November 2020 Social Media Water Cooler

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Through the use of brand lift studies, Snapchat shared that brand metrics improve notably when a consumer’s first impression is a Commercial. We hope you enjoyed the November 2020 Social Media Water Cooler! Published November 16, 2020.

Are Counterfeiters Aggressively Targeting Social Media Platforms?

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However, with scammers continually on the lookout for bigger audiences to sell to, the rapid year-on-year growth of social media users has offered a unique opportunity for them to further expand their operations. However, whilst these developments offer new revenue streams for brands, could social media platforms’ move to direct-to-consumer shopping further exacerbate the platforms’ counterfeit problem? Daniel Shapiro Red Points social media counterfeiting

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Social Media Branding Examples


As social media branding has evolved to the point of necessity, you're only hurting your business and your brand if you aren't taking advantage of it. Social media is an opportunity to humanize your brand and give customers a glimpse into your company's personality. Whether you have an eCommerce or lead generation business, getting started with a social media branding strategy should be a vital component of your inbound marketing efforts.

Independent retailers urged to get back onto social media


Independent retailers are being urged to get back onto social media and re-engage with local customers after new data revealed the extent of the drop-off since lockdown ended. Consumers average more than.

October 2020 Social Media Water Cooler

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Instagram continues to blur the lines between social media and commerce. Checkout offers more than just a way for consumers to purchase. As the pandemic continues to shape consumer behavior, advertisers can expect a longer and more cyber-centric holiday period this year.

What It Takes To Provide Epic Social Media Customer Care

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By Andrew Kokes, HGS In a time when Millennials and Gen Z turn to social media more than ever , these digitally native consumers expect brands to provide a quick and seamless online experience. Social media platforms are constantly evolving, and brands have to evolve along with them in order to stay relevant to today’s consumer. Brands today need to prioritize a detailed and thorough social media handbook.

Social Media Branding Tips from the Experts


Social Media has become one of the most influential marketing tools used today. Companies market their brands by posting videos, photos and other creative content to drive a consumer market. Some believe social media branding is as easy as posting photos every once in a while. However, taking the time to develop a social media strategy will help your brand establish longevity and customer loyalty. Social Media Branding Basics.

September Social Media Water Cooler: Facebook, Instagram, & Pinterest Updates

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Welcome to our September 2020 Social Media Water Cooler. As marketers, this presents a significant opportunity to capitalize on the additional traffic found on the platform as consumers begin to plan vacations and flight ticket sales continue to increase.

The Definitive Guide To Leveraging Social Media for Online Sales


71% of Internet users in the United States actively use social media networks. That means (almost) three out of four people can potentially be reached, interacted with, and persuaded through social media. Marketers everywhere are trying to harness social media to improve customer experience, boost brand awareness, and increase sales. Online retailers are also using social media to drive revenue. Social Media

July Social Media Water Cooler: Facebook, TikTok, & Pinterest

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Welcome to our July 2020 Social Media Water Cooler. To help partners comply with the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA), Facebook released the Limited Data Use feature , which enables partners to choose whether or not to apply restrictions to California Business Tools data.

The 6 Most Effective Types of Social Media Advertising in 2017


Social media advertising. And some channels are consistent but time consuming to dial in (ex. With social media advertising, you can have consistent sales coming in from the first day your website is live. This is why global social ad spending doubled from $16 billion in 2014 to $31 billion in 2016 and is projected to increase another 26% in 2017. The 6 Best Social Networks for Ecommerce Advertising. Get a Free Social Advertising Evaluation.

The 8 Best Social Media Marketing Companies of 2020

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Social media marketing is essential for any business. billion social media users worldwide and, for most of us, social media is part of our everyday lives. What this means is, if you want to reach your target audience, social media is the place to do so.

The Four Best Ways To Grow Your Business As Told By A Social Media Influencer

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This includes social media, web experience, digital marketing and activations. 1. Social Media Many small businesses target a Millennial audience — more than 50% of Millennials use Instagram and 80% use Facebook. As a social media influencer with more than 80K followers (@rigelgemini), I know that growth can take time. TIP #2: Employ a part-time social media assistant or intern from a local college or community to do daily posting for you.

