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From its launch in 2003, WordPress has risen from an obscure content management platform to the power behind 33% of… Ecommerce Technology

Get Sirius About Customer Engagement Marketing

Forrester eCommerce

In 2003, Fred Reichheld, who was by then a partner at Bain & Company, introduced a way of measuring how well an organization treats its customers.

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Akamai Purchases Janrain

Forrester eCommerce

Founded in 2003, Janrain was one of the first [… Today, Akamai announced that it has acquired Portland, Oregon-based Janrain. Although the financial terms were not disclosed, Forrester estimates the purchase price to be in the $250M–$275M range, based on typical M&A SaaS revenue multiples of 4X to 6X and Forrester’s estimation of Janrain’s annual revenue.


Black Friday Ecommerce: The Hype and the Reality

Nerd Marketing

It was 2003. Black Friday e-commerce can really stress you out. I remember my first Black Friday as a retailer. The holidays kinda snuck up on us. We had no idea that we had to strategize this entire month. We came up with a few last-minute deals. We sent out a few last-minute emails. WE […]. The post Black Friday Ecommerce: The Hype and the Reality appeared first on Nerd Marketing. Analytics Blog Posts Ecommerce Strategy black friday cyber monday

How WordPress is Powering Businesses Around the World


Since their start in 2003, WordPress has become the leading content management system for individuals and businesses alike. In fact, WordPress currently runs 31% of all websites around the world. Odds are some of your favorite sites on the internet are powered by WordPress

How Good Content Lets Your Customers Know You Care


2003 - 2017 Provide Support LLC. How Good Content Lets Your Customers Know You Care. Whether you are a start-up company, regional SME or global corporation, chances are how you and your staff provide great service to your own customers is a process that has been carefully honed and refined.

Bed, Bath & Beyond Boring

Steve Dennis

Of course, I don’t have to wonder all that much since I worked at Sears from 1991 to 2003.

Customer Showcase: Clear Solutions – Premier Glass Repair Products


Based in Calgary, Alberta, Clear Solutions has been a provider of premier windshield repair supplies since 2003.

Email strategy teardown: Converse vs. TOMS


In 2003, the company was purchased by Nike for $305 million. Great marketing is successful because it treats users as individuals— real living, breathing people— not just as email addresses. Great email marketing strategies succeed for the same reason.

Customer Showcase: Beads in Bulk – Wholesaling Beads Worldwide


Based in Metro Atlanta, GA, Beads In Bulk has been involved in the wholesale distribution of beads and related products since 2003. After getting married and moving to the United States, I finally got a chance in 2003 to fulfill my dreams and was born.

Dead brand walking: Sears is going out with a bang

Steve Dennis

In the weird irony that is often part of retail (and life in general), Sears Holdings recently announced its first quarter of comparable sales growth in many years—and I believe only its second or third since I left the retailer in 2003! It turns out that the liquidations sales being held in the many Sears and Kmart locations that were closing during the quarter finally brought out customers in droves. Better late than never, I suppose.

NRF’s Big Show: Addressing the knowing-doing gap

Steve Dennis

Aside from confusing correlation with causality–and aside from having shared this type of analysis myself at two different retailers in 2003 and 2006 respectively–some version of this alleged wisdom nugget has been trotted out at many a conference for quite some time.

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Despite Amazon tire deal, talk of a Sears turnaround is just hot air

Steve Dennis

Opportunities to have struck a grander bargain with those omnichannel brands with the best distribution power, market share and growth potential — which my team aggressively explored in 2003 — have long since passed.

Sears: Is The End Finally In Sight For The World’s Slowest Liquidation Sale?

Steve Dennis

When I left Sears in 2003, I was quite pessimistic about the company’s long-term prospects. Some initiatives we had put in place during a two-year strategic re-positioning effort were gaining traction, but most key metrics were alarming. The apparel business was well below a sustainable productivity level.

How to Get More Organic Traffic Without Doing Any SEO (Seriously)


Now to be fair, this was back in 2003 when it wasn’t that hard to rank on Google (or any other search engine for that matter). You all know SEO is a long-term game… at least when it comes to Google. And yes, who doesn’t want to be at the top of Google for some of the most competitive terms?

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Fashion & Apparel Ecommerce Site Design


In 2003, my business partner and I designed a novelty brand that was in the international clothing convention called the “Magic Show.” The fashion and apparel industry has one major negative associated with it: there’s so much competition.

Eddie Lampert just can’t stop picking at Sears’ carcass

Steve Dennis

When I left Sears late in 2003 (the year before the Sears and Kmart merger), we had valued Kenmore well in excess of $2 billion, and Sears’ major appliance market share was north of 40%. As some readers may know, I began my retail career at Sears. And these days, when folks ask how long I worked there, I typically say, “Too long.” ” The more accurate, less snarky answer is 12 years.

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Black Friday 2018: An Ecommerce Survival Guide


By 2003, Black Friday was the busiest shopping day of the year in the United States. Thanksgiving is supposed to wear us out.

With Kenmore Deal Amazon Is A Winner. For Sears, Not So Much.

