What is eCommerce analytics?


In a world of empowered consumers, eCommerce analytics is the set of tools and processes that help you gather data. The post What is eCommerce analytics? appeared first on Omniconvert Ecommerce Growth Blog. Customer Value Optimization eCommerce Growth

What is eCommerce analytics?


What is eCommerce analytics and should it matter? Check out also a few analytics tools you definitely need to evaluate your eCommerce business. The post What is eCommerce analytics? appeared first on Omniconvert Ecommerce Growth Blog.


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Ecommerce analytics – CLV importance


If you’re in the eCommerce business (and since you’re reading this, you most probably are), you know. The post Ecommerce analytics – CLV importance appeared first on ECOMMERCE GROWTH Blog. Data everywhere. Company and Product Updates Conversion Rate Optimization Customer Retention Customer Value Optimization NPS Retention Rate Optimization Reveal RFM

eCommerce analytics apps for your Shopify store: Reveal vs. Glew


The post eCommerce analytics apps for your Shopify store: Reveal vs. Glew appeared first on Omniconvert Ecommerce Growth Blog. Customer Value Optimization eCommerce Growth Reveal

Tableau Case Study: Chaoly unleashes Chinese Social & eCommerce Analytics


The post Tableau Case Study: Chaoly unleashes Chinese Social & eCommerce Analytics appeared first on Canonicalized. A look behind the scenes at how we helped Chaoly use Tableau to bring data to life. The Goal Clients of Chaoly will be able to get valuable insights into their China e-commerce strategy and make smart decisions. The tool of choice: Tableau. People will be able to log in to their accounts and use […].

The Complete Ecommerce Analytics Toolkit: 29 Reports, 6 Actionable Steps + 2 Free Guides


In ecommerce, it means this: You don’t have to outsell your competition today. Unlike the hare, though, ecommerce business don’t have a physical road on which to gauge their progress –– or note their missteps. That’s why ecommerce analytics are so incredibly important for online brands. It’s also why BigCommerce, in 2015, acquired Jirafe Analytics –– the ecommerce analytics industry leader with customers including: Nasty Gal.

Ecommerce Analytics Metrics to Watch in 2019

CPC Strategy

When it comes to analytics for ecommerce, just churning out a report once in a while isn’t enough — especially if you haven’t. The post Ecommerce Analytics Metrics to Watch in 2019 appeared first on Retail Performance Marketing Blog - CPC Strategy. EcommerceRead More.

How to Use Ecommerce Analytics Insights to Optimize Product Content | Salsify


While most brand manufacturers understand the importance of continually optimizing product display pages (PDPs), many ecommerce teams lack visibility into the content health, performance, and accuracy of live PDPs. Digital Commerce Data Insights Ecommerce SEO

eCommerce Analytics (why is it so important?)


Having access to a comprehensive suite to monitor any eCommerce analytics is business-critical. Trying to run any website without a good view of your analytics is like trying to ride a bike blindfolded. When it comes to an e-commerce website without analytics; it’s like trying to ride a bike blindfolded, down the middle of a motorway, while setting fire to your wallet…. You should include Google Analytics in any eCommerce website project you undertake (…we do).

5 Questions to Ask When Selecting an eCommerce Analytics Provider


Time and time again, we hear eCommerce Directors from leading brand manufacturers explain they’ve been flying blind without access to digital shelf analytics to evaluate how their brands and products are performing online – and most importantly, how they benchmark against the leaders in their category. Can the provider help me navigate the difficult world of eCommerce? Can this provider grow with my company as eCommerce grows and changes?

How to Understand Your Customer Journey from your Ecommerce Analytics


And the best way to understand your customer journey, and how it relates to your checkout flow, is to rely on your analytics. This is where your data comes in: your analytics will show you exactly how your customers are behaving at each step between discovery and conversion. The Stages of the Customer Journey vs Your Ecommerce Checkout Flow. This gives you something you can track and measure in your analytics.

Why Metrics Matter: Grow Your Business with eCommerce Analytics


To make the most of your eCommerce investment, it's critical to not only set business goals, but to also track your results. With Weebly's advanced eCommerce analytics , you can measure your store's sales performance, track email engagement and view referral traffic from a single integrated dashboard. The most successful online stores winning in the eCommerce arena are doing so because they've become absolutely obsessed with metrics. Ecommerce

How To Optimize Your Ecommerce Sales Funnel for More Revenue


Ecommerce is growing incredibly fast — up more than 15% year over year in 2018, and on track for even more growth this year. There are hundreds of thousands of ecommerce businesses vying for the consumer’s short attention span, and we’re not even talking titans like Amazon. Unfortunately, at each step along the customer journey, there’s an opportunity for buyers to decide they’re not interested in buying and drop out of your ecommerce sales funnel.