Social Media Water Cooler: June 2019

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With that, we bring you the June edition of “The Social Media Water Cooler.” As always, we’re covering new features and trends from the social media platforms most relevant to the digital marketing industry in 2019. On April 30th, Facebook held their annual F8 conference with more than 5,000 developers, creators, and entrepreneurs coming together to discuss the recent technological advances and opportunities for the future of the social platform.

The Go to Guide for Social Media Marketing Automation

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Social media has come a long way since Six Degrees, the first social platform was created. Later on, businesses realized that social sites are also the best places to hunt for leads, and then came social media advertising. 2017 saw most social media platforms revamp their services with more new features, brand opportunities, and consumer preferences. The Best Social Media Upgrades of 2018. Social Listening Tools.

Getting Started With A Social Media Branding Strategy


Optimizing your social media branding strategy is critical if you're trying to increase interaction and engagement among your audience. The ultimate goal of any social media community is to increase consumer trust among your brand. We're sharing valuable insights to help your brand create an engaging and memorable social media experience. Social Media Branding. You've stumbled upon a brand that looks interesting on social media.

Best Practices For Brand And Retailers: Harnessing The Impact Of Social Media

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By Gilles Rousseau, Splashlight Both my brand executive experience at LVMH, Richemont and Christie’s and my current role at Splashlight (a leading visual content creation company geared towards e-Commerce and social media), give me a unique perspective on the importance of visual content to drive purchase decision and conversion in e-Commerce and social media. We are at a stage where social media communication can dictate trends to consumers.

Complaining consumers target retailers through social media

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New research by HSO has revealed that 36% of consumers would use social media to complain about a product or service. This compared favourably to 30% who would use an online complaints form; 18% who opted for visiting the store and just 14% who preferred the more traditional approach of a telephone call

L'Oréal offers first line of virtual makeup for social media, video calls


As consumers stay connected via mobile during the pandemic, the company's AR filters let them sport digital looks on Instagram, Snapchat, Snap Camera and Google Duo

7 Social Media Trends to Watch and Capitalize On in 2018


Say it with me: social media. In its State of Social 2018 Report , Buffer found that businesses are overwhelmingly on the social train. We spend an average of 2 hours and 15 minutes on social media each day, which accounts for one-third of our online time , and twice as much as any other activity. Customers spend anywhere from 20-40% more on companies that engage with them on social media. billion social media users in 2017.

New Study: What 100 Social Media Followers Are Really Worth

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The social web is huge. But, how much time and money should you devote to each social network? How much are 100 social media followers really worth? Each company has been participating in all these social networks for at least 3 years and they have at least 100 social media followers on each platform. Now before we dive into the data, keep in mind all of the stats are broken down based on 100 social followers. Engagement by social network.

November 2019 Social Media Water Cooler: New Ad Capabilities & Automatic Ad Translations

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Let’s start November’s Social Media Water Cooler with a social media advertising term you should know! Multiple Text Optimization, similar to Google’s responsive ads, allows advertisers to create several versions of ad copy, headlines, and descriptions for single-media ads. This feature excludes ads about social issues, elections, and politics. Thanks for joining us for the November 2019 edition of the Social Media Water Cooler!

Social Media Water Cooler: September 2019

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To make sure you have all the available resources going into the second half of the year, here are the newest social media tools from Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, and (newcomer) TikTok. Using social media channels to support both brand awareness and conversions are the keys to a great holiday season, as 64% of people used online channels to either discover gift ideas or browse for inspiration during the 2018 holiday season.

May 2020 Social Media Water Cooler: Facebook, Snapchat, Tik Tok, & More

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Welcome to our May 2020 Social Media Water Cooler. This month, we saw some consumers further adjusting to quarantine regulations while consumers in other states have begun returning to brick-and-mortar stores. That’s it for our May 2020 Social Media Water Cooler. Click here for past editions of the Social Media Water Cooler. Company Digital Marketing Industry News Online Shopping Paid Social Media Advertising

How to Save 50% Per Social Media Video Campaign Impression [Video Template Included]


By 2020, online videos will make up more than 80% of all consumer internet traffic. But if you’re looking around the social media landscape now, you’re probably noticing that video’s already taking over your newsfeeds a few years ahead of schedule. Take a look at a few stats showing how video is taking over social media: ? of the time spent online is devoted to watching videos, according to Social Media Today. What is Social Video Marketing?

