The Empowered Marketer: Branding the Cannabis Industry


Branding is tough for any B2C business, but is even more challenging in the fast-growing cannabis industry. Carter is focusing on the cannabis industry. Something really interesting about this industry is in a way, this is still an outlaw industry. This industry is crazy.

Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, And Mixed Reality Do Bring Value To Industry

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augmented reality data visualization internet of things (IoT) Manufacturing virtual reality AR customer service digital manufacturing extended reality industrial IoT industry 4.0

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Digitalization In Industry — Observations From Hannover Messe 2019

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Hannover Messe, the leading global trade fair for everything industrial, offers a great opportunity to feel the pulse of digital momentum in the industrial context.

GE Announces New Industrial IoT Software Business

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What we know: December 13th 2018 – GE announces the formation of a new industrial IoT software business with $1.2bn in revenue (based on GE Digital sales). With GE establishing a new stand-alone software business, we examine what it means for existing and potential customers of GE Digital and for GE. The new IIoT company […]. digital business digital disruption internet of things (IoT) IoT software platforms

Forrester 2018 Mobile Banking Industry Wave™: BBVA Offers World-Class Mobile Banking Services

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banking benchmarks digital business digital money management mobile apps mobile services user experience Banking Digital Banking Industry Wave Mobile BankingDigital banks are not eating the incumbent banks’ lunch (yet!) but they’re certainly demonstrating voracious appetite.

Industrial IoT Software Platforms Rise Above Just Connecting Things

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I have written before about the ways industrial and manufacturing firms are reinventing themselves, to become more efficient and better able to win, serve, and retain customers.

Seeking Good Industrial Use Cases For Virtual Or Augmented Reality

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Augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) have become the cool must-haves for industrial technology vendor keynotes. augmented reality internet of things (IoT) Manufacturing virtual reality AR AR/VR/ AI/ IoT IIoT industrial internet of things internet of things IoT mixed reality VR

Apple’s Partnership With Goldman Sachs Will Drive Seismic Shifts In The Banking Industry

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The industry seems to be quick to dismiss the partnership, especially the rewards program – but we think they’re missing the bigger picture. Apple and Goldman Sachs are partnering to deliver a new credit card. There’s an awful lot more at stake here than credit card rewards. The bigger concern for digital banks, traditional banks, […].

The TV Industry is Stumbling Toward Customer Centricity

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I’ve just returned from a few days in the sun, having once again participated in Beet.TV’s s annual BeetRetreat. Wonderfully, we returned to Puerto Rico this year*.) The theme was “It’s Consumer First in TV Land,” which I really hoped the conference would pay off. Well, we know that consumer attitudes about advertising are not […]. advertising advertising agencies marketing & strategy media media buying omnichannel advertising television tv video

Nine More Questions for 3M Industrial Group Marketing Leader, Penny Wise

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This year’s B2B Marketing and Sales Forum wrapped up just over a month ago, but I wanted to continue the great conversation I started with Penny Wise, Marketing Director – Industrial Business Group at 3M and get to more of the great questions posed by our Forum audience.

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SaaS Industry Ecosystems Will Be The Next Frontier In SaaS

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Nearly 20 years after SaaS giants such as Salesforce and NetSuite made their foray into the world of enterprise applications, we still see SaaS disrupting the traditional software world at a fast pace. SaaS growth remains high — with legacy software vendors pivoting to more (or all) SaaS and new disruptive vendors entering markets as primarily […

US Tech Demand Will Be Strongest In Domestic And Services Industries, Weakest In Manufacturing And Multinationals

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Forrester has just published our 2019 industry outlook for US tech budgets, with forecasts for how firms in different industries will increase and allocate their spending this year (see the Forrester report “2019 US Tech Budgets: Industry Outlook: CIOs Should Make Their 2019 Plans With A Solid Understanding Of What’s Going On In Their Industry.“)


Transactions to interactions: how Carnival is disrupting the travel industry [video]


” The post Transactions to interactions: how Carnival is disrupting the travel industry [video] appeared first on Get Elastic Ecommerce Blog.

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C/4HANA: SAP’s Industrialization Of Customer Engagement

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SAP announced a new name, market position, and strategy for its customer engagement portfolio. Instead of a potpourri of products, SAP will now offer the quirkily named C/4HANA, which is comprised of SAP Marketing Cloud, SAP Commerce Cloud, SAP Service Cloud, SAP Sales Cloud (including CallidusCloud), and SAP Customer Data Cloud (Gigya). C/4HANA attempts to remind […].

The Retail Industry Is Facing New Disruptive Realities

Retail TouchPoints

By Stephen Wakeling , Phobio The ubiquity of Amazon and recent announcement of the Toys ‘R’ Us closure offers a sobering glimpse of how the retail industry is radically shifting and transforming.

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The Industrial Internet Comes Of Age In China

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A few weeks ago, the China Industrial Internet Summit — the country’s leading industrial internet conference — was held in Beijing. The weather was cold, but the industrial internet is […]. Dozens of leading manufacturing firms and technology vendors from the US, Germany, and Japan shared their latest achievements and future strategies with thousands of participants.

What Makes The Beauty Industry So Successful? One Word: Inclusivity

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By Klaudia Tirico, Features Editor With so many retailers struggling these days, I can’t help but notice that the beauty industry continues to thrive. It’s clearly a great time to be in the beauty industry.

Can Big Data and Predictive Analytics Rescue the Retail Industry?

Retail TouchPoints

By Georges Smine, Opera Solutions Recent news about closures of brick-and-mortar stores paints a gloomy picture for the retail industry, with retailers seemingly having no hope for recovery in the face of the e-Commerce giants.

