REPORT: 2018 Is the Year BFCM Changed for Ecommerce Brands


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Navigate Our Top 25 Reports On Journey Maps

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Forrester experts in journey mapping have written over 50 reports, and counting, to help CX pros at any stage determine a path […]. Journey mapping has become a ubiquitous tool for CX.

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Hello Indian Brands. Your CX Report Is Here.

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Forrester’s Customer Experience IndexTM 2018 India Benchmark report is out! Dear Brand, It is that time of the year again. Like each year, we went out and asked *your* customers what they think about the experiences they had with you, and the results are in.

There’s Just One CX Metric That Matters To Your C-Suite – But You’re Not Reporting It

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I’d be doing you a massive disservice if I didn’t tell you that the one CX metric you must report to your CEO and the rest of your C-suite is not NPS.

REPORT: Omnichannel Marketing is All Hype, No Execution


According to the 2017 Ecommerce Holiday Report , 86% of ecommerce marketers have still not executed a full omnichannel marketing strategy for their brand. For the 2017 Ecommerce Holiday Report , hundreds of ecommerce leaders shared their omnichannel marketing plan for this holiday season.

Déjà vu, New Look reports even more store closures

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New Look’s recently announced store closures are not explained uniquely by the growth of eCommerce. In the year to March 2018 the company’s total sales -including online sales- both declined, which is worrying because, typically, we would expect that eCommerce would continue to grow as store sales decline with footfall. New Look acknowledges that it […

RTP Editors Share Takeaways From Price And Promotions Special Report

Retail TouchPoints

The RTP team shares their top takeaways from the report, including standout statistics and recommendations. Adam Blair, Executive Editor: Researching and writing the Price and Promotion Optimization Report, it occurred to me that I should have included a third “P,” for Personalization.

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7 Google Analytics Reports That Show How Your Blog is Really Performing


Well, that was easy to guess because that’s the report Google Analytics gives you once you log in. ??. But which reports do you look at on a regular basis? I bet you look at two main reports…. The “Audience Overview” report and the “Acquisition Overview” report.

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2017 Income Report: How My Blog Performed As A Business

My Wife Quit Her Job

My wife just closed the books on for 2017 and I’m happy to report that I had another record year of growth! To be completely honest, 2017 was supposed to be a coasting year for me so I could figure out what to pursue next.

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New Report Addressing Your No. 1 Requested Topic For 2019: Speed

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(coauthored by John Rymer) Top priority for Forrester’s C-suite Leadership Boards? Faster responses to customer issues and opportunities. Technology and marketing teams have raised their software delivery speeds but are slowed by other parts of the organization that decide and act more slowly.

Frost & Sullivan Visionary Leadership Report

Dynamic Yield

The post Frost & Sullivan Visionary Leadership Report appeared first on Dynamic Yield. 2020 Global Personalization Engines research names Dynamic Yield a Leader. Guides


Retail Quality Report 2019: Global retailers still struggling with digital

Retail Technology Review

Applause, the digital quality and crowdsourced testing solutions provider, has released the global findings of its annual Retail Quality Report. It shows that global retailers are failing to keep up with consumer expectations for optimised digital experiences. Critical Issues Internet Retailing Supply Chain

The 2019 Marketing Technology Outlook Report


The post The 2019 Marketing Technology Outlook Report appeared first on Bronto Blog. Email marketing continues to be the backbone of most marketers’ toolkits, but what other technologies should you consider using to help drive engagement and revenue in 2019? The 2019 Marketing.

The 19 Ecommerce Growth Challenges of 2018, Outlined by Amazon’s Annual Report


On May 18th, Amazon released its Annual Report for the past fiscal year (2017). The Amazon Annual Report, which is made available to the public through the SEC, recapped the company’s remarkable year of growth. What can we take away at a high level from this report?

Introducing The Forrester Readiness Index Report: eCommerce, 2016

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With the increasing significance of the online channel in retail, we need variables other than macroeconomic data or consumer market size to assess the readiness of a market for eCommerce.

New Report: Email Segmentation Benchmarks


The post New Report: Email Segmentation Benchmarks appeared first on Klaviyo. Blog Post Stats + Benchmarks email benchmark email segmentation

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What is the Google Analytics User Explorer Report and Ways to Use it


User Explorer is a report where […]. The post What is the Google Analytics User Explorer Report and Ways to Use it appeared first on Canonicalized. As a beginner with Google Analytics, I sometimes find it difficult to check all the data on all levels, purposefully.


LiveIntent Featured in eMarketer’s Email Marketing 2019 Report


When the good folks at eMarketer asked if LiveIntent would like to participate in their Email Marketing 2019 report, they didn’t need to twist our collective arm. The eMarketer report also addresses a critical threat – email overload.

UK prestige beauty industry generates £2.6 billion in sales for 2019, driven by skincare, reports The NPD Group

Retail Technology Review

The sale of prestige women’s face skincare products in the UK reported an increase of 2% in the 12 months to the end of 2019 according to The NPD Group. The total value of the prestige beauty market in the UK was valued at £2.6 billion in 2019, a decline of 3% when compared to the same period in 2018. Internet Retailing Critical Issues

The Complete Ecommerce Analytics Toolkit: 29 Reports, 6 Actionable Steps + 2 Free Guides


Based on that feedback, we have now updated the UX, data accuracy and resource guides for our 11 out-of-the-box analytics reports and 18 Insights reports customers can use on a recurring subscription payment modal. That’s a total of 29 total reports available to BigCommerce customers.

