Salesforce launches Consumer Goods Cloud

Retail Technology Review

Salesforce has introduced Consumer Goods Cloud, a new industry product that enables consumer goods companies to drive revenue growth and maximise ROI through improved retail execution capabilities. Internet Retailing

Counterfeit consumer goods online pose risk to shoppers’ health

Retail Technology Review

New research from MarkMonitor, the enterprise brand protection solutions provider, reveals counterfeit goods still pose a significant risk to consumers

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Consumer Goods Sales and Marketing Summit – June 18-20 – NYC


ItemMaster will be live from The Roosevelt Hotel in New York City for the Consumer Goods Sales and Marketing Summit , June 18-20. . The 15th annual Consumer Goods Sales & Marketing Summit remains committed to providing a single thought leadership forum for CG executives to network with peers, share ideas and experiences and learn about important industry trends.

Retail and Consumer Goods Analytics Summit – April 25-27 in Chicago


ItemMaster will be at the Retail and Consumer Goods Analytics Summit on April 25 – 27 at the Drake Hotel in Chicago. We will be unleashing the power of data to drive competitive advantage through booth conversations, networking events, and our speaking engagement.

The five key steps to delivering a seamless digital retail experience

Retail Technology Review

By René Aerdts Chief Technologist – Global Consumer Goods, DXC Technology. As a result of technically advanced e-commerce platforms such as Amazon, consumer expectation with regards to customised buying experiences and always-on services have skyrocketed. Internet Retailing Critical Issues

Sales Territory Management Plan: Creating a 5 Step Strategy [Video]


Most consumer goods companies understand the importance of an effective sales territory management plan - it can prevent territory overlap between field reps, which causes confusion and wastes time.

5 Most Innovative Strategies for D2C Apparel Brands | Salsify


With over 400 direct-to-consumer (D2C) brands like Casper, Warby Parker, JustFab, Everlane, and Bonobos offering a range of consumer goods, D2C brands are predicted to account for almost 40% of online purchases in the U.S. within the next five years , according to a 2019 eMarketer report. PIM Digital Commerce Clothing & Accessories apparel D2C

Is Direct to Consumer (D2C) the biggest disruptor for 2019?


The traditional supply chain consists of four or five entities: supplier, manufacturer, wholesaler, retailer, and consumer. With the advent of eCommerce and globalized retail, however, more customer-facing businesses are cutting out the middlemen by turning to a Direct to Consumer (D2C) model where they manage every aspect of the supply chain – from manufacturing to distribution, marketing, and fulfillment.

How Top-Performing Health & Household Pages Win on Amazon


Non-food consumer packaged goods are the biggest drivers of US ecommerce sales across the entire fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) category, according to Nielsen. Amazon has captured a large share of this market over competing online retailers by offering conveniences like ‘Subscribe and Save’ along with same-day order fulfillment on certain classes of items.

Trends Analysis: What Happens When CPGs Go DTC?


The food and beverage multinational isn’t the only major consumer packaged goods brand that has started selling directly to consumers, either. At , consumers can choose from over 100 Frito-Lay products.

Herno Manages Line Expansions with Fashion-Specific PLM

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Centric Software provides enterprise solutions to fashion, retail, footwear, outdoor, luxury, consumer goods and home décor companies to achieve strategic and operational digital transformation goals.

Data Capital: The Competitive Weapon Most Retailers Have Yet To Fully Monetize

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That weapon is an immensely valuable yet often underappreciated asset: data capital, specifically around consumer insights and demand forecasting. You have, as retailers, the most valuable asset: commercial-intended consumer behavior data,” he said.

Use Search Marketing To Propel Your Holiday Season Efforts

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For many in the retail and consumer goods industries, this is the most crucial time of the year. The holiday season is upon us once again. Bonuses are made or lost during the holiday season as some toys, electronics, and clothing items become the hit of the season and others fall flat. We know customers […

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Is Direct to Consumer (D2C) the biggest disruptor for 2019?


The traditional supply chain consists of four or five entities: supplier, manufacturer, wholesaler, retailer, and consumer. With the advent of eCommerce and globalized retail, however, more customer-facing businesses are cutting out the middlemen by turning to a Direct to Consumer (D2C) model where they manage every aspect of the supply chain – from manufacturing to distribution, marketing, and fulfillment.

Digitally Reinventing The Retail Store With Mobile

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M-Industry, one of the world’s largest private label consumer goods companies and a subsidiary of Switzerland’s largest retailer and supermarket chain, Migros Group, recently launched a new IBM-designed mobile offering to transform how employees from their promotion agency work. Traditionally, these promoters relied on time-consuming, manual-based processes — primarily phone and email communication and paper documentation — that impacted the overall quality of the promotion.

