Cohort Analysis: How to Study Cohorts for Actionable Insights


How to gain cutting-edge insights from studying user behavior? The post Cohort Analysis: How to Study Cohorts for Actionable Insights appeared first on Canonicalized. Why are cohorts useful from a business perspective? How to perform a cohort analysis in a meaningful way?


Tableau Dashboard Performance Optimization [Case Study]


An exciting step-by-step case study of a Tableau dashboard optimization. The post Tableau Dashboard Performance Optimization [Case Study] appeared first on Canonicalized. Case studiesTechnical details of improving the loading and interacting speed and a sneak peek of the new improved version we're working on. Getting from question to answer at the speed of light!

Rewards Case Study: PetSmart's Treats

Program Case StudiesIf you or anyone you know has pets, you know that pet owners want nothing but the absolute best for their furry, scaled, and feathered family members. That’s why so many people were excited about PetSmart’s new Treats program , including me!


We tested 1 Million Websites to see how Mobile-Friendly they are [Original Study]


We rolled up our sleeves and did a study. The post We tested 1 Million Websites to see how Mobile-Friendly they are [Original Study] appeared first on Canonicalized. Case studies SEO AnalysisEveryone is talking about the mobile-first world. The web as we know it is turning upside down. All because people are spending a lot more time on their mobile phones. We analyzed the top 1 million websites in the world to see with our own eyes how mobile-friendly they really are.

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Rewards Case Study: Gap VISA Card and GapCard

Program Case Studies


Rewards Case Study: AutoZone Rewards

Program Case Studies


Rewards Case Study: Ritual Rewards

Program Case StudiesThese days it’s hard to think of a large restaurant chain that doesn’t have their own rewards program.

Rewards Case Study: Marriott Rewards

Program Case StudiesWhen I was a kid, spending a night in a hotel was the ultimate luxury because it had a pool and cable TV. Now that I’m older, I realize that the pool wasn’t the reason my parents picked a particular hotel.

Rewards Case Study: Verizon Up Rewards

Program Case StudiesEverybody loves having a cellphone, but nobody likes paying for it. In an effort to soothe the sting, Verizon created Verizon Up. Verizon Up is an online only rewards program that puts an emphasis on giving their customers rewards that they actually want.

Advanced Email Segmentation Case Study


The post Advanced Email Segmentation Case Study appeared first on Klaviyo. Blog Post Customer Success email marketing email segmentation email strategy

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Rewards Case Study: Kellogg's Family Rewards

Program Case StudiesCereal is one of my favorite foods. From Froot Loops to Frosted Flakes and everything in between, cereal has been a staple in our family’s diet, which means it’s one of the things that always made it onto the grocery list.


Loyalty Case Study: Amazon Prime

Program Case StudiesWhen we asked users to share their favorite loyalty programs, t he highest voted program was Amazons Prime. I will share my thoughts on what the loyalty program is doing well in the first section and then follow that up with some areas I believe Amazon could improve on.

eCommerce Customer Retention study. Key findings.


What started as an agile experiment with a couple of questions… The post eCommerce Customer Retention study. Case Study Ecommerce Growth Retention Rate Optimization Web PersonalizationIn a previous blog post, I started telling you about how we practice what we preach.

Rewards Case Study: Designer Shoe Warehouse

Program Case StudiesEveryone loves getting a new pair of shoes, but nobody ever wants to pay full retail price.


Case Study: International Retailer Corrects Discrepancies

Dynamic Action

Additional Case Studies. Case Study: Specialty Clothier Identifies $2.3 Case Study: Fashion Retailers Achieve Revenue and Profit Lift October 18, 2017 During the 35- and 52-week periods studied, four fashion and accessories retailing teams (three based in the U.S.

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Rewards Case Study: Ultamate Rewards

Program Case StudiesSephora’s largest rival in beauty is also one of their largest competitors in customer loyalty. Ulta Beauty, an American cosmetics store, has put a lot of focus into ensuring that all of their customers are rewarded for their loyalty. Their program, Ultamate Rewards has a lot going for it, here’s what they got right and what they didn’t.

Rewards Case Study: tarte Rewards

Program Case StudiesOn average, the cosmetics industry brings in $56.8 billion dollars per year in the United States alone. With thousands of brands competing for a piece of the cosmetics pie, it takes a company with a unique strategy to stand out in this rapidly expanding market.

Report: Inflow eCommerce Best-in-Class Research Study 2018

Inflow Insights

You can get details on our methodology, download the full matrix, and learn how we selected the 20 Best In Class sites—or skip below to see 12 key insights from this year’s study. Note: Want to talk to our CRO team (who performed this study) about how your site compares to the best in class?

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5 Simple but Smart Conversion Hacks Backed by Proven Case Studies

Bootstrapping Ecommerce

Get more customers and grow your sales with these 5 conversion hacks backed by some amazing case studies that you can use for your business. The post 5 Simple but Smart Conversion Hacks Backed by Proven Case Studies appeared first on Bootstrapping Ecommerce.

