17 Charts That Show Where Social Media is Heading


You already know it’s harder to get traffic from the social web unless you spend money ads. There’s nothing new with that fact… just look at the graph above: It breaks down how the average number of social shares per blog post has been dying year over year.

The 6 Most Effective Types of Social Media Advertising in 2017


Social media advertising. With social media advertising, you can have consistent sales coming in from the first day your website is live. In this guide, we’re going to explore how YOU can drive consistent sales for your website through social media advertising.

The Definitive Guide To Leveraging Social Media for Online Sales


71% of Internet users in the United States actively use social media networks. That means (almost) three out of four people can potentially be reached, interacted with, and persuaded through social media. Online retailers are also using social media to drive revenue.

Word of Mouth Marketing: How to Create a Strategy for Social Media Buzz & Skyrocket Referral Sales


Word of mouth marketing (WOMM), also called word of mouth advertising, is the social media era’s version of simple word of mouth. Nick Hajili wrote: “Trust, encouraged by social media, significantly affects intention to buy. Activate Social Influencers.

5 Ways Social Media Improves Ecommerce Loyalty Programs


What better way to do that than by using social media? Below, we outline 5 ways to improve your loyalty programs with social media. Then, it’s time to hit social media. 5 Ways Social Media Improves Ecommerce Loyalty Programs.

What is Vero? 9 Things About the New Social Media App


Maybe you do, maybe you don’t, because social media platforms come and go faster than most of us can keep up. According to a recent study of social media in the United States, most people use an average of three of the top eight platforms. What is Vero Social Media?

10 Social Media Apps for Ecommerce Businesses


For ecommerce marketers, there are a number of social media apps available that can make your job easier. If you’re a social marketer, read on for a list of helpful social media apps that will help boost your social selling.

How to Successfully Drive Traffic to Amazon with Social Media Advertising


One area that has become increasing popular with sellers is social media advertising. Today we are going to talk about how to successfully drive traffic to Amazon with social media advertising. 3 Strategies for Amazon Social Media Advertising the Right Way.

Social Commerce in 2019: Promote Your Magento Store on Social Media

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With the rising influence of social media on all spheres of our lives, brands that don’t utilize social networks for self – promotion will drop out of the game in no time. Social networks provide availability, speed, and ease of use – everything that customers seek today.

Can You Turn Social Media into a Big-Bucks Sales Channel for Your Business?


It goes without saying that social media is the primary way people connect online these days. Social media now goes beyond just liking pictures and updating your relationship status; it is now a fast-growing market place for online shopping.

Marketing Unboxed: How Spikeball Wins the Marketing Game


What’s the name of the game? The game itself is heaps of fun, but can the same be said of their marketing approach to new customers? It’s not just a game we like to play of waiting to see how long it takes before we receive an email.

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Email Marketing Vs. Social Media Marketing: What do Millennials Respond to Most?


Before there was Myspace, Facebook, or any other social media channel there was e-mail. E-mail marketing completely changed the marketing game, allowing for amplified reach without the price tag. Digital marketers use email and social media to reach larger audiences.

How Social Media Impacts Holiday Shopping (and what to do about it)


To kick things off, we thought we’d look at the reigning champion of holiday shopping influence: Social Media. Social media was rated the top influencer for holiday purchases by 68% of Adweek survey respondents. [1] Well it’s official. It’s summer.

17 Hidden Facebook Marketing Tools That Will Increase Your Engagement by 154%


No matter how appealing your content upgrade, asking for someone’s email address is tantamount to asking for their social security number. Social MediaFacebook engagement is easier and more valuable than you ever imagined. I found this out the hard way.

Who Pinned It Best? 3 Steps For Retailers To Win At Pinterest Marketing

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3 Ways To Win At Pinterest Marketing 1. Think of Pinterest as a search engine It may be tempting to think of Pinterest as a social media tool as users browse, like and interact with posts, similar to the way they do on Twitter and Facebook. But the name of the game?

Instagram Shopping: The Future of Mobile Ecommerce + 19 Tips to Increase Conversions Now


5X — Instagram growth rate compared to overall social network usage in the U.S. 36 — Percent of B2C brands that consider Instagram to be “very important” or “critical” to their social media marketing, compared to 13% of B2B brands (Source: Inc. ).

5 Reasons Why Nobody is Engaging With Your Social Posts (and How to Fix it)


In 2018, if your social media strategy isn’t working in conjunction with your content strategy, you’re falling behind the curve. There’s a reason 10% of professional marketers report social media marketing as the strategy most likely to yield big rewards in 2018.

June 2019 Monthly Marketing Recap

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Last month , we learned about Google Marketing Live 2019 , the anniversary of GDPR , the latest trends in social media, and more. ” He continues, “The people who get ahead of the game are going to thrive.” Social Media Water Cooler.

Is Omnichannel Retail Strategy Like a Board Game?


How Is Omnichannel Retail Strategy Like a Board Game’s? Our marketing team have recently started playing board games as part of our work-life balance. Since then, I realized the strategy of a game called “Ticket to Ride” is similar to an omnichannel retail strategy.