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Webinar: Salesforce Survey Takes The Pulse Of Marketers And Global Consumers

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Numerous industry experts have commented that COVID-19 has accelerated many existing retail trends, most notably consumers’ embrace of digital commerce. Understanding consumer behaviors will be key to building a retail environment in a post-pandemic environment.

COVID-19 Impacts on eCommerce Marketing Key Performance Indicators

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How has consumer behavior changed? But as brick-and-mortar stores came to a halt across the country, online stores have become a primary choice for consumers. . Key Performance Indicators – Consumer Services. The consumer side of things continues to show positive results. Impressions and Traffic growth across Consumer Services are actually on the rise. Key Performance Indicators – Consumer Goods.

Where Marketing Leaders Turn to For Ecommerce Industry Info


Luke Peters, CEO and Founder of NewAir Appliances: I’m the host of the Page 1 Podcast , focused on the home and hardware, consumer goods space. A very good one to get motivated and learn from those great entrepreneurs all around the world. Reading Time: 4 minutes.

What COVID-19 Has Taught Us About eCommerce Spending


However, these consumer shopping behaviors vary from shopper to shopper and even between retail segments. For example, millennials and baby boomers have exhibited far different shopping activities, and the channel preferences for shoppers buying groceries versus consumer electronics also varies. To truly gauge how consumer behaviors have pivoted among retail categories and demographics, PFS recently surveyed 2,000 US consumers. Consumer Electronics.

Editor Q&A: Is Sustainability Moving Into The Retail Mainstream?

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and Ashley Furniture have gone out of their way to reveal or promote new sustainability initiatives, designed to promote more environmentally conscious decision-making among consumers and retailers alike. On the other hand, because of their reach, retailers are in a great position both to make decisions that are good for the planet, and to educate their employees and customers about what they can do. Just in time for Earth Day, various retailers such as H&M , Target , Gap Inc.

4 Tips For Winning Retailers’ Trust And Confidence With Data

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Today’s consumer goods market is crowded, with both well-established players and new disruptors vying for greater customer share. By taking control, brands can gain a competitive advantage and better serve end consumers. Additionally, a retailer only has access to data from its own stores; in contrast, brands have the complete picture of consumer demand across all channels.

Top 10 Sessions at eTail West 2018


C-Level Keynote Panel Discussion: Your Big Opportunity: Tapping Into The Omni-Nature of Today’s Consumer. Jenny Kaplan, Consumer Goods Reporter, Bloomberg. If you want to meet some of the best minds in ecommerce, you no doubt already made plans to attend eTail West 2018 in Palm Springs. The sunny Californian location probably helped sway your decision, as well, but that’s not the only reason.

Episode 73 – Getting and Using Customer Feedback for Smart Growth with John Li from Pickfu

eCommerce Evolution

Pickfu is a consumer feedback tool that allows you to get real customer feedback in minutes. How there are probably some things that you think are “good enough” that are probably costing you sales. How to properly run a test and how to ask consumers good questions. My guest today is John Li, co-founder of Pickfu. John is a really sharp dude, with a very unique service.

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Getting The Most Out Of Security Labels For Increased Sales

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By David Dalton and Keith McUmber, Checkpoint Systems Brands spend millions every year designing and refining product packaging to give it standout shelf-appeal and to make target consumers pine for what’s inside. To meet that goal, packaging designers face the constant challenge of keeping pace with changing consumer preferences: After all, what appeals now is likely to be short-lived.

The Great Sears Demise: What Can Retailers Learn?

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But the company leadership did not keep up with changing consumer preferences and online competition. This NPR story reveals how, during the Jim Crow era, the Sears catalog gave blacks, particularly those in rural areas with limited purchasing options, the same access to consumer goods as white Americans. They can’t abandon (or sell off) top brands and assets for quick capital, and they must still reinvest in their own business as they seek to follow consumer trends.

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Is Q2 2018 A Sign Of Good Things To Come For Retailers…Or Just A Happy Blip?

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The high-end/luxury brands and the low-end/dollar store type retailers will continue to flourish, while companies targeting more middle-income consumers will suffer. Adam Blair, Executive Editor: Unfortunately, one good quarter does not necessarily signal that it’s time to start singing “Happy Days Are Here Again.” For one, the continuation of largely pointless trade wars sparked by the imposition of tariffs could raise the price of a wide range of consumer goods.

