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Predictions 2019: Customer Experience Comes Under Fire

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Let’s face it: 2018 was not a fabulous year for customer experience. On average, CX quality was flat, with Customer Experience Index (CX Index™) scores showing little movement for the third year in a row.

The 19 Most Technically Innovative Ecommerce Brands of 2018


In ecommerce, glitz and glam matter – a lot. In fact, brands that focus on the look & feel of… Ecommerce Success Stories Enterprise Ecommerce innovation awards

Predictions 2019: Employee Experience Moves To Center Stage

Forrester eCommerce

Companies and executives are paying attention to employee experience as never before. There are good reasons for this attention. Chief among them is the historically low unemployment rate, which gives employees options that they are taking advantage of.

How To Deliver Outstanding Black Friday/Cyber Monday Customer Service While Stopping Fraud

Retail TouchPoints

By Rafael Lourenco, ClearSale E-Commerce customer service and fraud screening programs can both get overwhelmed during holiday sales peaks, sometimes in ways that affect each other.

Predictions 2019: CIOs, Don’t Put The Cart Before The Horse

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While playing the role of parent, I find that I trot out old tropes like “apply the rules,” “start with the basics,” and “don’t get ahead of yourself” when helping my kids with their homework.

Top 10 PayPal Alternatives: Best Solutions Revied (October 2018)

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PayPal was once one of the most revolutionary pieces of technology in the world. At that time there was not that much interest in PayPal alternatives.

PayPal 200

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Have You Complimented Your Top Customers Lately?

Rishi Rawat

Got this email from Google Maps. I felt great. Flattery works: Have you considered sending a flattering email to your top customers? You don’t have to give a discount, the email could simply be a personal “we appreciate you” note.

Forrester Cyber Predictions 2019: European Take

Forrester eCommerce

Today my team published Forrester’s Predictions for the cybersecurity industry for 2019. We listed 5 key trends that we think will impact the industry over the next 12 months.

Foundations of Commerce: Grit before Glitz


The race to get a product or service in front of a customer, or the desire for a customer to want or need a product or service has been running for thousands of years. Around 2700 BC, China mastered the ability to create silk from silkworm protein fibers. Sitting on this monopoly (the emperors of China refused to share the secret of silk production), China traded silk with other countries, creating a luxury “brand.”

Predictions 2019: Brand Commands Renewed CMO Attention

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Customer experience (CX) was at the forefront of CMOs’ minds in 2018. They shifted ad budgets (under siege thanks to trust and transparency issues) to even more technology and CX initiatives.

We’ve created a monster: Retail’s growing returns problem

Steve Dennis

At the beginning of the year I published “ A Baker’s Dozen Of Provocative Retail Predictions For 2018.” ” In No. 11, I opined that the industry’s problem with returns would soon start to get the attention it deserves. For awhile now I have seen the growing rate of costly product returns as a ticking time bomb —particularly as e-commerce garners greater share.

Creative adtech: the most important category you’ve never heard of (+ a Forrester Wave)

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For the past 30+ years, and for a host of reasons, the age-old connection between creative and media has been severed. In the programmatic era, the focus has been dominantly on media, as though creative didn’t contribute to enticing consumer attention and engagement and driving media performance. The results have been dismal: the digital advertising […]. advertising B2C marketing

A Complete TransferWise Review: Everything You Need to Know

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When it comes to exchange rates, not all of them are created equally. This is especially the case when you want to transfer money and your bank or a transfer service gets involved. Let's say you are in the US and you've tried to send dollars to an account in the UK.

Predictions 2019: Cybersecurity Faces Old Familiar Foes, Costly New Attacks, And Welcome Leadership Changes

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Next year, the biggest challenges to the cybersecurity industry will come from outside forces. In 2019, geopolitical trends will reintroduce old enemies and escalate issues of cyberespionage and sabotage. As criminals follow the money — as they are wont to do — they will use emerging technologies to go after commerce in a BIG way. […]. cybersecurity data & information protection data security predictions 2019

The FastSpring Team Meets Up for 2nd Annual Fall Summit


At FastSpring, we take our company mission, vision, and values seriously. They are a big part of what makes FastSpring the leading all-in-one ecommerce platform for digital businesses around the world, and a great place to work. One of the ways we showcase our mission, vision, and values is our annual Fall Summit event.

