Retail Mobile App Experiences: New Best Practice Series

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Mobile is the dominant digital touchpoint in retail and mobile apps play critical role – consumers who down load a retailer’s app are likely to be more loyal, but that does not mean they wont uninstall the app if it does not meet their expectations!

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T-Mobile MONEY’s Checking Account: Game Changer?

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On April 18th, T-Mobile officially launched its T-Mobile MONEY checking account, after a soft launch late last year. And this isn’t T-mobile’s first foray into banking either.

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20 Mobile Trends for 2020

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It made me realize Forrester no longer publish dedicated “mobile” predictions. Because, mobile has simply become a key driver and enabler of business transformation. Mobile is embedded everywhere. However, many brands wrongly think they have ticked the mobile box and […].

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Reviewing Amazon’s customer experience for their Treasure Truck offer of the day.

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A look at the mobile experience, landing page, call to action, etc. BTW this is what the Treasure Truck looked like when you arrived: What other brands would you like to see execute a fun truck experience like this one?

The Future Of Mobility Is Data, Not Cars

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Having worked in and with the automotive industry for around 25 years, the challenges that OEMs face given their size and structures often inhibit the business agility needed to provide lasting customer value in an age of digital disruption.

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Bad Bots Are Stealing Data AND Ruining Customer Experience

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Bad Bots Are Affecting Your Company More Than You Might Think Every online customer touchpoint – including websites, mobile apps, and APIs – is being attacked by bots. Interrupting good customer traffic, committing fraud, and stealing information – just ad fraud alone is set to exceed $3.3 age of the customer

Financial Service Firms Need To Stop Thinking Like Retailers On Personalization

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But financial services companies’ current personalization efforts are nowhere near the level necessary to engage increasingly demanding customers.

5 Steps To Creating A Better In-Store Customer Experience

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By Derek Dykens, Cisco Traditional retailers are feeling immense pressure to improve the in-store customer experience as innovative, digital-first competitors continue to enter the brick-and-mortar space. However, don’t be afraid to leap forward with your associate mobile strategy.

Ecommerce Customer Experience: Creating a Truly Great Experience for Users in 2020


When Exxel Outdoors’ mobile traffic started really taking off, they noticed that the revenue wasn’t following. The amount of effort it… Ecommerce Marketing

Amidst Customer Experience Obsession, Don’t Overlook Importance Of Analytics

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By Paul Millette, Carousel Industries For arguably anyone in retail, the conversation of “delivering the ultimate customer experience” is as prolific as discussions about inventory management, supply chain operations and P&L statements.

Web Push Is A Channel For Improving the Customer Experience


In fact, a decent percentage of marketers will use web push exclusively as a re-engagement tool for at-risk customers – but even that’s only a good strategy if it’s being leveraged alongside more regular use. When customers are looking at specific products but may need more information.

Reimagine Mobile To Activate Your Total Brand Experience

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I focus a lot of my research on marketing innovation and have been working on mobile (first as marketing guy at a telco in 1998 then as an analyst) for more than 20 years.

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Beacon Technology: Shining A Light On Customer Experience

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By Miguel Ramos, Confirmit Retailers are facing increasing pressure to create a compelling and interactive shopping experience. We’ve all had those shopping experiences where you’re “just browsing,” and suddenly you’re leaving the store with two bags in hand.

European Banks Are Redoubling Their Mobile Banking Efforts in 2019 – Just Not All At The Same Speed

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Banks across Europe are all working hard to build the killer mobile banking app. They aim to keep pace with their customers’ needs and rising expectations as consumers’ appetite for banking on the go shows no signs of abating.

The Coronavirus Crisis Puts Telcos Back On The Map As Strategic Providers

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Age of the Customer customer experience management digital business mobile technology network security omnichannel customer experience 5G telcos TelecommunicationsThe coronavirus crisis offers telcos an opportunity to reposition themselves.

Mobile In-Store Retail Delivers Service, Efficiency and Convenience

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In-Store Mobile Delivers Service, Efficiency, and Convenience. Customer service through associate-assisted mobile scanning and checkout. Operational efficiency through associate mobility. Customer convenience through self-service mobile checkout.

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Better customer experience means targeting people, not buyers


The success of industry disruptors such as Airbnb, Amazon and Tesla can be attributed to many factors, but these companies all have one thing in common — a focus on creating an exceptional customer experience, rather than just selling a product.

How chatbots can optimize customer experience (CX)


Imagine a customer service experience where the business representative is always available, friendly and equipped to handle any inquiry you send their way. They have quickly taken over customer service functions for a growing number of businesses. The B2C Experience.

The Keys To Providing Great Customer Experience: Listen And Respond Quickly To Loyalty Program Feedback

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By Luis Artiz, Epson America Most retailers understand that their success depends heavily on their ability to provide a positive customer experience (CX). Its original loyalty program awarded Woolworths customers with Qantas frequent-flyer points.

5G In Financial Services

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Age of the Customer banking customer experience management customer-centric design financial services Insurance mobile technology omnichannel customer experience 5G5G will become a general-purpose technology for financial services firms.