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How Direct-To-Consumer Is Driving The Need For Real-Time In Retail

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Well, you don’t need to care, but Charles Darwin would argue you should: “It’s not the strongest of the species that survive, nor the most intelligent, it’s the one that most adapts to change.” Technology is changing the way we live, the way consumers shop and the way retailers need to operate. The Growth Of Technology And Data Is Leading To Changing Consumer Expectations New data sources, such as that coming from sensors, is resulting in vast volumes of connected IoT data.

May E-Commerce Sales Up 81%, But Total 2020 Retail Sales Still Expected To Drop 10.5%

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Brick-and-mortar stores are beginning to reopen in some geographies, but e-Commerce is still riding high: online retail transactions grew 81% year-over-year in May, led by sportswear and sporting goods ( 216% ), housewares and DIY supplies ( 190% ) and gaming ( 84% ), according to ACI Worldwide. People working from home are now set up, and we see spending shifting from home office supplies back toward consumer goods like sporting goods and home improvements.”.

Mobile, Voice, Facial Recognition: Contactless Options Could Thrive Even Post-COVID-19

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COVID-19 has accelerated the contactless revolution: 84% of Americans ( 77% among global consumers) now expect to increase their use of touchless technologies to avoid physical contact for the remainder of the pandemic, with 55% ( 63% globally) planning to continue doing so afterward, according to a survey by Capgemini. COVID-19 has “dramatically accelerated that shift and moved consumer segments that would have otherwise never adopted some of these contactless experiences.

8 Ways Dropshipping is Empowering eCommerce Business


The strategy ensures that there are no consumer goods in stock. It is up to manufacturers and wholesalers, rather than dropshippers, to ensure that customers get their goods at designated places. In some scenarios though, dropshippers purchase their products from wholesalers and sell them to the consumers in turn. . Dropshipping ensures that retailers do not have customer goods in stock. Dropshipping is a profitable and effective way of doing business.

A Peek Inside Bill D’Alessandro’s Acquisition Machine


Bill’s been working on his vision of buying a lot of different brands in the consumer goods space and bringing them under one roof as a bunch of small consumer brands, and he’s here to fill us in on how that’s been going. Bill D’Alessandro of Elements Brands is on the show today to share some business insights and lessons learned over the last year.

Google Ads vs Facebook Ads for eCommerce: How and When to Use Each Advertising Platform

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On the other hand, Facebook and Instagram ads are perfect if you sell items that are visually appealing like clothes or other inexpensive consumer goods — such as low-involvement purchases or novelty items. How much consumer knowledge is there about your business? With a limited advertising budget, what PPC channels should you invest in?

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How Alcohol Brands Can Tap the eCommerce Opportunity


In the US alone, consumers spend more than USD230 billion annually on alcoholic beverages, according to the US Department of Commerce. An expanding population of drinking-age consumers provides another boon. These tech-savvy consumers expect to buy beer, wine and spirits over the Internet or with the tap of a smartphone just as they do any other product. In contrast to most other consumer goods, however, some unique challenges are inherent to the alcohol category.

Exclusive Accenture Q&A: How The ‘Decade Of The Home’ Will Reshape Retail

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The adaptations consumers have made during the pandemic to work, learn, shop and socialize from their homes are projected to last well beyond the time when the coronavirus is just an unpleasant memory. Another element would be consumers’ desire for a buy local, shop local option.

The Top Ecommerce Trends You Need to Know About for 2020


But as businesses experiment and try to give consumers what they want, the online retail space is changing rapidly. It also takes away from choice overload — the idea that access to too many choices makes decision-making more difficult and less satisfying — which can be a relief to consumers. This direct-to-consumer company launched with only one pair of pants and within three years had amassed more than $9.5 In fact, consumers spent $128.5

8 Ways to Grow Your eCommerce Store in 2020


Wholesale is the selling of goods in large quantities to be retailed by others. There are wholesalers for all types of products like apparel, beauty, home goods, electronics, and more. of consumers say that they won’t return to a brand after just one poor delivery experience. Partner with a 3PL – A third-party logistics company (3PL) can take care of warehouse management, transportation of goods, reporting, and forecasting for you. Reading Time: 5 minutes.

How to Find the Right Review Site for Your Business


And we’re not just talking about consumer goods. This customer then decides to leave a review on a regular B2C review site, because they are, in fact, the consumer. So, in these types of cases on B2C review sites, you’re only as good as your worst client. So, the best way to combat the bad, irrelevant reviews as a B2B business is to make sure your profile and reviews on B2B review sites are as good as possible.

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