Astound Commerce delivers Salesforce Commerce Cloud Cartridge for eShopWorld

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Astound Commerce, the digital commerce agency and systems integrator, has been chosen to develop a pre-built integration or ‘cartridge’ for eShopWorld, the global commerce company that provides a technology platform to brands and retailers that wish to sell online into global markets.

Companies Must Start Creating Human-Machine Collaborations

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Gownder and I got to talking about the impact on employees both from companies’ automation efforts and their eagerness to integrate artificial intelligence and robots. Last year, my colleague J.

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Apple: The First Hope-Based Company

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It was a good day for Apple. Today’s Apple announcements largely consisted of modest, incremental improvements to its established line of products. But it also signaled Apple’s intention to take a leadership position in the future of business, a shift away from products, beyond services, to hopes. To explain, I’ll go back in time. Twenty-two […]. age of the customer Apple consumer psychology Services

Can Retailers Act Like Tech Companies —  And Should They?

Retail TouchPoints

Walmart turned heads at SXSW earlier in March by billing itself as a tech company for the first time. Adam Blair, Editor: It’s a bit of a mystery to me why retailers want to brand themselves as tech companies, at a time when Silicon Valley’s mystique is wearing thin.

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Tips For E-Commerce Best Practices

An infographic listing the best practices companies can follow to bolster their e-commerce website.

The Three Ways Companies Value Customer Success Programs

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In the three years since publishing our first report on the customer success discipline’s relationship to customer experience management, I’ve had many conversations with Forrester clients about bringing customer success management into a business.

Can Publicis Sapient + John Maeda Supercharge The Average Company?

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Last week, Publicis Sapient named John Maeda its Chief Experience Officer. You might be thinking “who?” if the rise in business’ focus on design has escaped your radar.

Investment Companies’ Content Fails To Inspire Trust

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B2C marketing content content marketing Financial Services investment companies wealth managementIf there’s any industry whose content should inspire trust, it’s that of the investment and wealth management industry. They’re asking consumers to entrust their nest eggs with them. And there are lots of eggs. PwC forecast that the mass affluent segment alone would put up to $10 trillion under management by 2020. Our analysis of […].

Why Company Culture Counts


And we believe one of the most powerful inputs is company culture. Company culture is a term that is bandied about quite a bit. Yet somehow, most of us have an intuitive grasp of a company’s culture. At Guidance, we believe company culture is active and comes from the doing.

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Digital Myth No. 4: Your Company Needs A Digital Strategy

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When your CEO asks you for your digital strategy, you could go away and huddle up with your team for a month and produce some voluminous document full of TLAs only to have it sit on the shelf for the next two years. Instead, simply give your CEO a copy of your business strategy. After […].

Business Gets Personal: Why Executives Cannot Decouple Individual Values From Company Values

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When headlines broke that Stephen Ross, chairman and majority owner of the fitness brands’ parent company, is hosting a fundraiser to support President Trump, consumers and celebrities vehemently called for boycotts. Equinox and SoulCycle are feeling the burn.

Marketing Unboxed: The Honest Company’s Marketing Cleans Up


The Honest Company has you covered. But how fresh is the Honest Company’s marketing? Want to try a few The Honest Company products yourself? In an unusual move for a CPG brand, the Honest Company also offers a free trial of their subscription service.

Do Your Company’s Research Practices Lead To Better Decision Making?

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“Understand your customers! Do research!” Anyone who has even paid even a passing glance to the world of CX and UX over the last decade has surely heard this mandate is one form or another.

Why Unscalable Marketing Activities are Best for B2B Companies


One company used direct mail to get a foot in the door with $30 million+ companies, receiving a 25% response rate. He literally walked into 13 multimillion-dollar companies cold one day. Then, you can save companies as new accounts to get access to all of the individuals inside.

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Top 3PL Companies in California


We were constantly growing little by little, and before we knew it, dealers and distributors were hitting us up asking to carry our products.”. Logistics


The Insights Beat: Get Smarter About Your Competitors, Customers And Company

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Company insights. Insights come in many flavors. Customer insights. Consumer insights. Competitor insights. Market insights. Operational insights. Process insights. Sales insights. Marketing insights….you you get the drift.

Predictions 2020: Companies Will Be Bolder, More Controversial With Their Employee Experiences

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In 2020, companies will get more strategic about EX. Getting employee experience (EX) wrong carries significant reputational and business risks. age of the customer employee experience prediction promoted

How Retail Companies Can Handle Holiday Season Chaos

Retail TouchPoints

By Michael Hess, Waste Harmonics The holiday season is a highly anticipated and busy time for owners and operators of retail companies. based company that provides customized waste and recycling management solutions for businesses across North America.