Promotional Effectiveness Metrics & Email Capture Benchmarks Across 10 Ecommerce Industries [2018 Report]


It is when the most amount of consumers are shopping online – giving us a wealth of data to sort through for almost all industries. For the Furniture industry, 0.63% of on-site visitors did NOT interact with a promotion but ultimately still resulted in a sale. Industry. Industry.

Ecommerce Email Marketing: Industry Performance Benchmarks


And when you look at these results by industry, there are more variances. This post delivers benchmarks on the ecommerce metrics that matter most to your business and breaks out the results by industry so you are able to compare your results in aggregate and by like-companies. Industry.

Best Buys’s GreatCall Expands Its Adjacent Industry Disruption

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Best Buy has made yet another startup acquisition that enriches its customer value with innovative digital products – GreatCall, a San Diego-based startup offering health and medical-alert devices and services. Most retailers “innovations” have been incremental digital tech investments that have extended their retail value proposition and customer value. It’s great to see Best Buy […].

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Here’s How Click Fraudsters are Hurting the Email Industry


The post Here’s How Click Fraudsters are Hurting the Email Industry appeared first on Webbula. If you’ve never heard of Click Farms, then you are in for a shock. Almost no one is immune from click fraudsters no matter if you’re a small business running.

The Insurance Industry Is A Prime Target For AI Technologies And Solutions

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In their quest to become digital insurers, insurance carriers have a revolutionary opportunity to improve their businesses with new and emerging artificial intelligence (AI) technologies. It is certainly a balancing act to find that perfect peanut butter-and-jelly combination of operational efficiency and customer engagement, however I believe many insurance carriers to be up to the […]. artificial intelligence (AI) customer experience Insurance risk management

Levi Strauss & Co. Disrupts The Wearable Tech Industry With Its Commuter X Jacquard Jacket

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Disrupt or be disrupted. That’s the name of the game when it comes to market leadership today. It’s also what Levi’s did by using innovation to create its Bluetooth-enabled jean jacket designed for the growing community of commuter bicyclists. This jacket gives commuters hands-free control over their electronic devices by integrating Google’s Jacquard technology into […]. digital disruption Innovation

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ChannelSale Attends IRCE 2018—Pledges To Redefine Online Retail Industry


In recent times, annually held IRCE (Internet Retailer Conference + Exhibition) has become a hallmark of excellence and inventiveness in the e-commerce industry that online sellers around the world participate in. Internet Retailer Conference IRCE 2018 Online Retail Industry

Andie Swim: Fixing a broken industry purchasing funnel for good


The swimwear industry –– a $28 billion global market –– still exhibits low ecommerce penetration, despite the fact that women rank in-person swimwear shopping as one of the worst consumer experiences. Why they won. Andie Swim won the Innovation Award for Product Innovation.

Top Predictions For Retail in 2019 [From Leading Industry Experts]

CPC Strategy

The post Top Predictions For Retail in 2019 [From Leading Industry Experts] appeared first on Retail Performance Marketing Blog - CPC Strategy. This year, customers shopped online more than ever before and the competition for consumer spend hit a fever pitch, with major retailers such. Read More. Ecommerce

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Amazon Product Sampling Shaking up the Advertising Industry

ROI Revolution

With the ability to offer free samples, Amazon could turn the ad industry on its head. The post Amazon Product Sampling Shaking up the Advertising Industry appeared first on ROI Revolution. Digital Marketing Industry News MarketplacesYou’ve probably never heard about it, but Amazon has recently started a program where companies can send free samples to consumers based on customer data on what they’re most likely to buy. How Amazon Product Sampling Works.

What to Expect From Amazon in 2019 [Industry Expert Predictions]

CPC Strategy

The post What to Expect From Amazon in 2019 [Industry Expert Predictions] appeared first on Retail Performance Marketing Blog - CPC Strategy. It’s been another big year for Amazon. For sellers, many of the site’s older, outdated features were retired, while new, more interactive ones. Read More. Amazon Marketplace

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Lead Nurturing Advice from Industry Pros


The post Lead Nurturing Advice from Industry Pros appeared first on PERQ. Multifamily AI artificial intelligence automotive industry expensive purchases home furnishing retailers multifamily property website online research journey personalized shopping

7 CPG Industry Trends and Opportunities For Digital Retailers

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Online sales made up 90% of the growth in the CPG industry last year, highlighting a fast-growing segment in an otherwise slow-growth industry. The post 7 CPG Industry Trends and Opportunities For Digital Retailers appeared first on Retail Performance Marketing Blog - CPC Strategy. Read More. Ecommerce

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Pricing Teardown: Baby & Child Industry –


Knowing what pricing strategy your competitors are using is a great way to help plan your own pricing strategy. Granted, you want to try and differentiate yourself from your competitors. However, if you’re just starting out, or struggling to make sales, looking at your competitors is a good way to start. So in this post, E-Commerce Strategy teardown


Fashion marketplaces: Saving the apparel industry?


Once upon a time, private label clothing brands would first design clothes, market them, find buyers at department stores and chain retailers, fulfill orders, plan logistics to accommodate demand, and distribute to physical stores. Rinse and repeat. eCommerce Marketing How to Business Growth

How to Turn Your Industry Expertise Into More Sales on Reddit and Quora


Despite their ubiquity, ecommerce marketers across the industry don’t realize that Reddit and Quora can be absolute gold mines for finding leads and prospects. Like I said, both of these sites are full of qualified leads for your business –– no matter which industry you’re in.

B2B Ecommerce Punchouts Are Here: How B2B Brands Reduce Manual Error and Bring Full Benefits of Online Selling to the Industry


Expert salespeople once handled all of B2B sales. They had personal relationships with the procurement professionals who worked for buyer… B2B Ecommerce Ecommerce News

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