Can Salesforce Really Prescribe An End-to-End Sales Process?

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Last week, nearly 170,000 business and technology professionals descended onto San Francisco for Salesforce's annual conference, Dreamforce. The event itself was ripe with discussions on social responsibility and charity, but most attendees, including myself, attended for other reasons.

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Even Your Shopping Cart isn’t Sacred

Bryan Eisenberg

Birth of the Shopping Cart. The first rolling shopping cart was created by a Piggly Wiggly owner in Oklahoma City. Once a regular basket got too heavy, customers headed straight for the check-out line. This robbed stores of incremental sales.

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How to Increase your Sales with Better Product Photos

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This is a guest post by Holly. Holly is the founder of Pixc , an on demand image editing company. She has a passion for eCommerce and design. When she is not working, she loves travelling and drinking a good coffee. High quality product photos are the key to increasing your online sales.

Ecommerce KPI Benchmarks (October 2016)

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I use a lot of ecommerce benchmarks in my work. With new clients, they are great to put together a plan with projections. With existing clients, they are great to see where we need to step up our game. This article is centralizes all of the different research and reports that I use.

Realizing ROI in an Omnichannel Rich Retail 4.0 Environment

Welcome to Retail 4.0. This is the land of opportunity where retailers connect with shoppers and drive sales in a way like never before. With this eBook, you’ll learn about the advanced technologies that are available to create a seamless integrated omnichannel experience.

Prestashop Speed Optimization – How to make it insanely fast!


Canonicalized is going all in on Prestashop optimization. We are testing everything as we go along the speed up process. Is actual speed essential for your store? Or maybe you want to score high in PageSpeed tests from Google, GTmetrix or Pingdom? We go trough all of these in the Prestashop speed up guide! The post Prestashop Speed Optimization – How to make it insanely fast! appeared first on Canonicalized. eCommerce Platforms

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How to Start an Online Business When You’re Not Ready to Start an Online Business

A Better Lemonade Stand

In this post you'll learn what you can do with no experience or connections, and very little money and time, to build your own audience that you can eventually sell your product to whenever you’re ready to do that. The post How to Start an Online Business When You’re Not Ready to Start an Online Business appeared first on A Better Lemonade Stand. Getting Traffic Personal Development Product & Niche Selection Resources & Tools


Growth Hacking for New Ecommerce Stores

Bootstrapping Ecommerce

This is a guest post by Matt Janaway. Gary Vaynerchuk describes growth hacking with this simple quote: “Growth hacking is just: GET USERS!” It’s a simple statement pulled from his Twitter account, and it works as a nice introduction to this term we call “growth hacking.” I’m not a huge fan of the movement, considering […]. The post Growth Hacking for New Ecommerce Stores appeared first on Bootstrapping Ecommerce. Getting Traffic

US and UK online shopping trends: Amazon purchases analyzed


We know everyone loves Amazon, as we’ve been analyzing consumer shopping behavior on the site for nearly a year. T o c e l e b r a t e a y e a r ’ s w o r t h o f d a t a , w e ’ r e l a u n c h i n g a monthly series to identify shopping trends and MoM changes in Amazon purchases.

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The Art of Incentives


While incentives are commonplace in e-commerce strategy, they are limitless in their implementation and ROI. Before choosing a random % or $ amount to supplement your sales tactics, look at your data and known variables to cater to your audience the best you can.

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Real-time Personalization Guidebook: 10 Tips to Improve eCommerce Conversions

Conversion rate remains the most important metric for measuring success. This guidebook reveals 10 tips to improve eCommerce conversion rates, and insight into how an AI-powered personalization platform can dramatically improve performance.

Webbula Named to iMedia Connection’s “3 Impressive Email Companies You Need to Follow in 2016”


Webbula, the most comprehensive data quality platform on planet Earth, has been named to Chris Marriott’s “3 Impressive Email Companies You Need to Follow in 2016” list. The recognition reflects. News CloudHygiene email data email hygiene email list email verification marketing trends news

Short Form Product Video Can Be The Key To Converting Customers

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Marketers have a great arsenal of tools to drive conversions and now short form video needs to be part of that mix. Invest in it now to differentiate your business. Historically, video has been expensive to produce and manage, but that's changed. It no longer costs a fortune to produce video content.

11 Social Media Tools & How to Use Them to Boost Conversions

Bryan Eisenberg

Social Media has become a key component to the success of many businesses. Contextual Advertising, real-time word-of-mouth sharing and positive reviews help generate lots of traffic. If you can’t turn that traffic into sales or leads, then the traffic is wasted.

Ecommerce and UGC: How to appear more human to your customer

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People shop online for all sorts of reason. Some are looking for the best deals and lowest prices. Some like the privacy. Others just feel too lazy to give up the comfort of their couch and drag themselves through the crowds of shopping malls.

Tips For E-Commerce Best Practices

An infographic listing the best practices companies can follow to bolster their e-commerce website.

