How Digital Transformation Is Enhancing Customer Loyalty In The Retail Space

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The retail industry has been undergoing a period of digital transformation for some time now. But it seems to be picking up speed recently, with many retailers now experimenting with new technologies like chatbots and AR. The impact of digital transformation on the retail industry.

Values and Customer Loyalty

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We’re constantly told that loyal customers are an asset, but look at research and you get a really keen sense of just how valuable they are. B2B, B2C, Customer Experience, Strategy & Operations


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Complete Guide to Social Media Advertising and Customer Loyalty

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With Americans spending an average of four hours a day on social media, it’s increasingly becoming the place customers go to learn about new products and make decisions about what (and whether) to buy. It also focuses on building customer loyalty.

9 Ways To Boost Customer Loyalty Through Cart Abandonment Problems


But loves the increasing number of Loyal Customers. These leads prove to be your potential customers. The post 9 Ways To Boost Customer Loyalty Through Cart Abandonment Problems appeared first on MakeWebBetter. eCommerce business fears the increasing number of Shopping Cart Abandonment problems that linger thereafter. Why so? Your eCommerce business is definitely proceeding in the right direction if you’re getting heavy traffic and leads.

How to Boost Ecommerce Revenue With Customer Loyalty Programs

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Think about how you set up your Amazon store and the way you interact with your customers after a sale. Well, for one thing, Amazon branding is all over the packages sent out, the email exchanges, and of course, the Amazon Prime loyalty program they have had so much success with. The main problem is that selling on Amazon builds up loyalty for Amazon. Sure, you'll find customers who keep coming back, but nothing like you would get with your own VIP or loyalty program.

Are Customer Loyalty Programs a Win for Brands and Retailers?


At Wiser, we were curious what were the major factors behind brand and retailer loyalty, so we turned to our network of smartphone-enabled shoppers. To begin, we wanted to know if online or in-store shopping was more popular among our mystery shoppers. Brick-and-mortar shopping remains the preferred channel, as 75 percent of respondents do most of their shopping with physical retailers. Nike – 28 percent of respondents said Nike had the best online experience.

5 Smarter Ways to Drive eCommerce Customer Loyalty Using Offers


As a previous owner of three online businesses, I’ve learned what does and doesn’t work when it comes to using promotions and offers. Offers are a great tool to increase conversions, foster eCommerce customer loyalty and drive long-term business value. Today I’ll share some concepts and offers that can be used by online retailers to drive eCommerce customer loyalty. In short, it pays to harvest eCommerce customer loyalty.

How to Recession-Proof Your Online Retail Business Without Raising Prices


Below are some concrete ideas for protecting your retail business from the recession without raising prices. Prioritize loyalty and lifetime value. Shift Your Focus to Loyalty and Lifetime Value. During an economic downturn, acquiring new customers can be costly.

An Beginner’s Guide To Creating A Customer Loyalty Program In 2020

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Loyalty? You can hardly get enough of it– feels like a rare commodity mostly where customers have wild options to consider. Even with a loyalty program in place, the competition is boundlessly growing. But do you want to make your target clients creep back to your retail store? Setting up an entrancing loyalty program is one engaging step a retailer can use to reach out to their most loyal customers in a gratifying manner. .

Know How to Plan for Black Friday Deals in 2019


Before anybody could start with their black friday deals, online-shopping retailer-Amazon releases daily deals at every hour. Not only that, to celebrate the biggest day of the year for retailers, Amazon pushes exclusive offers and deep discounts through ‘Countdown to Black Friday’. So, if you want to extend latest black friday deals, you need to […]. The post Know How to Plan for Black Friday Deals in 2019 appeared first on MakeWebBetter.

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Seriously, Stop Trying to Beat Amazon at Ecommerce


Amazon has all the sales — 43% of ALL online retail sales in the US went through Amazon in 2016. It seems like no matter what you do as an ecommerce retailer, Amazon is pushing into your space and taking over. With the right ecommerce marketing strategy, you can build a loyal customer following without ever having to compete head-on with Amazon. Offer a great customer experience. No wonder customers love the brand!

How To Find Trending Products to Sell in Your Online Retail Store


Both eCommerce and physical retail stores are growing at a steady pace. Selling trendy products can be one of the best ways to attract customers to your online store and encourage them to convert. . How to Grow eCommerce Customer Loyalty: 7 Tips for Online Stores.

How to Set Up an Ecommerce Loyalty Program to Improve Retention, Build Community and Drive 5X in Sales


Costco is willing to go to great lengths to keep their customers satisfied. The Net Promoter Score is a tool that can be used to gauge the loyalty of a firm’s customer relationships and can be related to a firm’s revenue growth. The math is simple behind Costco’s business: Loyal customers who buy repeatedly are more profitable than ones that buy once. So, how can you increase retention and customer lifetime loyalty? Acquire new customers.

Get sale ready with Holiday Sale Calendar


When talking about e-commerce marketing ideas. It becomes mandatory to pitch sales according to the holiday calendar. So here I present the most needed holiday sale calendar of 2019. But firstly, I would like to share some sales stats which might help and excel your business this e-commerce holidays. Ecommerce holiday sales mostly counts upon […]. The post Get sale ready with Holiday Sale Calendar appeared first on MakeWebBetter.

