Kusmi Tea brews up Cegid’s digital solutions to strengthen retail business

Retail Technology Review

Retail software vendor, Cegid, has announced that the French upmarket tea brand, Kusmi Tea, tripled online sales on its e-commerce site during lockdown and used the period to accelerate plans for introducing more omnichannel and digital services across Europe.

Minelli speeds up shift towards digital retailing with Cegid's unified commerce platform

Retail Technology Review

Retail software vendor, Cegid, has signed a new deal to completely overhaul the IT systems at French footwear retailer, Minelli, in a bid to streamline the business and improve the shopping experience for customers. Internet Retailing Retail Supply Chain


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Customer retention software


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One Stop adds new forecasting software


One Stop has extended its partnership with retail software firm Relex Solutions to add new forecasting capabilities throughout its business. Industry News Artificial intelligence (AI) convenience stores it machine learning one stop Relex software symbol groups technology

Best Document Management Software

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Everyone I work with uses document management software, and you should too. Whether you are trying to go green, stay organized, build great looking newsletters, or meet the most stringent regulations, document management software can make a hard process much easier.

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With remote access software, you can view or access another computer from anywhere in the world. You can also transfer files between two computers without having to go through email or file-sharing software—even from unattended devices. Which remote access software is the best?

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That’s where contact management software can be one of your most valuable sales sidekicks. The Top 5 Options For The Best Contact Management Software. How to Choose The Best Contact Management Software For You. Sales Process and Software Fit.

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Software piracy is a big problem that’s costing developers and companies some serious money. In 2018 alone, revenue losses from using unlicensed software amounted to $27.3 billion worldwide, according to the Global Software Survey. What is software piracy?

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Business intelligence software has become a necessary tool in the era of big data. But without BI software, making sense of that information is nearly impossible. This software exists so you can analyze various data sets and make data-driven decisions. Embedded BI Software.

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Adopt the best call center software and you will outfit your teams with the tools they need to communicate effectively. Modern call center software is all you need to get up and running. The Top 5 Options For Call Center Software. The Different Types of Call Center Software.

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It’s called workflow management software, and it makes your work life at least ten times easier. Workflow management software takes chaos and organizes it into a clear roadmap that helps you achieve your work goals in less time and with better results.

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Task management software helps solve the challenges mentioned above and much more. You don’t even have to be working in a team to benefit from this software. The Top 7 Options For Task Management Software. How To Choose The Best Task Management Software For You.

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Enter employee scheduling software. Which employee scheduling software is the best? The Top 6 Options For Employee Scheduling Software. As previously mentioned, employee scheduling software is a versatile category. This isn’t possible with desktop software.

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However, that means choosing the best marketing automation software for your business and team is harder than its ever been. From enterprise-grade solutions to the most affordable options, my team and I have researched, tested, and used just about every software you can imagine.

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They’re not using time tracking software. Because no one should suffer any longer, I’m going to share the top five time tracking software options on the market today. The Top 5 Options for Time Tracking Software. How to Choose the Best Time Tracking Software for You.

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Enter… modern-day accounting software. However, choosing the best accounting software isn’t easy, thanks to the thousands of options on the market. This article covers how to choose the right software, the different types of software, and my top five recommendations.

ACH 109

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Video conferencing software has exploded in popularity over the last year. But not all video conferencing software is the same. Which video conferencing software is the best for you? The Top 6 Options For Video Conferencing Software. Cloud Video Conferencing Software.

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These are just two of the reasons that any business looking to grow should get auto dialer software. Here are the top six auto dialer software options on the market. The Top 6 Options For Auto Dialer Software. How to Choose the Best Auto Dialer Software for You.

What is OMS Software? | How OMS Software Works (w/ Examples)


Order Management System (OMS) software is a solution that enables retailers to automate and manage the entire order fulfillment process from a single platform. Definition.

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The Top 7 Options For Live Chat Software. How to Choose the Best Live Chat Software For You. Most plans will have some limitations on how many support reps can access the software. Why exactly are you in the market for live chat software? Customer Support Software.

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That’s why HR software has become so popular over the years. Interested in getting HR software, but don’t know where to start? The Top 5 Options For HR Software. How to Choose the Best HR Software For You. The best HR software will have a free mobile app.

Best Applicant Tracking Software

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An applicant tracking software , also known as ATS software, can help businesses reach a wider pool of qualified applicants as well as manage data from various sources – all at a single platform. This software is used by departments and hiring managers to carry out internal hiring.

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Best Free Project Management Software

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With the right project management software, it’s easier to operate at a high level. If you’ve never tried project management software, these free options are a great place to start. These are the best free project management software options available right now.

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Collaboration software has become a must-have tool for businesses today. From simple check-ins and real-time status updates to ongoing project management, collaboration software can accommodate businesses of all shapes and sizes. The Top 6 Options For Collaboration Software.

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Considering the modern world we live in, what better way to leverage knowledge than with knowledge base software. This type of software tool helps answer any doubts users have before they become paying customers. How to Choose the Best Knowledge Base Software for You.

Benefits Of Using ChannelSale Amazon Listing Software


To stop wasting time, you can use a number of Amazon listing software which can make it easier for you to list your products easily on Amazon. There are many benefits of using this listing software and here are some of them: One platform.

What You Need in Repricing Software


And what should you look for in the best repricing software for your needs? What is Repricing Software? Repricing software computes suggested SKU prices based on your business requirements, directly integrating with marketplaces and webstores to automatically reprice.

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Work order software has streamlined the way businesses across all industries that manage facilities and maintenance departments. With work order software, all tasks can be managed electronically within a single tool. The Top 5 Options For Work Order Software. CMMS Software.

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You’ve probably watched as your peers took the plunge and offered discounts on their software. Some of them are even offering software completely free of charge. Keep reading to learn how you can offer free software to your customers without sacrificing revenue. .

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Call recording software is a useful tool for businesses and individual users alike. Use this guide to learn more about my top picks and methodology for finding the best call recording software for you. The Top 6 Options For Call Recording Software.

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But time clock software isn’t just a less clunky alternative to the physical clock. When you’re ready to implement time clock software for your company, choosing the best one will be easy with our list of the top seven time clock software options. Software-Only Options.

POS 73

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Customer service software lets you keep all of your tasks in the right baskets without losing track of anything. These customer service software options will help you organize your company, whether you’re a startup or a seasoned business owner. This software doesn’t have tiers.

Channel Software Tech Stack 2021

Forrester's Customer Insights

^CLICK IMAGE FOR FULL SCREEN^ The channel software stack comprises a group of technologies that help companies develop, design, and execute plans to find, recruit, onboard, develop, enable, incent, co-sell with, manage, measure, and report on partners.

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My top recommendations for webinar software to suit just about every business need are Demio , Livestorm , or EasyWebinar. That’s why it’s essential for you to have the right webinar software on your side. The Top 5 Options for Webinar Software. The highlight of this software?