What Are Product Recommendations?


Product recommendations are part of an ecommerce personalization strategy wherein products are dynamically populated to a user on a webpage, app, or email based on data such as customer attributes, browsing behavior, or situational context—providing a personalized shopping experience. .

How to Create Relevant Product Recommendations that Increase Sales


Have you ever received a product recommendation that just didn’t make sense? In ecommerce, you always want the message you send to be relevant to your customer. 4 Benefits of Personalized Product Recommendations for Ecommerce. Homepage: Product Recommendations Above the Fold.


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Tips for Creating the Perfect Product Recommendation Campaign


Customers are fickle. One way you can do that is with personalized product recommendation campaigns. Based on the data and analytics you are collecting on your customers’ previous interactions with your brand, you can suggest the types of products they’re most likely to enjoy via email, ads, and more. Both of these companies use data they’ve collected on your behavior to make smart recommendations on what to watch or buy next. Recommendations based on on-site behavior.

We Thought You’d Like This: Personalized Recommendations Are Here


Customers appreciate personalized, relevant offers and are 2.6x more likely to buy the items that are recommended based on their purchase history – it’s a fact. How Do Personalized Recommendations Work? Adding Personalized Recommendations to Your Workflows.

MandM Direct Drives 2.4% Revenue Increase with Personalized Real-Time Recommendations

Retail Touch

Online discount apparel retailer MandM Direct , which had previously relied on standard rules-based recommendations to guide website visitors through the shopper journey, has generated impressive improvements in multiple KPIs with real-time, personalized recommendations.

Getting Your Customers to Recommend your Business


When he went to leave, he found his way blocked by a locked door, leaving him desperately looking… The post Getting Your Customers to Recommend your Business appeared first on eCommerce Growth Blog. Company and Product Updates Customer experience Customer Retention

Finding Your Customer-Centric Growth


Marketers who are data-driven and thought leaders pay close attention to their most active customers. The first place you’ll want to start is your brand value, which is simply the sum of your customer relationships. Nurturing Active Customers.

Grow Conversions and AOV With Product Recommendations


If you show your customers you get them and make it easy for them to find what they’re looking for, they’ll be sure to come back to you time and time again. The post Grow Conversions and AOV With Product Recommendations appeared first on Bronto Blog. Browse Recovery Cart Recovery Email Marketing Marketing Strategy Recommendations Premium

EPICA Shopify Product Recommender: An In-Depth Review

Ecommerce Platforms

Do you want to increase your Shopify sales and make it easier for your customers to buy your online products? If your answer is yes, then investing in an artificial intelligence (AI) product recommender, like the AI Product Recommendations by EPICA, is the way to go.

Loyalty Program Apps: Our eCommerce Recommendations


As we mentioned in our related eCommerce inbound marketing guide , establishing and maintaining customer loyalty has become an essential strategy for online and offline retailers. According to BigCommerce, it costs 5x less to convert existing customers than it does acquire new ones. Additionally, loyal customers spend up to 67% more than new customers. This is where customer loyalty programs come into play. What is a Customer Loyalty App?

Personalize Your Email Messages with Recommendations  


No longer is it enough to just add customers’ first names to your email subject lines and call. The post Personalize Your Email Messages with Recommendations appeared first on Bronto Blog. Cart Recovery Re-engagement Recommendations Welcome SeriesToday’s online shoppers don’t just want personalized content — they expect it.

New research finds almost three quarters of customers will stop recommending a retailer following a poor delivery experience

Retail Technology Review

Poor delivery experiences will significantly impact on whether a recipient recommends a retailer, with almost three quarters (72.5%) of customers who shop online saying they are likely or very likely to stop recommending a retailer following a poor delivery experience.

The 10 Benefits of a Recommendation Engine: Increasing AOV, Engaging Shoppers, and More


There are many uses for a recommendation engine on an ecommerce website. It can generate product recommendations, create personalized emails, and better showcase products that deserve a little more attention. Recommendation Engine Benefits. Convert Shoppers to Customers.