Steve Dennis

Way back in 2003 I was Sears’ VP of Strategy and my team was exploring options for our major private brands. Investors reacted quite favorably to the news that Kenmore appliances will soon be sold through Amazon. For Amazon, it’s clearly an interesting opportunity.

I love it when a plan comes together


In 2003 I was a freelance writer and my largest client and former employer, adidas, asked if I could help them write product copy for an eCommerce site they had recently launched.

12 Best WooCommerce Alternatives: The Ultimate List

Ecommerce Platforms

Founded in 2003, Squarespace's 24/7 customer support is some of the best in the industry. In 2018, ecommerce sales increased by 18% , which amounted to a whopping $2.86 trillion in online sales. In light of that, it's no wonder more, and more entrepreneurs are launching online stores.

7 Brands Discuss the Benefits of the New Cashless Economy and Apple Pay’s Growing Ubiquity


2003: 95 million cell phone users worldwide made a purchase via their mobile device.?. Technology is restructuring how money moves. From crypto-currencies to peer-topper payments and one-click checkouts, modern innovations are shifting the basic payment infrastructure of our economy.

From Bookstore to Superstore: The Evolution of


2003: Amazon launches Search Inside the Book — a feature allowing customers to hunt for keywords in the full text of books listed on Can you believe that a little more than two decades ago, Amazon was still one man, a light bulb idea and a home garage? Circa 1994, Jeff Bezos began working on a business plan (yes, in his garage) for what would eventually become the largest internet retailer in the US. In 1995, the company made its official debut. Since then, a lot has changed.

Sears: Dead brand walking

Steve Dennis

As I have recounted before, back in 2003 when I was part of the senior team working on trying to fix the department store business, it was abundantly clear that Sears’ concentration of assets (particularly for its home business) in regional malls was a significant and growing liability. Recently Sears Holdings made several interesting announcements. First, it declared it was closing 63 more stores , in a continued false notion that it can shrink itself to prosperity.

Cross-Border Commerce 101: The History, The Lingo, The $900B Opportunity


2003 – Taobao founded. In 1994, Jeff Bezos founded Amazon in Seattle, Washington, USA. Since, the landscape of commerce has forever been changed.

Sears must think we’re stupid or gullible. Here’s why.

Steve Dennis

When I left Sears in 2003 (a year before Sears and K-mart merged), I had already concluded that the once iconic brand was on a slow slide to oblivion. Having spent my first 12 years in retail as an executive at Sears, I’ve followed the company’s trials and tribulations with more than a passing interest.

ActiveCampaign Review: Email Marketing with Marketing Automation

Ecommerce Platforms

So far, the solution has been serving businesses since 2003. This ActiveCampaign review assesses its features, pricing, and the overall functionalities that would fundamentally be relevant to your business. It’s cheap. And most importantly, super effective.

How to Choose the Best Hosting Provider for Your Ecommerce Site


Since it’s humble beginnings in 2003 as a spinoff of the CafePress blogging platform, WordPress has grown into a powerful content management system (CMS) that directly supports a significant portion of the internet.

WordPress vs HubSpot : Choosing the Right CMS


It has evolved immensely since its launch in 2003, when it was made specifically for blogging. Choosing the right Content Management System (CMS) can be difficult.

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The Best WordPress Alternatives to Consider for 2020

Ecommerce Platforms

Starting life as a simple blogging platform in 2003, WordPress has come a long way over the years. Do you want a WordPress alternative to help you build your online presence? It's fair to say that WordPress is one of the most popular tools on the market.

How Revolve Uses Personalization to Help Customers Find That One-in-a-Million Dress


Revolve has been doing this since 2003, when most fashion brands were barely aware of the power of personalization. Revolve works with more than 3,000 clothing brands and offers about 1,000 new items for sale every week.

Founder’s Day 2019: ChannelAdvisor Employees Reflect on 18 Years


ChannelAdvisor’s founders, Aris Buinevicius and Scott Wingo, probably do not know I am celebrating my eleventh Founder’s Day with them because of a presentation on ChannelAdvisor given to the NCSU engineering entrepreneurs program in 2003.

8 Tactics For Effective Browse Abandonment Email Campaigns


Browse abandonment email falls under a category that is not strictly controlled by the CAN-SPAM Act of 2003. When considering all of the different pieces of the eCommerce marketing stack , an abandoned cart campaign is an absolute necessity for online retailers.

Staring Down Retail Armageddon With Unified Commerce


In fact, a study of marketing spend during recessions from 1971 – 2003 across 3,264 companies showed that their earnings for the year rose. Staring Down Retail Armageddon With Unified Commerce.

10 Best Ecommerce Platforms Compared & Rated For 2019

eCommerce CEO

Founded in 2003, they have sleek templates and design capabilities. Our top ecommerce platforms are based on objective performance data, feature set and, value. Compare these top ecommerce website builders to find one that fits your needs. Here Are The Best Ecommerce Platforms. Top Ecommerce Platforms Compared. From cool marketing features to drool-worthy SEO, multichannel functionality, and more. Compare these best ecommerce platforms.