Why I Keep My Failed Ecommerce Business Alive

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When you start working on a new idea, it’s always a ton of fun. You’ve got a clean slate, nothing to hold you back and you’re free to pursue any bold idea you can dream up. This freedom fuels your passion and drives you to make your dreams a reality.

Woocommerce SEO Optimization – Everything you need to do now!


Everything you will read in this article about WooCommerce SEO and beyond it's tested under sweat and tears. It will definitely help anyone who is looking to improve their Search Engine Optimization regardless of the platform. The ones who will win the eCommerce SEO game will do so by the quality of implementation and by creativity. The post Woocommerce SEO Optimization – Everything you need to do now! appeared first on Canonicalized. eCommerce SEO

Banks: Your Customers’ Cross-Channel Experiences Are Shoddy (Or Worse)

Forrester Omnichannel

Note: If you're a Forrester client, you can jump straight to the full report here. The other day, I stopped by my bank's ATM to get some cash.

How To Start a Dropshipping Business In a Week

A Better Lemonade Stand

Drop shipping enables you sell products you don't own, so you can focus on the marketing, customer support and daily functions of your store. Instead of investing thousands of dollars into product inventory that may or may not sell, you can invest your resources into paid ads, SEO, and content marketing. The post How To Start a Dropshipping Business In a Week appeared first on A Better Lemonade Stand. Product & Niche Selection Sourcing Suppliers

The Consumer Internet of Things is About to Explode


In industrial manufacturing, machine-to-machine communications allows sensors in one place to communicate with control systems for an automated response.

Did Walmart buy Jet to steal market share from Amazon?


Yesterday, Walmart officially announced it will acquire Jet.com, an online marketplace akin to Amazon, for $3 Billion as part of their efforts to boost the brand’s online transactions and challenge Amazon.

Blueprint for a Perfect Welcome Email


Whether they filled out a landing page or subscribed to your blog and newsletter, a stranger coming to your website and sharing their contact info is worthy of celebration!

5 Email Marketing Trends You Should Pay Attention to in 2016


Every year around this time you’re bombarded with messages themed around “New Year, New You.” While a new you may be well in the works, we think that the New. Blog Articles CloudHygiene data enhancement email data email hygiene email list email marketing email verification marketing trends

Making Sense Of Round One In The eCommerce War During The Festive Sales Season In India

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The first week of October witnessed the start of the holiday sales season in India as the big three online retailers -- Flipkart, Amazon, and Snapdeal -- launched high-profile sales. Originally started by Flipkart in 2014 as Big Billions day, this week witnessed a discount-driven war among the top three players. Online retail in India has witnessed significant growth during the past five years, powered by highly funded online retail companies that bought growth through discounts.

Omni-channel pricing with the connected customer

Bryan Eisenberg

Sixteen painful minutes standing there while those behind us whispered obscenities under their breath. It wasn’t our fault. Standing on line waiting to complete a simple transaction should never be so painful.

Stick With It

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Podcast listener and subscriber, Coby, told me he grew his store to $10K/month in sales under a year.

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How To Double Your Revenue With Google Shopping Custom Labels

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High costs are a problem that plague most advertising campaigns. A lot of the store owners I speak to, tell me that they could easily plow more money into more and bigger ad campaigns. But they don’t because of these high acquisition costs.

PrestaShop vs. Woocommerce – What is the bottom line?


We present a thorough comparison of the two eCommerce platforms based on our knowledge. We love, hate and work with both Woocommerce and Prestashop. We break it down without any bias. Leaving all subjectivity at the door so that anyone who reads this article will be able to make an educated decision. If you had your share of bad eCommerce decisions, now is your chance to make a good move! The post PrestaShop vs. Woocommerce – What is the bottom line? appeared first on Canonicalized.

Your Customers Have Abandonment Issues

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Omnichannel fulfillment services have indubitably piqued the interest of today's retail leaders; nearly one-third of the retail organizations we surveyed already support "buy online, pick up in store" (BOPIS) functionality or have plans to implement the technology by the end of next month. However, proponents of omnichannel fulfillment are starting to recognize that simply offering services like BOPIS does not in itself lift the bottom line.

Black Friday & Cyber Monday Ecommerce Deals for 2016

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Black Friday Ecommerce Deals for 2016. The post Black Friday & Cyber Monday Ecommerce Deals for 2016 appeared first on A Better Lemonade Stand

3 Reasons Your CEO Wants an Omnichannel Approach


By next year, Forrester estimates that digital technology will play a part in almost 60% of all in-store transactions, which will equate to roughly US$1.8 trillion.

Why Nike should ‘Just Do It’ on Amazon: Nike case study


Nike is the biggest name in sports. Amazon is the biggest name in retail. As Nike permeates every aspect of sports and apparel, we took a closer look at consumers’ path-to-purchase activity from Nike.com, other popular online retail sites and then of course, Amazon.

3 Staples Every Successful Subscription Service Shares


Over the past decade, subscription services have popped up all over the Internet. No matter what your favorite activity or hobby is, there’s a subscription service that can accommodate you. For a recurring monthly (or even weekly) fee, you’ll have a new package on your doorstep every month (or week).