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Online Retail in 2021: How to Create an Excellent eCommerce Experience


Within the last 10-20 years retail has evolved into, effectively, a brand new industry. Customer experience was often assessed based on a few physical elements of contact between the customer and the establishment: Are the employees helpful? Allow customers to try your products.

Is A Subscription Business Model Better for Online Retailers?


A 2016 study from Hitwise Retail 500 noted that visits to subscription box websites grew almost 3,000% from 2013 to 2016, representing tremendous opportunity for both brick-and-mortar retailers and traditional eCommerce. In contrast to a traditional eCommerce business model where consumers make one-time purchases, the subscription business model offers customers the option to subscribe to a plan to receive regular deliveries of products. Customer loyalty.

How to Redeem Gift cards at a Retail Store?


A customer can easily purchase and send a gift card if he doesn’t know what to buy […] The post How to Redeem Gift cards at a Retail Store? eCommerce WooCommerce cost of returns to online retailers customer experience customer loyalty program gift card design gift card program gift cards point of sale system printed gift card retail store shopping experience social media campaign woocommerce gift card

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How to Give Best-in-Class Omnichannel Customer Support


When your customers make a purchase, they’re thinking about getting the product and not about things like customer support. When that time comes, the customer will look to contact the company. This way, your customers always get accurate answers. Reading Time: 7 minutes.

What Are Product Recommendations?


Product recommendations are part of an ecommerce personalization strategy wherein products are dynamically populated to a user on a webpage, app, or email based on data such as customer attributes, browsing behavior, or situational context—providing a personalized shopping experience. .

Twitter for Ecommerce: 5 Ways to Turn Conversations into Conversions


We explain 5 ways online retailers can use Twitter to improve both customer loyalty and conversions. Want to use Twitter to boost your ecommerce business? The post Twitter for Ecommerce: 5 Ways to Turn Conversations into Conversions appeared first on Ecomdash.

Taking Your E-Commerce Business Multi-Channel – Points Sellers Need To Consider


Platform loyalty allows you to simplify your inventory and distribution process. Also, no matter how successful any one marketplace is, it will never sell to 100% of customers. Retailers who sell on two separate online marketplaces see a 190% jump in revenue over those who sell in just one. To be successful in e-commerce, your products must be wherever the customer is. Customers search for items, not sellers. Every marketplace has its own customers.

“Retail is Retail”: Redefining the Sale


There’s hope for the traditional, walk-in business in this fast-paced, tech-savvy era of retail. Many consumers and business owners are only choosing to see the 16 percent of brick and mortar retailers who are planning to decrease their locations within the year. However what they don’t see is that 43 percent of retailers are planning to increase their in-store locations before the end of 2018, according to the National Retail Federation (NRF) and Forrester.

BOPIS: In-Store Experience – What 300 Retail Visits Taught Us


BOPIS: In-Store Experience – What 300 Retail Visits Taught Us. Unlike any other study yet, it examines the total BOPIS ( buy online pickup in-store ) journey from a customer viewpoint. Three hundred complete online purchases, and in-store experiences were taken. This across ten of the largest retailers in the US. All to take a first, ground floor measure of the customer experience in retail using click and collect. Items Ready For Customers.

Branding for automotive parts sellers


Selling auto parts online, you’re operating in a growing but competitive market. Sourcing the right stock, getting it online and ensuring that customers find your auto parts website when they search takes hard work. But brand is essential for automotive parts retailers. As an auto parts retailer, here’s why you should take time to develop your brand, and how you should do it. Your Brand Helps Your Customers.

Growth Hacking For E-Commerce – Accelerating Sales With Reciprocity


Growth hacking is when a company uses ideas, tools, technology and products in intelligent and creative ways to generate more customers or conversions. Converting them into paying customers requires you be trustworthy. His customers feel such a strong sense of reciprocity towards him that they are glad to buy from him and help his business. This will not help you to make the initial sale, but it will help you to create repeat sales and customer loyalty.

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This Season Don’t Let Holiday Returns Make You See Red!

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Holiday sale days like Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and Boxing Day etc, drive insane profits for retailers! Extremely high return rates during the mania of the Holiday Season are making retailers see red instead of black. According to the National Retail Federation , merchandise returns cost U.S. retailers more than $260 Billion in lost sales. Holiday peak season is a great opportunity for you to increase customer loyalty, as well as profits.

This Season Don’t Let Holiday Returns Make You See Red!

Demac Media

Holiday sale days like Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and Boxing Day etc, drive insane profits for retailers! Extremely high return rates during the mania of the Holiday Season are making retailers see red instead of black. According to the National Retail Federation , merchandise returns cost U.S. retailers more than $260 Billion in lost sales. Holiday peak season is a great opportunity for you to increase customer loyalty, as well as profits.

