Do You Recruit Bad Employees As A Matter Of Policy?

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For better or for worse, my family is a customer of a large bank near my home. Once in a while I step in to the branch to update documents for my mother (she still likes to see her account balance in print), or some other such need. Here’s the kicker though: Every time I […].

Ecommerce Return Policy Template: How to Write a Returns and Refunds Policy to 3X Sales [Examples Included]


A solid ecommerce return policy can make or break a sale or turn a visitor into a customer for life. In a survey by comScore and UPS, 63% of American consumers check the return policy before making a purchase and 48% would shop more with retailers that offer hassle-free returns.

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Return Policy Template to Refund & Skyrocket Sales

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But did you ever think about how that return and refund policy could really help out your customers? Wouldn't it be nice to have a tested return policy template that's known to help out with sales? Amazon doesn't do anything fancy, but its return policy is hard to beat.

Optiseller helps eBay sellers with ‘Good‘til cancelled’ policy

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From 1 April this year, eBay introduced its new‘Good ‘til cancelled’ policy for all fixed price listings. This means sellers are not forced to re-list after 10/20/30 days -- the listing will continue indefinitely every 30 days until the item sells out or is manually cancelled. Internet Retailing

What Facebook’s New Ad Policy Means for Your Ecommerce Business


Unfortunately, there are some ecommerce websites that may have intentionally swindled Facebook users and set off this new policy change. Under the new ad policy, a single ambiguous or even misleading claim increases your chances for enhanced monitoring.

Dependency Upgrades: why commerce software engineers need a policy and process  


In order to ensure a smooth process and one that is maintained properly, it is best to have a well-defined policy and process. Why you need a policy and   process   All software depends on other software to accomplish useful tasks.

Is it time to implement a MAP policy?


Enter the MAP policy. A Minimum Advertised Price (MAP) policy is a tool brands have at their disposal to help deal with deflationary price pressures. MAP is not an agreement, but a unilateral policy. resellers) that follow its policy.

6 Tips to Create a Shipping Policy Template that Helps Conversion


Update your ecommerce legal documents including shipping policies and GDPR compliance. The post 6 Tips to Create a Shipping Policy Template that Helps Conversion appeared first on AcquireConvert. Learn more here.

Creating a Fair Return Policy Without Sacrificing Profits: A Guide for DTC Brands


For DTC eCommerce brands, few things are harder than trying to counterbalance a return policy that appeals to customers with a healthy bottom line. On the one hand, a liberal return policy can act as a USP and significantly increase the number of transactions made on your store.

How to Create A Return Policy That Will Make Your Buyers Come Back

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It can’t be avoided, but you can take steps with your return policy to make it as painless as possible for you and your customers. The post How to Create A Return Policy That Will Make Your Buyers Come Back appeared first on Bootstrapping Ecommerce. You can’t please all the people all the time, so when it comes to ecommerce, some customers are going to return what they’ve bought from you.

How to design a return policy that inspires confidence in customers


Return policies were traditionally only used as a way to guarantee product quality. Interestingly, return policies are now being used as a marketing tool by eCommerce retailers to build trust and genuine relationships with customers. Make sure your staff knows your return policy.

Making Sure Your MAP Policy is Legal


This is why careful creation of your MAP policy is critical. MAP policies (minimum advertised price policies) put a restriction on the minimum price that a service or product can be advertised as to its customers. Now, this doesn’t mean that MAP policies are illegal.

New [Whitepaper]: Ensure MAP Policy Success


With rampant minimum advertised price (MAP) violations plaguing the industry, we’ve written up a new whitepaper with the help of our friends over at Vorys, Sater, Seymour and Pease titled, Why MAP Policies Fail and What You Can Do So That Your Policy Doesn’t. .

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Why Vendors Should Pay Attention to the New Amazon Price Protection Policy

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The post Why Vendors Should Pay Attention to the New Amazon Price Protection Policy appeared first on Retail Performance Marketing Blog - CPC Strategy. If you’re a Vendor on the Marketplace, you likely received an email from Amazon earlier this month outlining the new “Amazon Price Protection. Read More. Amazon Vendor Strategy

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Platform Privacy Policy

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DYNAMIC YIELD PLATFORM PRIVACY POLICY Last Updated August 30, 2016 Dynamic Yield (“DY,” “we,” “us,” or “our”), including Dynamic Yield Ltd., The post Platform Privacy Policy appeared first on Dynamic Yield and its wholly owned subsidiaries, Dynamic Yield, Inc. and Dynamic Yield UK Ltd., sells its clients a license to use its SaaS solution which provides i) Automated Personalization, ii) Dynamic AB Testing to optimize […].


Site Privacy Policy

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Privacy Policy DYNAMIC YIELD, INC. WEBSITE PRIVACY POLICY Last Updated August 30, 2016 Dynamic Yield Ltd. (“DY” The post Site Privacy Policy appeared first on Dynamic Yield DY” “we“, “our” or “us“) respects the privacy of the users of its website at [link] (the “Website”) and of its services, which operate across both DY’s Site as well as those of third parties (and together with the […].

How to Set a MAP Policy that Will Incentivize Resellers to Carry Your Products


By leveraging a well thought out MAP policy, you can not only maintain the price and value of your products but can incentivize your resellers to help you stand out and increase sales. . First, we need to define exactly what a MAP policy is. MAP Policy Benefits .

