The Marketing Behind the Most Exciting Ecommerce Fashion Brands


Loyalty isn’t easy to earn in the ever-changing world of ecommerce fashion. It’s harder than ever to win the hearts (and wallets) of fashion-conscious shoppers. According to Shopify , the death of brand loyalty in fashion ecommerce is due to increasing market fragmentation.

4 Ecommerce Marketing Takeaways from Netflix’s Black Mirror – Bandersnatch


This could spill over to the way brands choose to deliver marketing communication to their audiences. The 4 takeaways for ecommerce marketers. The benefits of a robust recommendation engine on an ecommerce website and app are well-known. Commerce marketing strategy

Low Budget Videos, High-Quality Marketing


The post Low Budget Videos, High-Quality Marketing appeared first on Zmags. Yes, we know the struggle is real. And we also know that your budget isn’t unlimited. When it comes to sacrificing resources having […].

Fashion marketplaces: Saving the apparel industry?


Once upon a time, private label clothing brands would first design clothes, market them, find buyers at department stores and chain retailers, fulfill orders, plan logistics to accommodate demand, and distribute to physical stores. eCommerce Marketing How to Business Growth

3 No-Cost eCommerce Marketing Strategies to Increase Conversions to your New Shopify Store

Traffic and Sales

Borrow reputation & build more referral traffic via Instagram marketing. If you’re a new eCommerce store, go for up-and-coming bloggers before targeting the established ones. Remember that this is a marketing strategy and thus email outreach should be done consistently.

Expanding into the European eCommerce Market: Pitfalls & Challenges


Successfully cracking the lucrative European market poses significant challenges not encountered in North America. Here are some of the biggest hurdles to consider if you’re eager to make Europe part of your eCommerce growth plan. The European eCommerce market is growing exponentially and represents a huge opportunity for retailers all around the globe. In fact, eCommerce is the fastest growing segment in retail across Europe. market.

Kentucky Fried Chicken for Christmas? Why You’ll Eat KFC in Japan


This message pervaded television commercials, and appealed to one culture’s fascination with another’s cuisine in a similar fashion to the West’s adoption of sushi. Holiday Marketing Takeaway. Ecommerce Marketing holiday marketing strategies

Cyber Week 2017: Black Friday Stats, Cyber Monday Trends + 25 Brands Reveal The Secrets to Their Success


Now, it’s time to pick, pack, ship and take a look at your marketing campaigns to see which won, which lost and what that may mean for your 2018 marketing initiatives. It’s also time to check out what happened at large in the ecommerce industry during Cyber Week 2017. Marketing.

How to Set Up an Ecommerce Loyalty Program to Improve Retention, Build Community and Drive 5X in Sales


We’ll cover: What an ecommerce customer loyalty program is. Examples of ecommerce customer loyalty programs (with case studies). Many businesses use loyalty programs to reward repeat purchases which has shown to be very effective, especially for ecommerce. Market the program.

5 Ways Social Media Improves Ecommerce Loyalty Programs


Ecommerce Loyalty Programs: What They Are. The definition of ecommerce loyalty programs is pretty loose, encompassing any kind of deal given to repeat customers. 5 Ways Social Media Improves Ecommerce Loyalty Programs. Ecommerce Marketing

The 8 Tools and Strategies Proven to Acquire New Customers & Increase Customer Engagement


How is a sinking ship different from a failing ecommerce site? The whole ecommerce game boils down to getting people to buy your product. Customer acquisition is the process by which ecommerce brands actively find and then convert net new customers to their sales cycle.

SEO Checklist: How to Conduct an Advanced Ecommerce SEO Site Audit in 40 Minutes or Less


It’s a competitive market –– with little clarity around the ever-changing rules. To do just that, I’ve developed an ecommerce SEO audit that I go through before performing any on-page or off-page work. Ecommerce Marketing How To Sell Online SEO

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How to Turn Product Pages into High Converting Landing Pages [14 Examples of The Good & The Bad]


When referring to a marketing campaign, the usual questions are: “Are your landing pages optimized?”. “Do If only ecommerce customers arrived on your website in so linear a fashion. Let’s look at the structure of visitors on an ecommerce site, for example.

5 Mistakes Killing Your Retargeting Campaigns (+ a Framework to 10X Increase Their Efficiency in 2017)


I was once asked what the very first thing I’d do if I were to launch a brand new, startup ecommerce business. Like most marketing efforts, the recipe for success isn’t a sexy, breakthrough tactic. Both are ecommerce companies, but they focus on different verticals.

Ecommerce Branding: 11 Examples and 27 Expert Tips to Help Build Your Brand


As ecommerce owners and managers, building a powerful and engaging brand is our most important work. BigCommerce Insights can help you to do this, though other ecommerce analytics platforms may be helpful as well. Sustainable fashion production isn’t easy.

Instagram Shopping: The Future of Mobile Ecommerce + 19 Tips to Increase Conversions Now


When it comes to Instagram, ecommerce businesses by and large recommend the platform. 36 — Percent of B2C brands that consider Instagram to be “very important” or “critical” to their social media marketing, compared to 13% of B2B brands (Source: Inc. ). Drew Sanocki, Nerd Marketing.

eCommerce on Facebook and Instagram: What Leading Companies Are Doing in 2018 (Adidas, Crate and Barrel & Nixon)

Inflow Insights

Each year, we analyze the websites of leading eCommerce sites across dozens of categories to see which features best-in-class brands are using. Marketing takeaway: If your brand, like Adidas, is well-suited for video content, consider promoting that content on Instagram over Facebook.

