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8-Second Attention Spans and Short Videos: The Future of Video-First Marketing

Retail TouchPoints

In an era of goldfish-esque attention spans, short videos have emerged as a powerful marketing tool. Let’s dive into the world of short videos, explore how they can boost businesses, and understand why many brands choose to host these videos directly on their websites. Short videos leave no room for vague messaging.

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4 Key App Marketing Objectives you Can Nail with Video Content

Retail TouchPoints

Thanks to its versatility and appeal, video content lies at the core of most inbound marketing campaigns nowadays. From boosting sales to increasing brand awareness and educating audiences about your app, video allows you to accomplish most marketing goals like no other type of media. Here are some of them: Company culture videos.

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Free Video Editing Software For E-commerce Videos


High-quality video content is a great way to showcase products professionally in an e-commerce store. AI Multiple, a digital B2B research firm, found that video content makes website visitors 64-85% more likely to buy a product , compared to static images. There are many ways to edit your videos for free.

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Product Videos: 5 Advantages For eCommerce Brands


Would you rather watch a 20-second video clip or read a one page summary? In today's world of information overload, video has become a main source for absorbing information. Product Videos: 5 Advantages. one of the many advantages to leveraging product videos. Emphasize product features and details.

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5 Essential Virtual Selling Practices Every Company Must Have by 2023

Speaker: Erika Bzdel - Vice President of Sales and Craig Simons - Director of Marketing

Why video is so important in coaching your reps. In this webinar you'll learn: Best practices for virtually onboarding and training sales reps. How to optimize content creation and collaboration for the moment of need. How to streamline and power up your product launches. Strategies to increase buyer relationships through virtual selling.

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How to Get Started With Video Marketing


There’s no doubt about it: a successful video marketing campaign will absolutely transform how your business operates. If you’ve been dreaming about an increase in brand awareness, organic lead generation, and personal connections with your customers – creating video content could be the solution you are looking for. More sales?

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B2B Marketing And Sales: Combat Digital Sameness With Video

Forrester eCommerce

Video has incredible power for B2B marketing and sales to deliver lots of information in a small, engaging package. Join me and my colleague Cheri Keith at TechX for our session, “Switched On: Four Must-Have Video Technologies,” to find out how to supercharge your campaigns.

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