Greencore commits to making all packaging recyclable by 2025


The pledges include commitments that all of the group’s packaging will be recyclable or reusable by 2025, that food waste will be reduced by 50%.


Sizing The AI Software Market: Not As Big As Investors Expect But Still $37 Billion By 2025

Forrester's Customer Insights

Forrester forecasts the AI software market will grow to $37 billion by 2025. Find out what's driving the growth and where the limitations are in this blog post. Age of the Customer AI Insights

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Will CX Pros Still Have A Job In 2025?

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There we were. a round table of CX leaders from across Southeast Asia, senior executives with years of experience running large, successful teams and chipping away at the journey to turn our organizations into customer-obsessed enterprises. We shared our recent wins and successes and learned from each other how to go faster, […]. age of the customer customer experience customer experience management

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Retailers to need a lot more warehouse space to meet online demand


Online merchants will need one billion square feet of additional warehouse space by 2025 to keep up with rising demand, according to a new report by JLL


Tout’s teams up with Nisa Retail


Tout’s currently operates two sites in Bristol, which feature Budegen’s convenience stores and Subways, and it plans to have 10 outlets by 2025. Forecourt retailer Tout’s has signed a deal to be supplied by Nisa from the end of the month.

Aldi pushes ahead with store openings


The supermarket is opening new stores in towns and cities such as Sandhurst, Bristol and Edinburgh, as it continues on its journey towards its target of 1,200 UK stores by 2025. Aldi says it is pushing ahead with plans to open an average of one new store a week between now and Christmas.


Aldi pledges to remove 74,000 tonnes of plastic packaging


Aldi has pledged to cut the volume of plastic packaging it uses in half by 2025. The commitment will see the supermarket remove 74,000 tonnes of plastic packaging during the next five years, the equivalent to 2.2bn single items of plastic. Aldi will work to remove and reduce unnecessary packaging and switch to alternative materials. This story continues at Aldi pledges to remove 74,000 tonnes of plastic packaging. Or just read more coverage at Talking Retail.


5 things CPG shoppers want from your brand


By 2025, CPG is expected to account for 20% of total digital revenue. Consumers expect CPG brands and manufacturers to tailor product experiences to the further-fragmenting methods of digital shopping, according to a recent Salsify survey. At the core, requires creating a competitive product experience, to include convenience, information, and community

Ahold Delhaize Unveils Ambitious Health and Sustainability Goals

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Ahold Delhaize USA — which operates grocery chains under the Food Lion , Giant Food , The GIANT Company , Hannaford and Stop & Shop banners — has unveiled a series of new health and sustainability goals.

Sales Training: The 5 Stupidest Questions To Ask Retail Shoppers

Retail Doc

In spite of the relentless onslaught of online retailers, 85% of transactions are still expected to be done in a brick and mortar store well into 2025 according to McKinsey. People who sell retail have to up their game, or their brick and mortar stores will bleed customers. And don’t blame online sales…. Since that’s the case, it would be good to stop looking at omnichannel and online retailers as the real foes of a brick and mortar store and confront the real one….

Spar removes 300 tonnes of plastic from own-label packaging in a year


The symbol group has unveiled new targets for 2025, on World Environment Day today (5 June), This story continues at Spar removes 300 tonnes of plastic from own-label packaging in a year. Spar has removed nearly 300 tonnes of virgin plastic from 53 own label products, prevented more than 100 tonnes of black plastic going to landfill, and added recycling information on over 700 Spar own-label products in the past year.

How CPG Brands and Retailers Can Break Down Barriers to Win the Digital Shelf


By 2025, 70% of consumers will be grocery shopping online. They expect compelling, personalized digital experiences and robust product content. Many CPG consumers already demand specific details on nutritional information, ingredients, allergens, and sustainability preferences. Marketing Drive Operational Excellence Retailers Data Insights OXA CPG

McDonald’s to diversify senior leadership team


McDonald’s has announced plans to diversify its senior leadership by 2025 with a focus on promoting more women and members of minority groups. The fast food giant said it is targeting 2030 to reach gender parity for those roles and that its EVPs will have their compensation tied, in part, to achieving diversity goals. McDonald’s has faced accusations of racism, both within its organization and among franchisees, in the past year


Nordstrom Launches Beauty Packaging Recycling Initiative

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Through the initiative, Nordstrom aims to take back 100 tons of hard-to-recycle beauty packaging by 2025.

Adidas Divests Reebok, Plans to Focus on Flagship Brand

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More details on adidas’ strategic business plan through 2025 will be unveiled at the company’s virtual Investor and Media Day on March 10, 2021. Adidas will cut Reebok loose following an assessment undertaken as part of the retailer’s soon-to-be-announced five-year strategy.

10 Best Print On Demand Companies For Custom Products In 2020

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Right now, the custom t-shirt printing market alone is expected to generate more than $10 billion by 2025! Print on demand companies (POD) are a valuable platform for entrepreneurs looking to sell customized products without worrying about order fulfillment and without spending any money. In fact, POD is the cheapest and easiest way to create products to sell online with zero upfront cost.

How to win grocery on Amazon | Salsify


With online grocery spending projected to increase to $100 billion by 2025 , brands have to adapt in order to capture the growing revenue potential. Part of ensuring success in this category means creating a tailored shopping experience that is optimized to win consumers on Amazon, the biggest online retailer in the country.

SAP Makes The Right Decision By Extending Support For Business Suite 7

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This won’t surprise many people, because the 2025 deadline was unrealistic given how slowly SAP’s customers are moving to S/4HANA. SAP today announced that it will continue to support customers on Business Suite 7 until 2030. It was never likely that SAP would risk its €11.5 million maintenance stream by switching off support for a […]. age of the customer

The Future Of Banking Has Arrived

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The drivers of the future are evolutions of the past – some playing out now, others that will be far more prominent by 2025 and table stakes by 2030. […].