Thin & Duplicate Content: eCommerce SEO

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For eCommerce SEO professionals, issues surrounding duplicate content , and also thin/low-quality content, can spell disaster in the search engine rankings. In this resourceful guide, we dig into a wide variety of duplicate content scenarios commonly found on eCommerce websites.

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49 Tips & Strategies for Successful Holiday Marketing Campaigns


For most, the answer is a resounding “not yet,” which means there is no better time than now to start thinking about your holiday marketing campaigns. Bill Widmer, Ecommerce SEO & Content Marketing Consultant. Starting early can help marketers avoid rushing later.

5 Personalized Emails You Need to Replicate Outside of the Inbox


Gone are the days when you needed a dedicated specialist or agency to handle all of your e-commerce stores’ marketing. With the rapid advancement of social media and email marketing platforms, anyone with an e-commerce store can get ads running and emails sending within a couple of hours.

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The Little Guide to Writing Better Product Descriptions


In ecommerce, words are everything. So here’s the question: what changes can you make to improve your product descriptions in order to start driving more ecommerce sales? A lot of ecommerce brands think that storytelling is limited to About pages, but they’re missing a huge opportunity.

Ecommerce Brand Storytelling: a Growth-Driven Guide


In ecommerce, you don’t just tell stories to entertain your customers, or to make them feel good—you tell stories to sell more products. They want to be more productive, more fashionable, healthier, faster, trendier, smarter people. It’s an incredibly competitive market.

Ecommerce Sales Funnel: Content Strategy to Increase Interest


This article is part of our series about tailoring your content strategy for the ecommerce sales funnel. The Interest stage is where traditional marketing and advertising tactics begin to emerge as your goals shift to proving your business as a viable option for shopping online.

Snapchat for Ecommerce: Is It Right for You?


To traditional marketers, its transient setup and esoteric teenage customer-base can be hard to grasp. At first it seems to promise a direct connection to youth markets, but after a few failed marketing attempts it leaves a lot of us scratching our heads and feeling old.

The Best 5 Free Shopify Themes for Every Online Store


Minimal comes in three styles: Vintage, Fashion, and Music. Fashion is somewhat bold, yet still very simple, with its black top bar, font, and logo circle. Ecommerce Marketing General Ecommerce launching an ecommerce business shopify starting an ecommerce business

10 Common Mistakes to Avoid While Sending Push Notifications


Like any other marketing channel, the relevance and timing of a push notification sent from your browser or your app decides if it can attract buyers to your app/website or just divert them away from it. Ecommerce Marketing Selling Tips UncategorizedPicture this. It’s 7 a.m.

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Who Exactly is Your Ideal Ecommerce Customer?


These are all incredibly specific buyers who are all looking for something very different from an ecommerce brand. As a B2C marketer, you can’t market to everyone or you’ll sell to no one. This is exactly why you need an ideal ecommerce customer profile.

Seriously, Stop Trying to Beat Amazon at Ecommerce


It’s just not worth it to try to beat Amazon in the world of ecommerce. . And Amazon is rapidly expanding into new markets like groceries, fashion , and even fitness. It seems like no matter what you do as an ecommerce retailer, Amazon is pushing into your space and taking over.

Instagram Made Me Buy It!


Because Instagram has such an intense focus on fashion, travel, and lifestyle, it’s a perfect fit for many ecommerce brands looking to reach new audiences and raise awareness of their innovative products. So how do you effectively market your ecommerce brand on Instagram?

Coupon or No Coupon: What Should Your Ecommerce Discount Strategy Be?


We’ve all had that moment of jubilation when a coupon code magically appears while we’re browsing items on an ecommerce site. In today’s ecommerce landscape, this insatiable need to snag a discount before placing an order speaks to the price-obsessed consumer mindset today.

Who Exactly is Your Ideal Ecommerce Customer?


These are all incredibly specific buyers who are all looking for something very different from an ecommerce brand. As a B2C marketer, you can’t market to everyone or you’ll sell to no one. The more you can identify and understand your ideal ecommerce buyer, the better you can do your job as a marketer. This is exactly why you need an ideal ecommerce customer profile. Biggest incentive to purchase : On-trend fashion. Here’s a pop quiz for you.

The Key to Creating Flawless B2C Omnichannel Communication


Omnichannel marketing campaigns are a powerful driver of sales for B2C and ecommerce brands, but they’re not easy to execute. In fact, 86 percent of ecommerce marketers still have not executed a full omnichannel marketing strategy for their brand.

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How many emails should you send in your holiday campaign?


This spring we published a benchmark report based on data from Q4 of 2016 looking at segmentation and automation for ecommerce shops. One thing many ecommerce shops wonder is just how many emails they should send for their holiday campaign. Fashion & apparel.

The Psychology Behind Customer Loyalty


But it’s less common to come across enthusiastic fans of ecommerce brands—fans who would blindly follow certain companies and their products anywhere. . For ecommerce brands today, the sad truth is most consumers go wherever the trends go.

3 Types of User-Generated Content Brands Should Be Using

Blue Acorn

Whether you sell t-shirts, beds, or even camping gear, the experience you produce can turn a customer into an extension of your marketing team. There are three primary types of UGC that typically used by ecommerce marketing teams: Feedback.