Case Study: International Retailer Acts on Slow-Moving Stock

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Download the pricing strategy case study to see how much revenue they were able to win. Additional Case Studies. Case Study: Specialty Clothier Identifies $2.3 Case Study: Nine West Uncovers $5.7M Case Study Resources case study data strategy retail pricing strategy

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Rewards Case Study: Microsoft Rewards

Program Case StudiesRecently, Microsoft made a number of changes to refine their Microsoft Rewards program. As a large fan of all things Microsoft, I’m very happy to see that they finally have a rewards program that is open to Canadian residents.


Speed Optimization Case Study: 3.5X Faster Prestashop Website


The post Speed Optimization Case Study: 3.5X Case studiesPrerequisites The demands were simple for the project. Increase the speed of the site without breaking anything. So let’s get into the optimization process! The front-end optimization configured the Prestashop CCC options fIlesystem cache CSS and JS optimization moved render blocking JS in the footer Apache optimization lossless optimization for all the theme, CMS […].


Rewards Case Study: Southwest Airlines Rapid Rewards

Program Case StudiesWhen it comes to choosing the perfect airline, there’s no shortage of options for U.S. travellers. With 18 U.S companies considered “major carriers” , competition in the travel industry is fierce. As a result, customer retention is more critical to staying in the air than ever before. In an industry this competitive, how do airlines keep customers coming back, flight after flight?

Case Study: D2C vs Amazon Online Marketplace


Case Study: D2C vs Amazon Online Marketplace. An interesting, retail-oriented case study appears in the March-April 2019 copy of HBR Magazine. The case study is “ Sell Direct-to-Consumer (D2C) or Through Amazon.”

Rewards Case Study: Overstock's Club O Rewards

Program Case StudiesBefore there was Wayfair, there was Since 1999, the American ecommerce company has been the furniture and home decor destination for shoppers all over the world to find exactly what they want, for less.

Rewards Case Study: Marks and Spencer Sparks Rewards

Program Case StudiesIf you’ve ever travelled across the pond to the UK, odds are you’ve come across Marks & Spencer (M&S). Established over 100 years ago, their retail stores are known for being a one stop shop for almost any home goods - not unlike Walmart or Target in North America.

Rewards Case Study: World of Hyatt

Program Case StudiesAs someone who loves travelling but doesn’t have the budget to match, I’m always looking for ways to save a bit of money when I’m abroad. In my research I stumbled across the World of Hyatt rewards program, and was very intrigued by the idea of saving money just by staying at the Hyatt. With nearly 800 hotels in 54 countries , Hyatt has an impressive global reach that allows travellers like myself to be rewarded in whatever corner of the world they find themselves in.

Case Study: Destination XL Leads Retail in Customer-Centric and Digital-First Transformation

Dynamic Action

Read the case study for details on how DXL is using DynamicAction to grow profit and achieve a customer-centric transformation. “It Additional Case Studies. Case Study: Specialty Clothier Identifies $2.3 Case Study Resources customer centricity retail case study

Rewards Case Study: Foot Locker VIP

Program Case StudiesAs a Canadian, there are few things I like more than packing away my winter boots and pulling out my spring and summer shoes. However, while I survived the cold weather this year, my shoes did not. In my quest to find a new pair, I stumbled upon Foot Locker’s VIP Rewards Program and decided to see what sort of benefits they offer shoeless shoppers like myself.


Rewards Case Study: North Face VIPeak Rewards

Program Case StudiesReach new heights with a world-class rewards program. Take your rewards program to the top with tips and tricks from the world's best. GET THE FREE GUIDE.


BigCommerce SEO Case Study: How to Improve SEO When Moving to BigCommerce

Inflow Insights

Late in 2017, one of our clients, Home Science Tools moved its website from Magento to BigCommerce. The move went well in almost every area. “We’re

APMEX turns personalization into gold (Case Study)

Dynamic Yield

The post APMEX turns personalization into gold (Case Study) appeared first on Dynamic Yield. Personalization APMEX Case Study Web Personalization

Case Study: How One eCommerce Brand Spends Its 7-Figure Adwords Budget

Inflow Insights

Ever curious how big-name brands spend their budget? We’re talking about companies that spend millions a month and thousands each day in AdWords. They’re in a different world when it comes to marketing spend. How do we know? We’ve helped companies with seven-figure marketing campaigns stay on top.

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Rewards Case Study: Hut Rewards vs Piece of the Pie

Program Case StudiesWhether it’s a local pizzeria or a giant chain, everyone has their favourite pizza joint that they’ll fight tooth and nail to defend. With that in mind, it’s only fitting then that the biggest players in the industry have two of the best rewards programs to fuel that devoted loyalty.


New case study: Why Eventige Media Group sees Klaviyo as a growth partner


Today we are excited to launch a new case study featuring Eventige Media Group, an advertising agency based out of NYC. The net result of this (which you’ll read about more in the case study) was that Eventige effectively cut their email marketing labor costs in half.