2018 Retail Best Practices Extended: Mobile Web

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Consumers can choose between a variety of touchpoints; but when it comes to mobile, loyal customers will download your app, but everyone else will be left with the mobile browser. Mobile is becoming a dominant digital touchpoint for retail, influencing online sales and purchase decisions in-store.

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The Realities of Rural 5G Deployment in the US

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Early last week, Ajit Pai, the Chairman of the US Federal Communications Commission (FCC) announced his approval of the merger of T-Mobile and Sprint. This will result in a third mega-carrier in the US mobile wireless market, which is a good move for consumers like you and me.

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The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly Of US Mobile Banking Experiences In 2019

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[Note: This is about the findings from our US mobile banking reviews and research, if you want to read about what we saw in Canada go here] Mobile apps have become the touchpoint of choice for millions of people to manage their finances. To find out how effectively banks are meeting customers’ expectations, Forrester regularly […].

Why Mobile App Customer Experience Lags Behind Other Channels


Every marketer has done painstaking research to understand where mobile makes an appearance along the customer journey. They understand that customers always have their phones, and always expect a personalized, relevant interaction on mobile. Mobile commerce is set to grow 29% in 2019 , however, our research shows that mobile lags far behind on-site and email personalization, and doesn’t deliver the same level of customer experience.

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Starting Research On Ambient Technologies And Experiences

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There’s a growing set of technologies that sense or control the ambient physical world beyond our screens. Smartphones have geopositioning receivers, gyroscopes, compasses, and barometric pressure sensors so that they can sense location, movement, and weather.

Improve customer experience with Progressive Web App benchmarks


The majority of shoppers have moved from desktop to mobile. And, we know that the conversion rate for mobile shoppers on a responsive site is about a third of what it is from desktop shoppers. As always, look for ways to create a smooth, fast browsing experience.

Forrester Retail Wave: European Retailers Are Raising The Bar For Mobile App Experiences

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This year we evaluated the functionality and usability of six European retailer’s mobile apps. consumer mobile activities customer experience online retail retail user experience digital retail functionality mobileMy colleague Alex Causey and I have now finished the second European Retail Wave.

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We Evaluated Banks’ In-App Messaging On COVID-19: Five Brands Stood Out

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We interviewed 40 customers of 14 banks to find out. banking covid19-cn customer experience user experience (UX) Banking covid-19 CX Mobile Banking UXWhat do consumers expect from their banks in response to the COVID-19 pandemic?

Retail Customer Experience: The Key to Success


Retail Customer Experience: The Key to Success. I have participated in many vendor presentations and retailer discussions where the phrase “customer experience” has been used. Everyone agrees that a positive customer experience is a necessity for retail “winners”.

How the Customer Experience is Powering the Fastest Growing Brands


Stitch Labs is a purpose-built inventory management software to help brands improve customer experience and scale efficiency. When we talk about the future of retail, industry news is abuzz with the idea of brands creating experiences for their customers.

Small Business Banking Has Been Disrupted (And There’s No Going Back)

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Bankers around the world are rightly worried about the threats posed by digital disruptors getting in between them and their retail banking customers.

Better customer experience means targeting people, not buyers


The success of industry disruptors such as Airbnb, Amazon and Tesla can be attributed to many factors, but these companies all have one thing in common — a focus on creating an exceptional customer experience, rather than just selling a product. Interact with customers on their terms.

Digital Store Technologies Take the Stage For Both Customer and Associate Experience

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Digital retail theater is becoming reality for consumers as retailers rush to find ways of attracting and retaining store customers. What is digital retail theater?

How to stop wasting resources to improve the customer experience


Are you wasting valuable resources trying to improve customer experience? They see customer experience as isolated touchpoints: physical stores, mobile apps, web store, social media. Customers are looking for new and better experiences.

Nordstrom’s Acquisitions Show Personalization Will Continue To Be Critical For A Winning Customer Experience

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By Tom O’Keefe, 4-Tell Nordstrom has long been synonymous with the words ‘Customer Experience.’ Blending Online And Offline Nordstrom’s acquisitions further support the importance of omnichannel experiences.

Many Digital Banks Will Struggle Amid The COVID-19 Induced Slowdown, But A Handful Will Innovate And Thrive

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Age of the Customer banking customer experience digital business Europe financial services fintech Innovation Customer Experience (CX) Digital Banking Financial Services financial well being Mobile Banking

Voice Technology is Changing the Rules of Ecommerce and Customer Experience


Customers will talk to their devices, skipping the “tedious” process of typing or scrolling through information. It sounds like a scene from Star Trek, but voice recognition is already being used by some brands to transform the customer experience.

Frictionless Commerce – the future of customer experience is seamless


As we close out 2018, there’s a lot of new experiences (like checkout-free stores), surprising acquisitions (like the Amazon/Whole Foods merger) and more to reflect on and leverage for the year ahead. Every year brands raise the bar for improved commerce experiences.

Ways to Improve Your Customer Experience in 2020


In addition, you need to think about your target audience, your customers, and how you will provide the best customer experience and service. Making sure you offer excellent customer service is more important today than ever before.

Introducing Autonomous Finance: Forrester’s New Research On Algorithm-Based Financial Services

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While it’s still early days, the shift toward autonomous services is already happening in financial services thanks to evolving customer expectations, advances in AI and other […].