Join Us At CX Europe 2018 To Find Out How CX Innovators Are Stepping Up To Play A Bigger Game

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CX Europe 2018 is just 8 days from now — Tuesday and Wednesday, November 13–14 at the Royal Lancaster next to Hyde Park in London — and this year we are exploring how companies are resetting, realigning, and reinventing themselves to make CX the engine for growth. To set the scene, as this year’s Forum […

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B2B Ecommerce Isn’t As Challenging As You Might Think


B2B manufacturers and service providers have embraced digital technology to streamline the supply chain and save costs. But that digital transformation hasn’t reached the sales-side of the business.

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Creative adtech: the most important category you’ve never heard of (+ a Forrester Wave)

Forrester eCommerce

For the past 30+ years, and for a host of reasons, the age-old connection between creative and media has been severed. In the programmatic era, the focus has been dominantly on media, as though creative didn’t contribute to enticing consumer attention and engagement and driving media performance.

Link Building Strategies: The Beginner’s Guide for Ecommerce Stores

A Better Lemonade Stand

The one strategy every website can attribute substantial success to? Link Building. Implement your own link building strategy with the help of this article. The post Link Building Strategies: The Beginner’s Guide for Ecommerce Stores appeared first on A Better Lemonade Stand. Getting Traffic Strategy & Analytics

Forrester Retail Wave: European Retailers Are Raising The Bar For Mobile App Experiences

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My colleague Alex Causey and I have now finished the second European Retail Wave. This year we evaluated the functionality and usability of six European retailer’s mobile apps. For retailers with a pan-European presence we selected one European market in which to evaluate the retailer’s app [by selecting that market as the location within the app […]. consumer mobile activities customer experience online retail retail user experience digital retail functionality mobile

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Have you prepared your store for upcoming Cyber Monday and Black Friday 2018?


Cyber Monday and Black Friday are incidentally the biggest shopping days which has changed the way people shop before the onset of the Christmas season. It is the best time for sellers, online as well as offline.

Predictions 2019: Ethics And Consumer Action Transform Privacy Practices

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2018 was a tumultuous year for privacy: The GDPR went into effect, California passed its Consumer Privacy Act, Equifax revealed the largest consumer data breach to date, and Facebook disclosed separate incidents of data misuse and a massive data breach. Amidst this whirlwind, consumers aren’t waiting on the sidelines — Forrester data shows that 79% of […]. predictions 2019

How to choose a tech partner who will 10x your multichannel sales growth


Doing your homework and choosing the right tech partners for your multichannel business is a critical step to growing your business. Rushing to choose a tech solution can quickly lead to operational headaches, a lack of support, and wasted money. multichannel Inventory Management eCommerce

Events Test


The post Events Test appeared first on LiveIntent Blog. Perspective

Leverage Consumer Data to Improve Your Business


Interactive website technology captures detailed lead data on each person who engages with it and entices online shoppers to submit contact information. Companies can leverage consumer data to target their sales approach, change the lead management process, improve business amenities, and gain insight into what. The post Leverage Consumer Data to Improve Your Business appeared first on PERQ.

3 Ways Retailers’ Apps Can Increase In-Store Purchases


In 2011, 35% of Americans reportedly owned a smartphone of some kind. But by the end of 2016, that number skyrocketed to nearly 80%. Americans over the age of 50, the low-income population, and — of course — younger generations are now all mobile-enabled.

B2B Manufacturers: How to Create and Manage Content for Multiple Audiences in a Digital World


Manufacturers that sell exclusively to B2B customers face a unique set of marketing and digital content challenges. Formatting digital product content for an in-house B2C ecommerce platform is one thing, trying to manage that same content across dozens of individual retailers, distributors, or wholesalers is much more complicated. Marketing Increase Sales Volume and Revenue Trend Watch B2B

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