Hidden Gems: Identify Your Brand’s Product Opportunities


Blog Segmentation B2C CRM B2C Marketing Ecommerce Analytics productNo doubt, you know your best products and can list the top 10 best sellers with ease. But what about those products that are seeing loads of traffic, but are not converting? And more importantly, what about your hidden gems — the products that are lightly trafficked, but convert well? Having command of your entire product catalog will help you identify over- and under-performing products quickly.

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The impact of Amazon badges on traffic and conversion


Using Profitero’s new Amazon Traffic & Conversion Analytics , we cut to the heart of this mystery to determine just what impact Amazon badges can have on product performance, specifically on traffic and conversion rates. Using Traffic & Conversion analytics can help you maximize your Amazon Advertising and promotions ROI, allowing you to focus your spend on the highest-converting products with low traffic. Profitero Amazon badges Traffic & Conversion eCommerce Analytic

Customer Success Spotlight: How Califia Farms uses Profitero to drive results


Director of eCommerce & Business Development, Califia Farms. Director of eCommerce & Business Development, Califia Farms. Profitero Califia Farms eCommerce AnalyticsHalee Patel, Sr. Califia Farms is an innovative manufacturer of “good for the world” almondmilk coffee, creamers, drinkable yogurts and juices. A small but mighty eComm team, Halee Patel manages all of Califia’s retailer partnerships — pure play (e.g., Amazon, Thrive Market, etc.),

Calling all geeks: 3 reasons why 2019 will be the “Year of eCommerce Data Analytics”


The rise of algorithmic-driven retail means eCommerce Data Analytics is no longer a nice to have, it’s a must-have. eCommerce Data Analytics is becoming a central commercial function, with brands using data-driven eCommerce insights to drive decision making. Here are 3 reasons why we think 2019 will be a breakout year for eCommerce Data Analytics: #1. Data Analytics is the window to digital shelf performance.

Case Study: How simple content changes can lift Amazon sales by 113%


Using Profitero’s analytics, the snacks manufacturer compared its content performance against competitors and learned that many of its product pages were missing critical keywords and details needed to drive Amazon’s search engine. Using Profitero’s analytics, the manufacturer was able to quantify the ROI of the content improvements made to its product pages. Profitero eCommerce Analytics

Case Study: Overcoming “race-to-the-bottom” pricing with effective online promotions


Director of eCommerce, leading U.S. Profitero eCommerce Analytics PricingWhen it comes to pricing, the U.S. beauty category is one of the most intensely competitive categories online. Major retailers Jet.com, Walmart and Target are locked in an arms race with Amazon , each jockeying to be the lowest priced.

Case Study: How reducing out-of-stocks can help you gain market share


Monitoring out-of-stocks and fixing inventory issues is a quick and cost-effective path to boosting eCommerce sales—and it just makes good business sense. Using Profitero’s Assortment & Availability analytics, the personal care manufacturer began routinely monitoring out-of-stock rates across its portfolio of 20+ categories. Profitero eCommerce Analytics

Fixing Out-of-Stocks: Quickest Path to Lift E-Commerce Sales


The orange bar (on the right side of the chart) indicates the estimated cost for manufacturers to purchase analytics that could help detect out-of-stock issues, so they could then either increase retailer inventory levels or come up with back-stop fulfillment solutions. It’s easy to see that the payback in having an analytics solution is almost immediate – for the large manufacturer, it’s just a matter of weeks (assuming most future out-of-stocks can be prevented).

The Dangerous Data Accuracy Mistake That Could Put Your Brands at Risk Online


In today’s eCommerce world, the concept of market share is even more valuable than when Art Nielsen first conceived it. But, in fact, some eCommerce analytics methods only measure share against a small subset of the category–typically the big, familiar brands with leading share in brick-and-mortar retail. Then they compared our figures against the number of products monitored by another eCommerce measurement provider in those same categories.

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Waitrose and Ocado lead as best supermarkets for shopping vegan online

Retail Technology Review

Waitrose and Ocado are the best supermarkets for consumers looking to shop for vegan food online, a study from eCommerce analytics platform, E Fundamentals, has found. Critical Issues Internet Retailing

E Fundamentals secures £2.5 million Series A finance round led by Downing

Retail Technology Review

E Fundamentals, the London and Edinburgh-based eCommerce analytics and insight business, has announced it has completed a £2.5m Series A round of financing

7 Ways To Measure Omnichannel Performance


When it comes to eCommerce analytics, the buzzwords are by now well-worn. Distributed Order Management eCommerce mPOS RTI Omnichannel omnichannel strategySay […]. The post 7 Ways To Measure Omnichannel Performance appeared first on The Omni Channel.

