Listen And Respond Quickly To Loyalty Program Feedback

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By Luis Artiz, Epson America Most retailers understand that their success depends heavily on their ability to provide a positive customer experience (CX). It’s estimated Millennials spent $200 billion in 2017 and they will pay $10 trillion over their lifetimes as consumers.

Decision Making During The COVID-19 Crisis Requires A Bias Toward People, Not Profit

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But as the internet’s gargantuan reach brings radical transparency to the critical eyes of values-based empowered customers, what you do when everyone is watching is even more important. The adage says that character is what you do when no one’s watching.

Getting Consumers Beyond Simple Tasks On Smart Speakers Is Challenging

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Virtual assistants such as Amazon’s Alexa, Apple’s Siri, and Google Assistant are among the set of emerging personal technologies that Forrester clients ask us about, especially as consumers embrace smart speakers.

Are We All Technophiles Now? How Consumer Tech Attitudes Are Changing During COVID-19

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Consumers report spending more time on their personal devices — over half of US online adults are using their TVs, […]. Age of the Customer customer experience customer insights data insights digital business digital transformation pandemic

Decoding Patterns In Consumer Behavior Empowers Leaders

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When sociologist Jane Jacobs artfully depicts crowds on a city sidewalk, she may as well be describing consumers. In Jacobs’ words: “Under the seeming disorder. is a marvelous order. It is a complex order. This order is all composed of movement and change. ensembles all have […].

The Effect Of COVID-19 On US Consumers? Financial Well-Being

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Even before the COVID-19 outbreak, our research showed that US consumers were facing multiple financial challenges and were worried about their financial situation. To see how the pandemic was impacting consumer finances and behaviors, we surveyed 1,122 US online adults in April 10–15, 2020 and found that US consumers: Are already feeling the impact of […].

How to Create a VIP Customer Experience while Selling Remotely


Brick and mortar stores have closed storefronts or have limited business hours, forcing customers to shop online. How do you make the consumer feel important when you can only interact through a screen? . In today’s reality, social distancing has become a part of normal business.

Rethinking Your Customer Experience Strategy


For wireless retail customers, experience is everything. Whether they are activating a device, renewing their contract, or finding the accessory of their dreams, each shopping trip for wireless consumers was an extended one. Customer Experience COVID-19

The Empowered Marketer: Curating a Luxury Customer Experience With Megan Laber of Tappan


However, convincing ecommerce consumers to spend hundreds of dollars on a painting or portrait isn’t necessarily the same as persuading them to buy a pair of jeans. ” And I ended up saying “No, that’s actually the ideal Tappan customer.”

Predictions 2020: Anxious, Lost Consumers Are Hungry To Connect

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In an era of convenience and hyperpersonalized experiences, consumers still feel unfulfilled. Learn how marketers, tech providers, and consumers themselves will attempt to fill the void. age of the customer customer engagement customer experience digital disruption prediction promoted

The Effect Of COVID-19 On Canadians? Financial Well-Being

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Even before the COVID-19 outbreak, our research showed that Canadian consumers were facing multiple financial challenges and were worried about their financial situation.

COVID-19 and the customer experience: How retailers are working to meet consumer needs

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COVID-19 and the customer experience: How retailers are working to meet consumer needs Currently available on demand About the Webinar For brands both large and small, COVID-19 represents a time of both volatility and uncertainty.

Align Martech Investments With Your Digital Transformation Strategy

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Customers demand that marketing coordinate with sales, service, and commerce to deliver better experiences. Martech is a direct line to consumer touchpoints, and marketers should embrace and leverage it to drive […].

Brick and Mortar Retail Must Transform for Customer Experience


In the era in which the consumer is in control, it is important that brands and retailers distinguish themselves both online and off. To win online, you need excellent product content and a unique consumer experience. Ecommerce Product Experience ManagementThere are a few brave and innovate companies, that have begun to transform their brick and mortar stores into competitive forces.

Five Consumer Lessons From The 2010s: No. 4

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In the last decade, the term “boycott” pulsed through global consumer chatter and search queries. Whether consumers were talking about sneakers, seltzer, or the Academy Awards, the frequency of the word “boycott” spiked to some of the highest levels since the early 2000s.

The Data Digest: Prioritize CX Investment By Understanding Empowered Consumers

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On paper, customer experience (CX) is about people creating memorable experiences for other people. But in reality, resonating with consumers is complex and messy.

Goliath’s Challenge: DTC Startups Get Personal

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In this battle between direct-to-consumer (DTC) startups — cast as the proverbial David — and their large, established brand opponents, victory is not about size or stature; it’s about skillful weaponry.