Deadline for eBay item specifics mandates is imminent, says Optiseller

Retail Technology Review

With less than a week until new eBay Item Specifics mandates come into force, e-commerce expert Optiseller is urging on-line retailers to take action to ensure their data complies with the new rules. Internet Retailing Critical Issues

Customer data analysis key to omnichannel marketing success and business growth

Retail Technology Review

Companies which collate and analyse customer data, both online and offline, have grown 16% in the past year and are more than twice as likely to significantly exceed business goals and see strong return on investment (32% versus 14%), according to a global survey of 235 organisations with annual revenues of at least $50m.


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Talend cloud enables PointsBet to ensure compliance and reliability amid rapid international expansion

Retail Technology Review

Talend, the cloud data integration solutions provider, has announced that PointsBet, an online bookmaker from Australia offering both traditional fixed odds markets as well as PointsBetting, is using Talend Cloud and Microsoft Azure to deliver a differentiated mobile betting experience to just under 100,000 customers worldwide and support its international expansion.

The Perfect Gift is in the Data


With an activated Customer Data Platform, like Zaius, brands have the ability to capture all the historical browsing and abandonment behavior of their shoppers and act on these behaviors with true 1:1 personalization. The post The Perfect Gift is in the Data appeared first on Zaius.

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7 Data-Driven Lead Generation Strategies That Drive Growth

Delivering sales-ready leads is a constant challenge for B2B marketers. Check out these 7 strategies to find and target high-value prospects who are ready to buy, and motivate them to act.

How to Use Your Data for Winning Marketing Campaigns


Driven by consumers doing more and more shopping online and accelerated by the ongoing pandemic, many brands saw a month’s worth of data in a single day. Not all CDPs are created equally, but all CDPs start with the collection of your customer data.

The Unexplored Gold Mines of Customer Data: Quizzes


A quiz with relevant content to your brand is entertaining, even informative, for your customers, and the data input is priceless for you. It’s up to you what solution to use; however, you must be able to add JavaScript to the quiz to have the ability to act on the data in Zaius.

Curing The Epidemic Of Retail Bankruptcy: X-Data

Retail TouchPoints

X-data is a major piece of the puzzle. O-data: An Outdated Measure Of Success Traditionally retailers have measured their success primarily by observing operational data, or O-data. This is the data collected in day-to-day operations, such as finance or sales data. The problem with retailers focusing on O-data is that it speaks to what happened in the past, not what is going to happen in the future. The future is bright with X-data leading the way.

A Decade of Data Quality 


Since 2009, Webbula has pursued a singular passion for truth in data. The post A Decade of Data Quality appeared first on Webbula. Webbula News ad serving adtech audience targeting blacklist data Data Append Data Appending data enhancement Data Expert data quality Deliverability email email addresses email bounce email hygiene email list email list cleaning email marketing email verification Marketing spam traps Truth in Data Webbula

Let’s Put Your Loyalty Data to Work


By integrating your loyalty data into a CDP, you can enhance your segmentation strategy and make your customer data more useful and actionable. Loyalty data gives you an opportunity to engage your customer with messages that are completely personalized for them.

The Retailer’s Playbook for Customer Acquisition

This playbook outlines the four phases of program development and illustrates each point with real-world case studies from retailers that have found success.

Are You a True Data-Driven B2C Marketer?


As a believer in data-driven marketing, you immediately look at the metrics. You collected important activity-based metrics, but you weren’t being a true data-driven marketer and tying it back to the most crucial metric of all: revenue. Are you really a data-driven B2C marketer? Below we pose three important questions to help you understand whether your marketing strategy is making the most of your customer data. So do you have a real data-driven marketing strategy?

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Leverage CRM Data To Boost Traffic And In-Store Revenue

Retail TouchPoints

Bring Performance Back With Adapted CRM Marketing Efforts If one studies retailers who succeed in properly taking advantage of their CRM data and thus increase traffic and turnover in their stores, we see that they have worked on three axes: the volume of contactable customers, the responsiveness of these customers and optimization of conversion rate, whether online or in-store. CRM data hot data cold data David Le Douarin Advalo

QUIZ: Are You a Marketing Data Scientist?


In an ideal world, every marketer would use data to its fullest impact—including website data, ecommerce data, and all types of customer data. Unless you’re living in marketing utopia, we’re guessing there still might be room for improvement when it comes to how you handle data across the organization. No matter where you are in your personal marketing data journey, you can still do more with the data you have at your fingertips.

How 3 Health and Beauty Brands Leverage Data to Personalize the Buyer’s Journey


A major part of staying competitive (and candidly, simply keeping up with the times) is effectively leveraging customer data. In today’s world there’s no shortage of data brands have access to from marketing data to merchandising data and more. However, brands that are effectively harnessing all of their data to personalize the buyer’s journey are coming out on top. Coola Suncare Utilizes Loyalty Data to Drive Tailored Marketing Campaigns.

Going Beyond Account-Based Marketing: Why ABM-i is the Wave of the Future

Evolve beyond account-based marketing and create a hyper-personalized approach that considers stakeholders as individuals. Learn 8 strategies to use data and technology to create scalable yet personalized ABM programs.

How Data-Driven Assortment Optimization Empowers Retailers To Grow

Intelligence Node

The post How Data-Driven Assortment Optimization Empowers Retailers To Grow appeared first on Blog. Merchandising assortment analytics assortment optimization assortment optimization software category management data driven machine learning

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Deconstructing The “Magic” of Data Science in Marketing


Last summer, the Zaius team took stock of the state of our data science discipline, its future, and along what principles we wanted to grow. Ultimately, we intended to develop a data science operating charter, answering these key questions: What makes us believe in our data science discipline? Why should our clients trust our data science? Transparency in data science has been a much discussed topic in the market with explainable AI and “glass-box” approaches.