Retail media’s rise, eComm profitability pressure, and more — Profitero press highlights


Here are snippets from Profitero’s recent press coverage, which demonstrate how our eCommerce analytics and expertise are helping brands spot some of the biggest trends happening across the digital landscape. What are some hot themes emerging in the digital space?

The power of daily data for eCommerce sales optimization


The eCommerce analytics choice… Since COVID-19 and the resulting rise in eCommerce, the pressure on brands to actively seek measurement and data solutions that help assess and benchmark current performance has mounted.

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America’s chess obsession, Oprah’s ‘Favorite Things,’ and raging retailer price wars — Profitero press highlights


Here are snippets from Profitero’s recent press coverage, which demonstrate how our eComm data & analytics can help brands spot some of the biggest product trends.

The Tools You Need to 10X Your International Revenue


Leveraging analytics, data, and market insights will ensure that you are reducing your exposure to failure and risk –– and where you exposure if reduced is where you want to first launch. . Analytics & Data . Using Analytics & Data to Unlock the Path of Least Resistance. Before you launch an international site, look through your Google Analytics data at your: Audiences. When interpreting analytics and data, ask yourself 3 questions: .

Klaviyo vs. MailChimp: Features, Pros & Cons


Many successful online businesses today leverage eCommerce marketing tools to grow their brand and achieve their business goals. In this blog, we're diving into the features, pros and cons of both Klaviyo vs. MailChimp to help you determine the best eCommerce tool for your business's needs.

WooCommerce vs Shopify: Which One Should You Go With?

eCommerce CEO

These two are ecommerce solution giants. If you want to set up an ecommerce store, it can be daunting to decide which is best; there are tons of reviews and customers comparing WooCommerce vs Shopify, and preaching either. Best single platform to run ecommerce and affiliate site under one roof. Don’t be deceived by GoDaddy and other tiny priced solutions; most don’t flow well with ecommerce. How To Choose An Ecommerce Platform. appeared first on Ecommerce CEO.

Creating An Early Warning System: 3 Areas To Monitor For eCommerce Success This Holiday


To help, Connected Partners Profitero and Nielsen have come together to provide you with the tools and framework needed to ensure flawless execution of your eCommerce strategy with The eCommerce Holiday Survival Guide : a primer on how to develop an ‘early warning system’ during the 2017 holiday shopping season. Click here to download The eCommerce Holiday Survival Guide: How to Plan for Near-Perfect Execution and Avoid Last Minute Disaster.

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Profitero Speaking at Shopper Marketing Summit 2017


Profitero’s SVP Strategy & Insights and faculty member Keith Anderson will be speaking with Mars NA eCommerce lead Richard Jones on Day 2 of the Summit, in the Digital and eCommerce Solutions track: The Re-Engineering of Commerce: Today’s Path to Success Demands New Strategies. Retail isn’t dead and eCommerce isn’t over. Playbooks for accelerating eCommerce performance now. Uncategorized Shopper Marketing Summit retailers Brands eCommerce

Exactly How to Set up an A/B Test for Your Ecommerce Site [+ Tools List Included]


For heatmapping and visual site analytics: Hotjar. For traffic analytics: BigCommerce Ecommerce Analytics. Google Analytics. For form analytics. Tools for managing workflow, managing analytics configuration, or managing the testing plan implementation. How To Sell Online analytics croWe’ve examined statistics of testing, different types of tests, and how test results can be interpreted.

Wix Ecommerce Review: Can You Succeed With A Wix Store?

eCommerce CEO

I know because I’ve spent $30k on a complex design when a template from one of the best ecommerce website builders would have worked. Read my Wix ecommerce review to know to expect. Wix Ecommerce Overview. It’s new to the ecommerce space, and many users are requesting the features they lack. How Wix Ecommerce Compares To Other Ecommerce Platforms. I’d use Weebly or Squarespace over Wix for ecommerce, and those are simple platforms as well.

Square vs Squarespace (Feb 2021) – The Ultimate Comparison

Ecommerce Platforms

The good news for today’s business owners is that there’s no shortage of eCommerce website builders out there. Squarespace websites can include processing for online transactions, eCommerce, and access to various payment systems, including Square, Stripe, and PayPal.

The Cross Border Ecommerce Checklist


Make sure that you have an ecommerce technology solution that can scale –– and isn’t cost-prohibitive. Analytics and reporting (including merchandising reporting). ShipStation integrates with all the most popular shopping carts and marketplaces (more than any other shipping and ecommerce fulfillment software). Your ecommerce technology should enable you to do this easily. Integrate your POS system with your ecommerce platform by using: Clover.