Big increases in Alzheimer’s cases expected in next five years


million by the end of 2025. About 5.8 million Americans 65 or older currently are living with Alzheimer’s disease, according to The Alzheimer’s Association, with the number of cases expected to climb to 7.1 The state expected to see the biggest percentage increase is expected to be Arizona with a 33.3 percent jump. Nearly 13 percent of Arizona’s population is 65 or older


China, the Bots, and Why It Matters to Your Online Business


Between 2017 and 2025, the global market for industrial and non-industrial robots is expected to rise 1,168.7% The future belongs to the bots. That’s not a warning and, thanks to cobiotics, neither is it something to fear. It’s simply the truth. from $39.3 billion to nearly half a trillion dollars. And no one is investing more heavily than China. The question for small-to-medium online businesses is: “Why does the rise of bots matter to me?”. supply chain management trends

China, the Bots, and Why It Matters to Your Online Business


Between 2017 and 2025, the global market for industrial and non-industrial robots is expected to rise 1,168.7% The future belongs to the bots. That’s not a warning and, thanks to cobiotics, neither is it something to fear. It’s simply the truth. from $39.3 billion to nearly half a trillion dollars. And no one is investing more heavily than China. The question for small-to-medium online businesses is: “Why does the rise of bots matter to me?”.

rue21 to Open 15 Stores in 2021

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The company amended its asset-based credit facility to increase availability to $155 million due in 2025, led by Bank of America. Specialty retailer rue21 plans to open 15 stores in 2021, following the recent openings of three new brick-and-mortar stores.

Telecom-Only = Disrupted

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My theme at PTC’19 this week was that telecommunications and colocation companies who maintain a focus on their traditional value propositions will be fully disrupted by 2025. Customers, in the era of cloud computing and embracing the shift to business agility, don’t want long-term commitments to fixed capacities of these resources. Their infrastructure consumption is […]. cloud computing edge computing PTC'19

Google commits to black-owned businesses with $175 million fund


Alphabet has set a goal of having 30 percent of its workforce representative of underrepresented groups by 2025, perhaps a tall order considering about 3.5 Google parent company Alphabet has announced a broad array of commitments to do a better job diversifying its executive team and workforce and support black-owned businesses. Responding to the current protests rocking the nation, management said it hopes to translate “the energy of this moment into lasting, meaningful change.”

Millennials Want Credible, Digital Content: So Give It To Them!

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labor force will be run by 18 to 35-year-olds by 2025, many studies (like this […]. Mmmmm … Millennials. If you haven’t already heard (about a million times), this generation is taking over the workforce. And becoming more responsible for making purchase decisions while on the job. Whether you believe projections that most of the U.S.

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The Future Of Banking: Sneak Peek Into Our Upcoming Research

Forrester's Customer Insights

These themes are already starting to play out now but will be far more prominent by 2025 and table stakes by […]. As part of our upcoming research report on the future of banking, Jacob Morgan and I have been interviewing financial services experts around the globe. Out of that research, four clear themes have emerged.

Nordstrom Pledges To Reduce Single-Use Plastic By 50% In 5 Years

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Nords trom has laid out ambitious goals for environmental sustainability, human rights and corporate philanthropy in its 2019 Corporate Social Responsibility report.

How Soon Will AI Change the Retail Landscape?


By 2025, it’s projected to grow to over US$27 billion. In 2016, the size of the retail AI market was less than US$1 billion. AI is undoubtedly going to become a dominant tool in retail—the question is, how soon will the retail sector feel this change and how deeply will it be impacted? Retail Operations Wireless Trends

Conversion Optimization Strategies for Luxury Online Retailers


According to a study by Statista Consumer Market Outlook , the global luxury market should anticipate growth of nearly $103 billion from 2020 to 2025, despite an initial decrease in discretionary spending resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic.

Speech Technology Helps Retailers Deliver on Consumer Expectations for Contactless Shopping Experiences

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billion by 2025, growing at a compound annual growth rate of 19.63% from 2017 to 2025. Businesses across sectors are turning to voice technologies in response to COVID-19 health and safety concerns.

7 Ways to Prepare Your Store for Millennials

Springboard Retail

Although Generation Y used to be considered less—shall we say—prosperous than the previous generations, as of recently they have been holding considerable spending power, expected to reach $8 trillion by 2025. Millennial buying power is increasing.


Leveraging Emerging Technologies In The Transformation Of “Made In China”

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I recently published a report — “Emerging Technologies Are Transforming ‘Made In China’” — in which I discuss how manufacturing CIOs should leverage emerging technologies to drive their transformation under the “Made in China 2025” initiative.

Food and Beverage Retailers Need Hard Data from Brands to Support Sustainability

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They’re the main spenders, and by 2025 three out of four workers in the U.S. Consumers want to know about the paths their food and drinks take from the farm to their pantry.

Online Grocery Shopping During the Pandemic: What Worked and What the Future Holds


During the pandemic, online grocery penetration in the UK, France and Germany peaked at levels we hadn’t expected until well after 2025. grocery sales by 2025, totaling $250 billion.

Who is Generation Alpha, and Why Are They Important to Marketers?

Neil Patel

By 2025, this group will reach a worldwide population of more than two billion. It’s expected that AI and robotics will be completely integrated into modern life by 2025. Every new generation brings new customs, behaviors, and cultural phenomena that shape the world as we know it.

Smart Home Challenges and Why Companies Should Care

ViiBE Blog - Retail

The global market for smart homes is projected to keep growing, with the market value reaching $174 billion by 2025. It is no surprise that people continue to become more and more connected every year.