Dickies Tests AI-Enabled Fitting Recommendations in its China Tmall Store

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Workwear brand Dickies has partnered with 3DLOOK to offer its customers in China a personalized fitting experience on the Tmall Global marketplace. The pilot program will leverage 3DLOOK’s AI-enabled technology to help provide accurate size and fit recommendations for Dickies apparel.

Recommendations to Revenue: 8 Algorithms to Drive Sales and Personalize the Customer Experience


The post Recommendations to Revenue: 8 Algorithms to Drive Sales and Personalize the Customer Experience appeared first on Sailthru

8 Recommendation Algorithms (and How You Can Use Them)


No matter your brand, your vertical, your customer, even what month it is, one thing remains: Product recommendations are important. Sophisticated recommendation algorithms account for 35% of the ecommerce giant’s sales. Either way, recommendation algorithms are your friend.

Convert your mobile browsers into buyers with these recommendations


Shotfarm reported that detailed descriptions rank higher in influencing a customer’s decision to purchase over reviews and price. Good mobile navigation is imperative in the customer journey – and it is not to mirror desktop. “Call us” and customer service are also clearly displayed and accessible for users. The checkout and form completion phase of the customer’s journey is also not the time to try to up- or cross-sell.

Coffee & Tea Category Insights: Recommendations for Brands and Retailers to Increase Market Share


Here at Wiser Solutions, we’re keener than ever to understand the state of our market and how it’s impacting our customers. Brand Recommendation. Retailer Recommendation. Brand Recommendation. Retailer Recommendation. Brand Recommendation.

Recommended checklist for a successful ecommerce replatforming project


Here’s a recommended checklist to keep in mind for a successful ecommerce replatforming project. When the number of customers ordering items as well as the number of nations in which these customers might be located swells up, many platforms are not that efficient to support the new traffic and requirements. The post Recommended checklist for a successful ecommerce replatforming project appeared first on Get Elastic Ecommerce Blog.

An overview of Dynamic Yield’s Essential Recommendation Capabilities

Dynamic Yield

After spending nearly a decade developing the most powerful recommendation engine in the market, take a look at an overview of the current recommendation capabilities available to Dynamic Yield customers. Product Recommendations

Magento Integrates Product Recommendations With Its Web Page Building Tool

Retail Touch

Magento has integrated the Product Recommendations feature for Magento Commerce with its content creation tool, Page Builder. Retailers can now use the platform to drag and drop recommendation units to any position within e-Commerce store content that has been created with Page Builder.

[Guest Blog] Make More Money With Website Recommendations


Website recommendations present a challenge that is not easily solved. Every digital company knows that optimization is important, but very few companies know how to implement website recommendations effectively. . Good recommendations on your site can drive performance both before and during site visits in a sustainable and scalable way. To drive excellent site performance, you must first understand how content recommendations can affect search engine optimization (SEO). .

3 Types of Collaborative Filtering Recommendations Every Retailer Needs to Know


And product recommendations are the secret of the ecommerce giant’s success, accounting for 35% of its revenue. Product recommendations are crucial to any retailer’s personalization strategy. From there, retailers make product recommendations based on other customers’ behavior.

Kimberly Afonso: Digital Marketing Tactics and Recommendations for E-commerce Businesses


Each episode is an intriguing challenge involving an… The post Kimberly Afonso: Digital Marketing Tactics and Recommendations for E-commerce Businesses appeared first on eCommerce Growth Blog. Customer Retention Ecommerce Growth Growth Interviews digital marketing google ads internet marketing agency PPC social mediaWelcome to Growth Interviews! Welcome to Growth Interviews, the fun, stimulating and engaging series of conversations driven by digital business growth.