How Amazon’s Third Party Return Policy Changes Affect Your Business


In July, Amazon announced a change to the third-party marketplace seller return policy which is going into effect on October 2. returns that fall within Amazon’s returns policy. Amazon will then “provide customers with prepaid return shipping label on your behalf through Buy Shipping Services” and will “only send you return requests that are outside of Amazon’s policy or exempt from this requirement for manual review” ( Amazon Seller Central – login required).

What's a Privacy Policy Template and Why Do I Need One?


Using a clear, well-thought-out, and easy to find privacy policy template establishes trust with customers. A good privacy policy template should also include some explanation for why you're using the data you're using. " A privacy policy is an essential part of any eCommerce site.

Why MAP Policies Are a Win-Win for Brands and Retailers


While minimum advertised price (MAP) policies often seem like they are primarily pushed by brands, there are actually a number of reasons why retailers should welcome them as well. On the brand side, a strong MAP policy upholds brand value across selling channels.

[Guest Blog] Brands and Retailers: Don’t Make Reverse Logistics an Afterthought


The return process is now so important that many online customers consider an seller’s returns policy before placing an order. Industry Trends channeladvisor partner fulfillment return policies returns upsAs e-commerce grows, so does the amount of stuff that gets returned.

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How can you Prepare your Online Store for the Retail Holiday Sales


Want to encourage retail holiday sales at your store in 2019? Well, you are at the right place to sharpen your holiday marketing tips… Fact says: During the last two months of the year, 20-40% of yearly sales takes place by small and mid-level retailers.

Using Holiday Returns to Connect with Consumers and Grow Sales


Did you know that 75% percent of holiday shoppers check return policies before making a purchase? When selling on marketplaces, the peak holiday season is a time to be on the lookout for any changes to policies — such as recent ones at Amazon and eBay. Generous return policies can have such a positive impact on brand perception that many retailers now publicize it as a competitive advantage. Do lenient return policies like these lead to more returns?

Collective Bargaining: Your Biggest Risk In The Age Of The Customer

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They collectively can and will change your corporate policy. Social media has created customer groups that coalesce around a brand — in effect, a union. With collective bargaining, business as usual is no longer acceptable.

The Future Of Health: How Our 2019 Predictions Fared In Q1

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Morgan (ABJ) alliance now has a name — Haven — and the much-anticipated industrywide interoperability efforts got a huge boost with CMS’s proposed policy changes announced at the HIMSS conference. Q1 is in the books. Alexa is HIPAA-compliant, the Amazon-Berkshire Hathaway-J.P.

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MAP vs MSRP: Pricing in an Omnichannel World


When it comes to pricing there are two very similar, yet exceedingly different, pricing policies that need to be considered. Deciding which policy is best for you and your business is a much tougher task, however. Pricing MAP policy MSRP price comparison price optimization pricing

FORRward: A Weekly Read For Tech And Marketing Execs

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IBM Reduces Rising Risks As Data Flows Between Partners With New Hybrid Cloud Data Protection Last week IBM unveiled a new solution – IBM z15 – which provides data privacy passports and helps clients manage who gets access to data via policy-based controls.

How Brands Can Take Action on MAP Violators


Having a MAP policy is the first step toward stopping MAP violators with many more that follow. . Once resellers agree to your MAP policy, you’ll need to monitor them to ensure they are actually holding up their end of the bargain. Brand Strategies MAP policy MAP violation

Make or break: Inefficient returns processes cost retailers lost sales and customer life time value, warns a new report

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Retailers' returns policies present critical conversions and customer retention moments in European shoppers' buying journeys, a new report from KPS, an agile transformation consultancy, reveals

Your 2018 Guide To Cyberinsurance Is Here!

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Because without it in some form (whether it’s a purchased policy or their own allocated cash reserves), they have no safety […]. Forrester’s 2018 Guide To Cyber Insurance Today, no one is 100% secure – believing otherwise is hubris of Icarian proportions.

Facebook Backtracks On Users’ Privacy One More Time.

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After Mark Zuckerberg’s hearing in front of the US Congress last week, Facebook announced some changes to its terms of use and privacy policy. Written with Paul McKay, Senior Analyst at Forrester. Facebook introduced the changes to enable users to manage their data privacy more easily. It is also a first step to comply with […

The Sad Demise Of Unlimited Returns At L.L.Bean

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By Debbie Hauss, Editor-in-Chief I’ve always been impressed by the unlimited returns policy at L.L.Bean. I think it’s the faith in humanity that the policy represented that impacted me the most.

IETF Takes GDPR Influence A Little Too Far In Its Draft Standard For Logging For Internet-Facing Servers

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The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is responsible for a lot of changes to privacy policies and standards, leaving everyone rushing to be ready for GDPR day on May 25, 2018. The Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) has also been busy recently updating some of its standards in response to the GDPR. One change that has […]. age of the customer

Is digitisation the key to preventing cross-border landed costs from disrupting international ecommerce?

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In a time of continued economic and political uncertainty - where threats against global trade either quickly materialise or fizzle out as part of hardline foreign policy negotiations - companies involved in international trade must now contend with an unprecedented amount of uncertainty and risk as the ‘new normal’.

Creating a Conversion-Centered Product Detail Page


Robust return policy and product guarantees: The stronger your return policy and guarantee, the more you back your products — the more products you’ll sell. If you have a strong return policy, show it off on your site.