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Every Company Needs An SEO Platform

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A pivotal part to any enterprise company’s […]. Who’d have thought that in 2018 Forrester would be publishing a Wave evaluation on SEO Platforms? Honestly, even I’m a bit surprised. We published this Wave because we have seen a rising number of inquiries from Forrester’s clients about SEO and how to improve their websites for searchers. age of the customer

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Top 3PL Companies Florida


Third-party logistics providers, or 3PLs, provide outsourced services to help a business manage all or parts of its supply chain and logistics operations. These 3PLs offer services to manage order management, warehouse services, fulfillment management, packing, shipping and more. Logistics

Finding Dropshipping Companies & Suppliers (Free Directory Updated for 2018)


Many dropshippers are tiny companies without much marketing power, meaning they barely show up in Google search results. We’ve compiled a list of both general and niche dropshipping companies, many of which charge only for the cost of the item and shipping.

LiveIntent Recognized as One of the Hottest Companies of 2019


LiveIntent Recognized as One of the Hottest Companies of 2019. Each year, Business Insider, one of the most expert publications in our space, surveys the world of ad-tech and mar-tech and digital advertising, and comes up with a list of the most promising companies in that space. .

12 companies with great customer experience


The post 12 companies with great customer experience appeared first on ECOMMERCE GROWTH Blog. Why customer experience matters Good customer experience is a given these days. Exceptional customer experience is the best competitive advantage.

How Do the Best Companies Retain Customers?


The post How Do the Best Companies Retain Customers? Customer retention is one of the most important areas of marketing to acquire as a skill – it can help. appeared first on ECOMMERCE GROWTH Blog. Customer Retention customer satisfaction rfm segmentation technology

CPG Ecommerce: How Companies are Selling Consumer Packaged Goods Online in 2020


Digital disruptors like Amazon have forced more traditional brick-and-mortar businesses to rise up and adapt in a variety of ways. Last… Ecommerce Marketing

Alphabet (Google’s Parent Company) Acquisition of Fitbit Makes Sense for Both Companies, and the Wider Healthcare World

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Author(s): Julie A. Ask, Frank E. Gillett, and Jeff Becker Alphabet has announced it will acquire Fitbit for $2.1 billion. This acquisition will improve Alphabet’s health and wellness offerings and makes it more competitive. Forrester forecasts that smartwatch sales will surpass those of fitness trackers in 2020, with Apple Watch being the market leader. If […]. age of the customer

Why Do Companies Outsource?


All companies are looking to grow and become the best in their core competencies. Unfortunately, all companies also face the same needs in order to scale, whether its HR, accounting, marketing or customer care. The post Why Do Companies Outsource?

Could Your Company Benefit From a Blended Agency Model?

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Whether you are a company CMO or an agency CEO, in-sourcing involves a lot of anxiety. Whether you are a company CMO or an agency CEO, in-sourcing involves a lot of anxiety.

The Top 3 Mistakes Companies Make in Implementing B2B Ecommerce


Unfortunately, many companies don’t do their due diligence ahead of launching an ecommerce initiative. With this in mind, let’s look at three of the most common mistakes companies make when implementing B2B ecommerce—and what you can do to avoid them.

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Are eCommerce companies too reliant on paid marketing? Our take from working with hundreds of companies.

Inflow Insights

He argues that many companies die from their over-reliance and addiction to paid marketing channels. Is paid marketing a dubious channel for eCommerce companies? And in our experience, the vast majority of eCommerce companies today do this already.

3 Common Problems Furniture Store Marketing Companies Solve


The post 3 Common Problems Furniture Store Marketing Companies Solve appeared first on PERQ.

Dark Patterns Hurt Customers And The Companies That Use Them — When The Dark Side Calls, How Will You Answer?

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All terms and titles that highlight the interests of the company over the interests of its customers. Growth hacking. Chief growth officer. Conversion rate optimization. Engagement.

Ecommerce Investing Insights: How to Invest in High-Growth Companies


Whether they’re small start-ups in Silicon Valley or huge public companies, the best companies experience very high growth. If you mention brands like Visa, Google, Amazon, and Netflix to an 8-year-old and an 80-year-old, both people are going to immediately know the company.

The Top Tech That Will Win The Wallets Of Insurance Companies In 2020

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Digital is now the essence of how customers engage and how carriers and agents operate. The result? Insurance digital and application teams are executing their digital roadmap and commercializing their new thinking faster than ever before.

How did your company manage the Black Friday challenge?

Retail Technology Review

By Sarah Robinson, Retail Skills Tutor, Qube Learning Originating in the United States as a post-Thanksgiving start to Christmas shopping, Black Friday has been a shopping trend in the UK for less than a decade. However, the seasonal discount day gained popularity quickly and has not only become a solid fixture in the retail calendar but has grown into a week-long show of retail sales and discounts – both online and in-store. Critical Issues Internet Retailing