How Loyalty Programs Boost Your Conversion Rates


This could be anything from how often a customer shops at your store to how they engage with your social media channels. Many people will tell you to improve your customer flows or to make your shopping cart more visible, but I’m here to tell you there’s a better way. Loyalty programs and conversion rate optimization go hand-in-hand: they boost engagement , increase retention, and encourage brand advocacy. Leveraging Loyalty Programs to Drive Micro Conversions.

Loyalty Program Apps: Our eCommerce Recommendations


Considering an eCommerce loyalty program app? As we mentioned in our related eCommerce inbound marketing guide , establishing and maintaining customer loyalty has become an essential strategy for online and offline retailers. According to BigCommerce, it costs 5x less to convert existing customers than it does acquire new ones. Additionally, loyal customers spend up to 67% more than new customers. Understanding Loyalty Program Apps.

5 Key Business Challenges Behind Your Merchandising Strategy


Merchandising is obviously an essential part of retail, but keeping your strategy up-to-date and profitable is difficult in a growing competitive market. There is a number of merchandising challenges that retailers are facing. 3: Customer Loyalty.

Supply Chain Challenges Have Introduced a New Concept into Ecommerce — Inventory Pacing

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Supply chain management is the heart of retail management and has the ability to inform the overall health of a business. Failure to meet customers’ expectation of timely, cost-effective and ethical delivery of goods can profoundly impact a company’s ability to retain consumers.

Zaius Begins Era of Service-Led Retail


CHICAGO, July 18, 2019 — At the Zendesk Showcase today Zaius introduced Zaius for Service , a new product tailored for online retail service teams to gain full visibility of a customer’s information, behaviors, and needs. Powered by Zendesk Sunshine and Zaius’ proprietary customer data stitching and data science technology, service teams can now access the same customer insights and analysis already available to their marketing colleagues.

Drive Your Marketplace Sales With Smart Product Catalog Management


As any online retail enterprise knows, competition out there is fierce. While all these tactics may be successful, there is a proven method to boost sales and customer loyalty that has received little attention to date. Customer Loyalty.

Drive? ?Your? ?Catalog? ?Sales? ?and? ?GMV With? ?a? ?New? ?Layer? ?of? ?Data? ?


As any online retail enterprise knows, competition out there is fierce. While all these tactics may be successful, there is a proven method to boost sales and customer loyalty that has received little attention to date. Customer Loyalty.

2021 Technology Predictions for Retail Industry

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2020 was a difficult year for the world and offline retail in particular was hit hard. However, innovation didn’t stop evolving, online retail boomed more quickly than ever before and delivery infrastructure became super sophisticated.

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The 19 Most Innovative Ecommerce Brands of 2017


In fact, it’s likely all of this year’s 19 most innovative ecommerce brands have your online channel activities beat in terms of impact on: Conversions. Customer Loyalty. Customer Lifetime Value. What we got back were hundreds of submissions from online brands building visionary developments that drive growth opportunities, solve business challenges, and deliver outstanding customer experiences above and beyond traditional online retail.

Is Price Matching the Right Strategy for You?


What drives shoppers into your stores, both online and brick-and-mortar? In one survey of more than 3,000 back-to-school shoppers, 82 percent said the main reason they shopped online was to compare prices. What does this mean for your retail business?

The Key to Wielding Big Data in Ecommerce to Build Personalized Experiences and Improve Retention


Due to the ease of creating and maintaining an ecommerce shop, as well as the rise of micro-brands, today’s market is riddled with cutthroat competition and decreased customer loyalty. Online businesses are constantly looking for ways to retain customers and improve the customer experience, not knowing that the solution is right at their fingertips. Better understanding of customers (52%). Improve customer service. Personalize customer experience.

Trends In Location Intelligence That Drive Brick-And-Mortar Growth

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By Ran Ben-Yair, Ubimo To say that location intelligence is changing the face of retail is not hyperbolic. In the same way that the Internet allowed for the rise of e-Commerce giants like Amazon and eBay, a major paradigm shift in the industry, location intelligence is now returning power to brick-and-mortar retailers by allowing them access to the sort of detailed data that online retailers take for granted. Russian grocery and convenience retailer X2.

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Shopline Review: What Does This eCommerce Platform Have to Offer?

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However, this is hardly surprising, considering online shopping is inextricable from our modern existence. In light of that, it's no wonder that entrepreneurs are frequently finding new eCommerce-related opportunities to turn their passion into a living online.

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Bots are Threatening Ecommerce Sites — Here’s How to Protect Against Them

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billion this year as pandemic conditions favor online interactions. Many businesses have spent the last year shoring up resources for online storefronts in order to meet consumer demand. Online retail is a main target for cyberattacks, and bad bots play a primary role.

Holiday Shopping: is it the Season of Joy Yet?


We’re in the second holiday shopping season since the pandemic and retail pundits have once again claimed that it has not been restored to its full glory from the pre-pandemic times. this year, according to the National Retail Federation.

Challenger Brands Are Failing On Online Delivery – Things Must Change 

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The outbreak of Covid-19 has turned the online sales ecosystem upside down, with a monumental upturn in sales. Ecommerce today is booming, catapulting online stores to new heights. E-retail revenues are set to re ach $6.54 Online Demand Is Causing Costly Errors .

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