Retail 2008 To 2018: A Decade Of Revolutionizing The ‘How’ Of Customer Engagement

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So, I looked back at my digital folders containing articles from 2008 and, not really surprisingly, I found a lot of similarities between the topics we covered 10 years ago and the topics we’re focused on moving into 2018. 

Continued Convergence Of Analytics Products And Services

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I’ve been watching this trend with great curiosity (and first wrote about it in 2008). On the one hand, software product vendors are slowly but surely migrating from just selling products to selling solutions — and solutions always require professional services. IBM led the trend when it acquired PwC Consulting in 2002. For the last few […]. advanced analytics analytics applications big data IT consulting


71% of retailers invest in AI to attract online shoppers this Christmas as in store sales drop to their lowest levels for a decade

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With November reported to have the lowest shopper footfall since the 2008 recession and in store sales predicted to get worse in December, a new in-depth research study into how retailers are gearing up their online customer service this Christmas has found that nearly three quarters are investing in Artificial Intelligence in the call centre, driven by consumer demand and changing shopping habits - saving over 1 in 3 retailers £100,000 or more a year.

Warby Parker: How four students turned the eyewear industry on its head


In February 2008, Neil Blumenthal sprang up in the middle of the night with an idea. Little did he know, his idea was going to change the eyewear industry forever. Case studies Popular Posts


Adaptable Teams Prevail Over Mythical Retail End Times

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Headlines span the past seven years touting the doom of retail: Bankruptcies Aren't Proxies For Retail Market Health… Retail bankruptcies numbered 20 in 2008, and this year they are tracking higher, but you can still count them on two hands. [1]

Through-Channel Marketing Represents The Third Stage For Sales And Marketing Leaders

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The marketing automation stage began to grow exponentially around 2008 and has reached critical mass in its first decade. […]. Over the past few decades, sales and marketing leaders have been transforming themselves into predictable, data-driven business units.

P2P lending on a global scale


The world saw the effects of the 2008 financial crisis, where banks began to impose stricter laws against consumer lending. Quick and simple loans became tough to acquire. Even those with a good credit history found it challenging to acquire loans. As the loan approval processes became longer and the criteria for credit assessment tighter, it opened the door to alternative financing, bringing about the rise of the peer-to-peer (P2P) lending space. Business Growth Small Business

Mr. Potato Head Becomes First Toy Ever Televised


In 2008 the character also featured as one of the giant helium balloons at Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. Photo: Pixar. Wikia. The iconic Mr. Potato Head toy was first manufactured in 1952.

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In A Holiday Daze With All The Retail Holiday Days

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This year there already are more than 225 retailers participating in this promotional day that started in 2008. By Debbie Hauss, Editor-in-Chief Black Friday. Cyber Monday. Small Business Saturday. Sofa Sunday. Singles Day. And what about Free Shipping Day ?

Folgers Advertises the Intangible


Folgers was subsequently sold for $3 billion in 2008, and in 2009 the popular ad was somewhat less successfully reimagined. The biggest challenge with advertising food and drink is really conveying its essential features to an audience –– taste and smell.

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From Backyard to Business: The Empowered Marketer Goes to the Maker’s Mixer


She founded the Vermont-based company back in 2008 from the back of her college classroom, and slowly grew the cozy line of ski-inspired headwear and accessories through organic growth and a dedication to social media.

What can traditional brands do to compete with digitally native vertical brands?


of 2016 GDP and saw 20% growth since 2008 according a study from Harvard Business School. Historically, brands that dominated supply chains dominated market share in their category.

Five Ways Retailers Can Avoid Ending Up Like Toys ‘R’ Us

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If you’re still looking for proof that we’re living in one of the most transformational times in retail since the 2008 financial crisis, look no further than the recent demise of Toys “R” Us.

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Relieving Stress For Shoppers With Food Allergies And Restrictions

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Improving The Prepared Foods Section Purchases of prepared foods and meals are up 30% since 2008, specifically among Millennials. By Paul Milner, Displaydata Many of today’s shoppers are extremely conscientious of the food they eat, now more than ever.

The B2B Of The Future: Bot To Bot Marketing

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That prescient list of his still exists and some of the ideas on it illuminate how ArcTouch has maintained its leading position in the mobile app development industry since 2008. By Adam Fingerman, ArcTouch Mobile & Connected Experiences No doubt about it, bots are coming.

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Why Digital-Native Brands Are Moving In-Store


Last year’s closures even managed to beat the previous record of 6,163 store closings in 2008 — mid-financial crisis. In the retail industry, 2017 was a record year — but unfortunately not for a reason we should celebrate.

How I Did It: Tayse Rugs Maps 3400 SKUs to 9 Channels in 2 Weeks


While other furnishing companies met with decreasing sales following the economic crisis of 2008. In the thirteen since Tayse Rugs was founded as a family business in Calhoun, Georgia, the manufacturer and importer of machine-made rugs has quickly gained prominence. Tayse Rugs thrived because consumers wanted to buy low-cost, high quality machine-made rugs. This led to a shift in focus for Tayse Rugs : increase presence across retailers and do it in an efficient, effective way.

Flip Flop Shops: Multi-store pick, pack, ship and in-store pickup


The company began franchising in 2008 and now operates shops globally throughout the United States, Canada, the Caribbean, and South Africa. Why they won. Silk Software was a finalist for the Innovation Award for Agency Innovation for their work on Flip Flop Shops.