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The Marketer’s Guide to Instagram Stories: Building Your Brand and Generating Sales


Out of all of the different facets of digital marketing, social media tends to change with the most immediate and drastic results. With growth like that, it’s a no-brainer for marketers to implement Instagram into their social strategies. Social Media

Is Facebook Organic Reach Really Dead? Here’s How to Break Through It for More Social Engagement


So it’s pretty clear that if 2% reach is too much, we’re nearing the end of an era in terms of Organic Reach being the best viable option for spreading your brand on social media. Social media is a top-of-the-funnel endeavor, and you have to treat it that way.

LinkedIn Pulse: A Complete Guide (+ Examples)


If you want to build a good reputation online, increase your credibility, and reach a larger audience, publishing content on social media can help you do that. LinkedIn Pulse takes social media content a step further with an online news aggregation feed. Social Media

How to Drive Traffic to Your Game-Based Promotion


This is true of stadium events, family reunions, work parties — and yes, game-based promotions. If you want people to register, play, or otherwise interact with your game you have to promote it. Today I thought I’d go over some different ways you can promote a game-based promotion.

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Ramping up your Amazon Affiliate Game – Going Global


The name of the Amazon affiliate game is to maximize commissions, and there are countless ways to tweak your site and ink out a few more dollars each month. The post Ramping up your Amazon Affiliate Game – Going Global appeared first on The Payoneer Blog.

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Optimizing Mobile Ads on Facebook & Instagram

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Smartphones are changing the game across industries, and ecommerce is no exception – in fact, it’s the rule. In the social media world, mobile device use is even more standard, with 96% of Facebook users and 100% of Instagram users accessing the platforms on mobile.

8 Things to Consider Before You Run a Game-Based Promotion


If you’ve never run a game-based marketing promotion before, it can feel a bit overwhelming. There’s a lot to consider — from prizes and legalities, to choosing the right game for your goals. But the secret to an amazing game-based marketing promotion is solid planning.

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How User-Generated Content Exponentially Boosts Growth

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With the rise of social media, social channels became the standard for engagement. But brands quickly learned that simply being present on social was not enough: Brands needed to be content machines and automate engagement to rise above the noise.

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4 inbound marketing hacks to boost engagement and conversions


Improve social media marketing strategies. Another way you can game up your inbound marketing strategy is by ensuring the efficiency of your social media marketing campaigns. What you can do is focus on social media platforms where your audience is active.

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4 ways to create influencer marketing that really works


You can’t boost sales and engagement without putting a good amount of energy into creating social media marketing strategies. One of Coca Cola’s most significant campaigns #ThatsGold was about the 2016 Olympic Games. Content is the king on social media, and you know it.

Holiday Readiness Series: Take Your Social Strategy to the Next Level

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By Joanna Beerman, Salesforce Although October is all about football season, it’s important to keep your head in the holiday game. There’s no better time than now to get your social strategy ready for the gift-buying rush. Here are four tips to inform your holiday social strategy: 1.

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Ecommerce Content Marketing: 25 Epic Ways to Boost Sales

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It should include content topics, social media updates you’ll post and days for publishing content. For instance, HootSuite helps you manage all social media posts before time based on peak engagement hours. Newsjack social trends.

WEBINAR: The Rise of the B2C Marketer


Today, the vehicle for marketing messages has changed to smartphones and social media, but the style of communication remained largely the same — marketers speaking at consumers without really listening to them in exchange. How marketers today can stay ahead of the game.

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Which Super Bowl LII Ads Scored Touchdowns?

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With NBC charging more than $5 million for a 30-second spot, businesses can’t afford to bungle an opportunity to reach a massive audience — a good portion of which watch the game at least as much for the commercials as the on-field action.

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What Is The Point Of Rewarding Customer Loyalty?

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A loyalty scheme can be simple — such as a customer loyalty game — and doesn’t have to offer a monetary reward. If a customer is happy with their brand choice or store, they will share their experiences on social media and via word of mouth.

Your Small Business Saturday Guide: Tips, Tools, and Statistics for Local Companies


To get a jump on the holiday weekend, you should remind people about the event in advance using: Social media ads. Let your target audience know what special deals and events you have coming up with ads on your social channels like Facebook , Twitter , and Instagram.

How The Top 500 E-Tailers Collect Email Sign-Ups

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Socially Speaking Some retailers allow consumers to sign up for emails via social media. This approach allows consumers to use a Facebook profile or other social media platform to create an account with the retailer.

RTP Editors Reveal Their #RIC19 Hot Picks

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are on tap to speak, granting attendees a front row seat to learn about game-changing technologies and tactics driving success across all touch points.

4 Step Guide on How To Collect Emails Addresses And Grow Your Sales

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If you’ve been lucky enough to progressively attract a substantial number of emails through a signup footer, your call-to-action game must be on an exceptional level. How To Collect EmailAddreesses: Extend The Campaign To Social Media.

Marketing Unboxed: How Glossier Wins Over Fans with Marketing That Shines


With fantastic products, an amazing social media game plan, and paid ads that power it all, Glossier has a marketing strategy worth envying. Social Proof. The first episode of Marketing Unboxed is here!

Full-Service Ecommerce Proves to Be Key for Successful Social Commerce


While one cannot deny the rise of social commerce and its pertinence to the overarching ecommerce industry, studies have shown that social-commerce strategies do not lead to as many purchases as you may think. . With this being said, it would be unwise to ignore social commerce as a methodology and way of producing sales. . While I’m confident social platforms will play a crucial role in driving sales in the future, the current model needs some work. .