April 2020 Social Media Water Cooler: Updates From Instagram and Facebook

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With that, here’s our April Social Media Water Cooler! Social Media Usage Spikes From COVID-19. As COVID-19 disrupts normal life around the world, social media platforms are seeing an unprecedented increase in activity. Daily time spent in apps on Android devices increased 20% year-over-year in Q1 2020, and consumer spending for iOS was up 15%. Thanks for joining us for the April 2020 Social Media Water Cooler.

Why Social Media Needs to Be at the Top of Your Marketing Funnel

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What does social media have to do with your marketing funnel? With the clear prominence of social media in our day-to-day lives, there are countless opportunities to reach consumers in new and exciting ways. In fact, 21% of consumers are more likely to buy from brands that they can follow on social, and 37% of consumers find purchase inspiration through social media. Top of Funnel: Social Media.

Instagram Sales: How to Captivate Consumers With Your Brand


Since Instagram’s inception back in October 2010, approximately one billion monthly users have introduced the social media platform into their… Ecommerce Marketing How to sell Instagram social media

January 2020 Social Media Water Cooler: New Tools and Facebook’s Domination

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Welcome to the first Social Media Water Cooler of 2020! Forecasts predict the social media platform will see ad revenue soar to $13.9 AppAnnie , a social media analytics company, ranks Facebook Messenger, Facebook, and WhatsApp as the top three most downloaded and used applications, with Instagram in fifth place just behind newcomer TikTok. Thanks for joining us for the January 2020 Social Media Water Cooler! Published January 15, 2020.

Easy Social Media Copywriting Guide to Win Shoppers


Dear retailers, having a profile and posting once in a while isn’t enough to get more customers from social media. Since social media is a popular place for product research, your content should be as engaging and persuasive as possible. Posts are the biggest and the most time-consuming thing. In this article, we’re going to review how to write engaging social media posts and ads to help you achieve these goals. Social Media Copywriting Guide: Ads.

Retailers could lose customers if they misjudge social media

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Three quarters (75%) of UK consumers expect retail brands and businesses to be using social media to improve their level of service, while 39% admit they will shun a brand if their social engagement is poor

Are You Doing All You Can to Sell with Social Media?


Does the thought of social media conjure up images of people sharing and pinning products — without ever buying a single item? If so, it’s time to update your understanding of the current social media landscape. Research shows that close to half of users are making product purchases that start on social media. In fact, as much as 37% of consumers buy items in direct response to ads on Facebook and Instagram.

10 Social Media Apps for Ecommerce Businesses


For ecommerce marketers, there are a number of social media apps available that can make your job easier. If you’re a social marketer, read on for a list of helpful social media apps that will help boost your social selling. Managing a Facebook page (or several pages) can be a time-consuming and tricky undertaking – especially from a mobile device. The quality of the image is one of the most important aspects of your social media posts.

5 Ways Social Media Improves Ecommerce Loyalty Programs


What better way to do that than by using social media? Below, we outline 5 ways to improve your loyalty programs with social media. target “bargain hunters” and other price-conscious consumer groups. Then, it’s time to hit social media. 5 Ways Social Media Improves Ecommerce Loyalty Programs. That’s why you should promote your loyalty programs on social media, no matter who your followers are.

Brands can’t afford to lose social media followers


Eighty-nine percent of consumers will buy from a brand they follow on social media and 75 percent will increase their spending on a brand’s products after making a social connection, according to Sprout Social. The analytics firm also found a direct sales correlation with those consumers who unfollow a brand.

How to Sell More Products Across Different Social Media Channels


Despite what some may tell you , social media for business is not dead. While it’s true that it is becoming a lot more difficult for businesses and brands to reach social media users organically today, there’s still a lot of value and potential ROI that can be gained from participating on sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. You have to understand that you can’t communicate or engage with your audience in the same way across every social media site.

How to Measure Social Media ROI for eCommerce Businesses


You’re probably always hearing about how important it is to have a strong social media presence. And if you don’t know what to track, and how to do it properly, social media can look like a waste of time. So with this blog post, I’m going to show you how to measure social media ROI for eCommerce businesses. Why you need to measure your social media ROI. Popular goals when measuring social media ROI for eCommerce.