Best Data Analysis Software

Neil Patel

The thing about data is it helps you make better business decisions. Everyone has questions when it comes to choosing data analysis software. Why are there so many data analytics tools? How to Choose the Best Data Analysis Software for You.

The Data Scientist Inside the Marketing Assistant


KPI dashboards are flashing in the office; flash reports are flush with beautiful data viz; and you’ve even got a job req open for your very own data scientist (I bet it has been open for a while, too). You’ve successfully progressed to become a data-driven marketer. At the same time, your customers are providing a veritable treasure trove of interesting data. Data Science, Trained on Your Brand.

Building a Scalable E-Commerce Data Model


If selling products online is a core part of your business, then you need to build an e-commerce data model that’s scalable, flexible, and fast.

Building a NoSQL E-Commerce Data Model

Fabric Blog

E-commerce is capturing an ever increasing market share of shoppers and, in addition to the requirements of managing a physical store like tracking inventory, e-commerce storefronts have additional challenges such as getting the product to the customer, using a payment processor, and building relationships with customers. Blog

Move From Insight To Impact: Data Strategy & Insights 2020

Forrester - Business Intelligence

And data, analytics, and AI are going to drive this future. Age of the Customer AI Insights Business Intelligence Customer Insights Data Analysis Data Insights data science AI analytics business insights customer analytics customer insights data management data strategy insights-driven businessThe digital future is here.

How First-Party Data Can Power Your Marketing


You’ve got data. As a marketer, you understand why you’re collecting the data, but what are you doing with it? In fact, fewer than a quarter of marketers are extremely satisfied with their ability to use customer data to create more relevant experiences. And 54 percent of marketers are only using half of their customer data. What is first-party data? So what do we mean when we say first-party data? What are the advantages of using first-party data?

Why Wait? The Future of Data is Now.

Forrester's Customer Insights

Over the last 10 years we’ve watched big data, cloud, advanced analytics, and now AI and machine learning drive increased data platform investment. Yet, there wasn’t any real change from traditional data strategy and approaches.

Data Will be Key to Retail Success in 2021

Retail Touch

With these sweeping shifts in consumer needs, retailers relied on data more than ever to quickly position themselves to create the kinds of offerings and experiences that consumers expected during this unprecedented period. Real-time data is the key for 2021.

The power of daily data for eCommerce sales optimization


The eCommerce analytics choice… Since COVID-19 and the resulting rise in eCommerce, the pressure on brands to actively seek measurement and data solutions that help assess and benchmark current performance has mounted. What are the pros and cons of weekly data?

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Why B2C Marketers Need to Own All Customer Data


In order to do that, you need access to your customer data. You call your data analyst and explain exactly what you need. You eventually get the report back and it includes data on casual sneakers as well as heels. What you can do — and what you need to do — is have access and ownership of all customer data yourself. In today’s B2C market, getting your hands on customer data is not optional, but rather an integral part of B2C marketing today.

3 Reasons To Invest More In Data Analytics

Retail TouchPoints

By Jeffrey Cheal, Episerver There are two kinds of marketers today: those who use a firehose to drink up data analytics and those who haven’t even turned on the faucet. Whether you’re just dipping your toe into the analytics pond or you are drowning in data, here are three reasons to invest in the right kind of metrics to move your merchandise out and your marketing forward. Let’s say you use demographic data to find that users in smaller population areas view your site less.

Zaius Debuts Data-Powered Marketing Assistant


The post Zaius Debuts Data-Powered Marketing Assistant appeared first on Zaius. Retail Touchpoints. Press

Data Governance for 2020 and Beyond

Forrester's Customer Insights

Companies have short attention spans when it comes to data governance. Even for organizations with sustained programs, the continuous push and pull of new regulations, projects, or data and analytics investments create constant disruption. To address these expansions, data owners either search for the simple approach or re-educate on data governance 101. big data data insights data security data data culture data governance data ops data strategy


4 Things to Watch Out For when Vetting Data Solutions Providers


From the Desk of Webbula CEO, Vince Cersosimo Friday morning, many of us woke to the unfortunate news of another large-scale data breach. The post 4 Things to Watch Out For when Vetting Data Solutions Providers appeared first on Webbula. This time it involved the exposure of.

How to Get Your Data Ready for Your Next CDP


There is no doubt that a big pain that marketers face is having to string together data from multiple sources to access prospect, customer, and product information. The post How to Get Your Data Ready for Your Next CDP appeared first on Webbula. In fact, according.

Instagram Ads Prove Third-Party Data is Only Occasionally Accurate


On your @instagram , click Settings > Security > Access Data > Ads. As entertaining as this experiment is, it also confirmed a few of our beliefs about third-party data. But when you lean on third-parties, it’s hard to know where those platforms are getting their data in the first place, or how it’s being used to target different audiences. The Reality of Third-Party Data.

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The Smart Retail Data Lake

Dynamic Action

Most retailers today have a data lake that they are pumping a variety of data streams into constantly. Unfortunately, many retail brands find themselves continually allocating resources to handle the quality and timeliness of the data pipelines —and they don't see an end in sight. But without constant attention, applications and their data science-dependent work streams are unable to operate as planned.

3 data partnerships to jumpstart in 2021


Companies that work toward a future state of building, owning and enriching a complete view of the consumer through data partnerships will win

Personalizing the Consumer Journey with Data


We have access to more data than ever before. An online prospect can have over 15 different touch points or data associated with their time on your website. The post Personalizing the Consumer Journey with Data appeared first on PERQ.