A Vend POS Review: Everything You Need to Know

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If so, Vend POS might be the perfect solution for you. Who's Vend? Almost two decades ago, Vend first launched in 2010- back then it was nothing short of groundbreaking. Since then, Vend's continued to offer top-notch service to its users. How Does Vend POS Work?

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Shopify POS vs. Vend POS – Which System is Right for Your Business?


Take a look at the pros and cons of Shopify POS vs Vend POS to help you determine if one is right for you. The post Shopify POS vs. Vend POS – Which System is Right for Your Business?

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Does The Controversial ‘Bodega’ Brand Pose A Threat To Convenience Stores?

Retail TouchPoints

Marie Griffin, Managing Editor: Paul McDonald and Ashwath Rajan pulled off a great PR coup with stories in national media and a flash of social media posts, but their glorified vending machines are no threat to the neighborhood bodega.

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Leveraging microservices for your business, Part 2: The good and the bad?


How do these consumers discover the relevant services that vend a needed capability? In this article, senior architect Matt Bishop reviews the benefits and difficulties with a microservice architecture.

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Retailers’ pointless pursuit of the promiscuous shopper

Steve Dennis

I was honored and humbled to move up to #5 on Vend’s 2019 Top Retail Influencer List and to be recently named a Top Retail Tech Influencer to follow on Twitter. I’m not sure who said it first, but it’s certainly true that great brands don’t chase customers , they attract customers to them. But I think it goes deeper than that.

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Steve Dennis

Thanks to the folks at Forbes, who added me as a retail contributor this year, to IBM Watson Customer Engagement , Vend and BizTech for making me sound more influential than I am and to REVTECH for naming me an Executive In Residence.

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Rethinking The Kiosk As A Digital Touch Point That Drives Revenue

Retail TouchPoints

By Sam Cinquegrani, ObjectWave Whether it’s CVS’s recent announcement about introducing in-store vending machines or Uniqlo’s move to set up airport kiosks, retailers are realizing that interactive kiosks are a powerful way for customers to serve themselves.

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NRF 2019 Observations


Intel JD.com Automated Vending. NRF 2019 Observations . Hudson Yards – New York. Each year, the National Retail Federation Big Show attracts 37,000 plus attendees to NYC. Software vendors amaze us with all the tech innovations that are helping to drive the retail industry.

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Square Payments Reviews What’s All the Fuss About?

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However, you can't use Vend, TouchBistro, or Lavu alongside Square. If you're considering Square as your mobile payment processor, then you're in the right place. Our Square reviews will tell you everything you need to know before you bite the bullet and use this service.

How To Find An Ecommerce Niche You Can Dominate

eCommerce CEO

If you know nothing, you’re probably only going to write bland vending machine content. Google doesn’t like ranking bland vending machines. The first step to ecommerce business success is finding a profitable niche. Look around you.

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Omni-channel OMS – A Requirement for Consumer Satisfaction


By seamlessly connecting physical and digital experiences, Uniqlo enables shoppers to buy what, when, and where they want – via the web, mobile, brick & mortar stores, or even airport vending machines. Omni-channel fulfillment has become a consumer expectation.

Weird Retail and Omnichannel Trends


Vending Machine Apparel. Weird Retail and Omnichannel Trends. As more retailers adopt omnichannel practices, it’s only a given that things in retail will get strange. Strange can be good. At other times strange are just unexpected consequences.

Being an Early Adopter: What Does it Mean for Ecommerce?

Blue Acorn

The company also used hype in the form of limited popup vending machines to make the hardware an exclusive to those who could get their hands on them. In today’s world, ecommerce boils down to nothing more than a web-based shopping portal that is designed for various screen sizes.

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15 Best Practices for Boosting Product Page Conversions


How to Take Pictures That Attract and Convert Customers from Vend. Sales shouldn’t be the only thing you celebrate — product page visits are worth a cheer as well. They indicate that someone is well on the way to becoming a customer.

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Beyond Technology: How Commerce Will Change in 20 Years

Blue Acorn

Some stores will even offer automated solutions that simply allow an access code to be used as verification and then out pop your items like a vending machine. One thing is constant, and that is change.

7 Hot Takes On The Death Of Traditional Physical Retail

Demac Media

The less people visit malls or department stores, the less they’ll be picking up a soda in store or at a vending machine, forcing Coca Cola to innovate as well. Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock, you’re probably aware of the rapid changes in the commerce landscape.

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