Brand Loyalty Examples: 8 B2C Brands with a Rabid Fanbase


Jewelry brand Dannijo was only set up in 2008, but it already counts Beyonce and Sarah Jessica as fans. Fans are everything. These are the people who love your brand and your products so much they can’t wait to tell their friends.

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Episode 52 – Payment Plans, the History of Credit and Selling More to Millenials with Charlie Youakim from Sezzle

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Some regulations put into place after the recession in 2008 like prohibiting credit card companies from marketing on college campuses and raising the legal age to sign up for a credit card to 21 instead of 18 have all played into this.

Super Bowl Sunday Is Here, Whether You Like It Or Not!


Apparently, something big happened in the 2008 Super Bowl with a man named Tyree and a “Helmet Catch”. Try something like “Mmmiinhmmim 2008 mmmhm Tyree and THAT HELMET CATCH!” Ah, Super Bowl season is upon us.

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Top E-Commerce Magento Agencies in the UK


After founded in 2008, VAIMO has delivered more than 400 projects for both B2C and B2B brands. The Pixel has been working with the Magento platform since 2008 and has delivered various technically challenging and complex projects to the global clients.

Cashwrap Conversations: The Future is For Now

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Starting an online retail business in 2018 sounds about as daunting as starting a physical retail business in 2008 did. Sure, less costs are associated, and consumer spending has bounced back, but the ecommerce market is oversaturated, shipping costs continue to skyrocket, and the “pay to play” decree of digital advertising —now starting to shake up social media as well — is making it increasingly difficult for new online brands to get in front of an audience.

The History of Blockchain

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In 2008, during the aftermath of the Global Financial Crisis (“GFC”) a man called Satoshi Nakamoto (a man with a name but no face) released his white paper, Bitcoin: A Peer to Peer Electronic Cash System. The History of Blockchain. “To

Ecomdash Product Updates – August 2018


Bonanza launched in 2008 as a B2C marketplace and has over 50k online retailers. With the holidays around the corner, our team is working hard to release as much functionality as we can for online retailers. Here are some of the latest updates from our August release. Bonanza Integration.

Digital Commerce and the Threat of Card-not-present Fraud


This upward trend has been present since at least 2008, when the Census Bureau reported that ecommerce sales accounted for about 3.5% Digital commerce continues to be top of mind for online retailers. Consumers shop more and more across a variety of devices and channels.

Partners in Growth: Danfoss & FastSpring


Cisco Systems estimated that IoT was “born” between 2008 and 2009, but it’s just in the last couple years we’ve seen an explosion of IoT solutions for both commercial and domestic use. The Internet of Things is a network of interconnected physical devices that collect and share data with each other.

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CEO Neil Lustig Shares Sailthru Growth Story on Nathan Latka’s Podcast


Sailthru was founded in 2008 as a way to engage with consumers by connecting with them as human beings, rather than marketing segments. Nathan Latka describes himself as a different kind of entrepreneur , one who eschews “rah rah positivity” and dives right into the data.

Ecommerce Investing Insights: How to Invest in High-Growth Companies


I founded a company called StockTwits in 2008 with a vision to create the largest online community of traders and investors. I’m fascinated by growth. As a financial industry entrepreneur and investor, in many ways, growth is my stock-in-trade.

SEMrush Pricing Plans: Pro, Guru, Business, Enterprise – Which One is Best for You?

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Founded in 2008, SEMrush started as a tiny group of SEO and IT experts, and now this organization boasts over two hundred specialists in over four countries! If you're looking for tools to help you run an e-commerce store, there's a good chance you've come across SEMrush.

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Blue Acorn Partners with Beringer Capital

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It was 2008, and the divide between my work and my passion was growing. By day, I consulted and implemented CRM for enterprises across the southeast. By night, I was selling wares online, a business I had started several years prior. While I enjoyed both, I found myself yearning to spend more time learning the ins and outs of online retail. Eventually, my passion for eCommerce couldn’t be ignored, and I couldn’t live that life part-time anymore. I wanted to be all in.

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7 Brands Discuss the Benefits of the New Cashless Economy and Apple Pay’s Growing Ubiquity


2008: Bitcoin is invented.?. Technology is restructuring how money moves. From crypto-currencies to peer-topper payments and one-click checkouts, modern innovations are shifting the basic payment infrastructure of our economy.

Will Macy’s ignite a new era of legacy retailer innovation?

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Since 2008, department stores’ share of total retail has sunk from 2.8% The moderate department store sector has been struggling for some two decades; first losing share to category killers and discount mass merchants, then to off-price retailers and now, increasingly, to Amazon. to about 1.7%. Over 1,000 stores have been shuttered during the past few years with more sure to follow.

Black Friday 2018: An Ecommerce Survival Guide


The only year-to-year decrease in Black Friday shopping throughout the past decade came during the Great Recession in 2008. Thanksgiving is supposed to wear us out.

10 Ethical Online Shops and What to Learn from Each One

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Partnerships: Back in 2008, Oxfam launched their ‘Shwopping scheme' in conjunction with Marks and Spencers. The value of all ethical spending in the UK (alone) grew as much as £38 billion in 2015! That's a lot of cash.

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