Custom Reports & Vizzes missing from Google Analytics [28 ways to look at data like a boss]


The post Custom Reports & Vizzes missing from Google Analytics [28 ways to look at data like a boss] appeared first on Canonicalized. People often ask why they should use any other tool than Google Analytics? Don’t we have all the data we need there? It’s true, Google Analytics stores a lot of data. But sometimes it doesn’t tell the whole story. We tend to accept the numbers displayed in GA as the absolute truth. It’s is a […].

Product Class: Reporting Updates Q3 2018


On Thursday, August 16th, Product Specialist Tyler Mattis hosted a webinar on LiveIntent reporting features, including new reporting navigation, new metrics, and a sneak peek at upcoming features. You can also find a link to LiveIntent’s Reporting Overview in Knowledge Base here. The post Product Class: Reporting Updates Q3 2018 appeared first on LiveIntent Blog. Perspective Reporting Webinar

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2017 Income Report: How We Grew Our Online Store And Highlights For The Year

My Wife Quit Her Job

My wife just closed the books on 2017 and I’m happy to report that our online store had another record year. That being said, it’s also been a hectic year filled with lots of traveling, injuries and family activities.

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Promotional Effectiveness Metrics & Email Capture Benchmarks Across 10 Ecommerce Industries [2018 Report]


There’s a problem in ecommerce that needs to be addressed, and fast. Catch-all, batch-and-blast ‘expert’ advice that is not applicable to your business. Every store is different.

Report: Inflow eCommerce Best-in-Class Research Study 2018

Inflow Insights

Previous Years: 2017 Inflow eCommerce Best In Class Matrix and Report. You can read more about our methodology and those three criteria in last year’s report summary. Let’s explain our full report in more detail…. Matrix Report #1: Mobile Optimization.

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Cyber Week 2018 Trends Report: Pre-Thanksgiving Sales Grow, Mobile Drives Majority of Revenue


Cyber Week is officially over. Black Friday and Cyber Monday – the two largest online selling days of the year… Ecommerce Research Holiday Ideas & Strategies

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Forrester Reports Roundup: The Best E-Commerce Insights of 2019


If you want to stay ahead of the latest online retail trends, few resources are as reliable as Forrester’s bank of online retail reports. Two reports in particular stood out to us this year. That’s exactly what this report is for. This report is a robust one. Access the full report here. Access the full report here. Our e-commerce experts regularly scour the latest industry reports and analyses — so you don’t have to.

2017 Mid Year Income Report: How Much I Made Blogging In The Past 6 Months

My Wife Quit Her Job

But despite my shift in focus for the first half of 2017, I’m happy to report that my blog is still on. My wife just closed the books on for the first half of the year and the results are better than I anticipated.

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US GDP Report For Q2 2018 Will Increase US Tech Market Size And Slightly Raise Our 2018 Tech Market Forecast

Forrester eCommerce

Bureau of Economic Analysis (BEA) released its Q2 2018 report on US gross domestic product this morning, and it contained some surprises for the US tech market. The U.S.

[Forrester Report] The Top Retail Technology Investments in 2019


Forrester’s latest report will help you do just that. If you find yourself relating to even just one of the questions above, this report is for you. GET THE FREE FORRESTER REPORT. Industry Trends forrester forrester report technologyHaving the right retail technology can give you a big competitive edge. Problem is, there’s a lot to choose from. The list of available apps, add-ons, platforms and subscriptions grows every day.

Introducing: Enhanced Experience Reports

Dynamic Yield

Our new and enhanced Experience Reports ensure businesses have all of the reporting and data necessary to manage their personalization campaigns with the utmost confidence. The post Introducing: Enhanced Experience Reports appeared first on Dynamic Yield.

Retail predictions for 2019: A midyear status report

Steve Dennis

The post Retail predictions for 2019: A midyear status report appeared first on Steve Dennis. In January I went out on a limb with my 14 Predictions For Retail in 2019. So how are things looking so far? Apocalypse? The retail apocalypse narrative continues to be part of the zeitgeist, and it looks like we could see a record number of store closings this year.

New report: Abandoned cart benchmarks


Today marks the official launch of our ecommerce industry benchmark report on abandoned carts. To access the complete report and all the interactive visualizations that go with it, just pop on over. Check out the abandoned cart benchmark report.

New Amazon Advertising Reports Available in Vendor Central

ROI Revolution

How will the new Amazon Advertising reports affect brands selling on the Amazon Marketplace? Recently, we’ve noticed that new Amazon advertising reports have been added for your Sponsored Product and Headline Search ad campaigns within Vendor Central. New Amazon Advertising Reports.

2Checkout reports new global digital commerce trends for 2017

Retail Technology Review

2Checkout (formerly Avangate) has released its H1 2017 benchmark report on Digital Commerce Trends in Software & Online Services Sales, showing that subscription-based software solutions, downloadable or as a service, maintain a strong upward trend