The Psychology Behind Customer Loyalty


But few brands are lucky to attain the ranks of true customer loyalty. Sure, many of us— 77 percent, in fact —participate in some kind of customer loyalty program. By looking deeper into the psychology behind customer loyalty programs, a clearer picture of how brands should be incentivizing customers comes into focus. . Once you’re armed with a foundational knowledge of what makes your customers tick, it’s easier to understand and empathize with them.

Who Exactly is Your Ideal Ecommerce Customer?


Is your ideal customer: A. A 20-year-old college student who loves football and wants a custom-printed t-shirt with their team’s fight song? You have to specifically target your ideal customers, and to do that, you must really understand your top buyers. What makes them happy customers? Don’t be afraid to get specific and really dig into your customer profile so you can better target your ideal customers and find who really wants to buy from your brand.

How Customer Affinities Power Personalized Campaigns


Customers can be a mystery at times. Why did one ecommerce customer buy ten pairs of sandals in a month? And why does another loyal customer only ever buy products from one specific line and nothing else? You don’t always have to understand why exactly your customers make the choices they do — you just have to know that they are doing it and use that data to your advantage to drive customer loyalty. How to discover customers’ affinities.

What Is Customer Engagement?


In an attention-starved world, customer engagement is crucial to commerce success. In turn, they realize benefits throughout the customer lifecycle. An effective engagement strategy helps customer acquisition efforts. Customer Engagement Metrics.

Sailthru’s Guide to Product Recommendations This Holiday Season


Cutting through the clutter becomes both more challenging and more crucial, and product recommendations are a great way to do it. Last year, the National Retail Federation found that more than half of holiday shoppers purchased an item recommended by a retailer. Product recommendations are a hallmark of personalized marketing. Still, there are plenty of opportunities to make great product recommendations. These classic recommendations instill customer confidence.

How Fashion Retailers Can Retain New E-Commerce Customers Past The Pandemic

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Fashion retailers were hit hard by the COVID-19 outbreak, but the industry may have found a silver lining: an influx of new e-Commerce customers. However, those that continue engaging with the brand and make additional purchases can become the next generation of loyal customers.

Our Security Recommendations Will Help You Handle The Worst Of What 2019 Throws At You

Forrester's Customer Insights

Today we released our 2019 Security & Risk Recommendations report. age of the customer cloud security cybersecurity information security security & risk security analytics 2019 recommendations recommendations Security & RiskWe collected contributions from our colleagues across the Forrester Security & Risk team to identify the most important actions security leaders should take in 2019.

Customer Online Shopping Behaviour in 2020 [Trends]


The post Customer Online Shopping Behaviour in 2020 [Trends] appeared first on ECOMMERCE GROWTH Blog. Guest Posts brand trust consumer behavior offline shopping online shopping recommended products social proofMarketers can learn a lot by looking at online shopping trends in 2020.

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MySize, Sweet Fit debut virtual fitting mirror with size recommendation tech


The tech providers aim to minimize returns headaches as retailers look for additional contactless solutions to assuage wary customers

Security Recommendations 2020: What To Focus On

Forrester's Customer Insights

Age of the CustomerOur team of security and risk analysts spent the past few months brainstorming and curating tactical and strategic advice designed to improve your security programs for 2020 and beyond. and then along came the COVID-19 global pandemic.

How to Use Content Personalization to Win Customers


Businesses that take the extra step to add a personal touch to the user experience are often the ones that have the most loyal customers. Content personalization has the ability to take a simple customer interaction and make it a unique and engaging experience. Product Recommendations.

Improve customer retention with lifecycle-based segmentation


Omnisend’s newly introduced customer lifecycle stages were purposefully built to take any guesswork out of retention marketing and make it easier. Customer lifecycle marketing. Your main goal should be to provide a positive post-purchase experience to all of these customers.

How To Group WooCommerce Customers To Manage Your Store?


Customer groups are far-reaching resources for managing your online store and running impactful marketing strategies. Therefore, you can segment your WooCommerce customers into groups with minimal effort by analyzing their conversion paths.