Fashion Meets Technology – Choose Well, Be Well!

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By Geetanjali Sarna and Amit Prabhakar Gaitonde , Wipro Despite the growing use of technology in all facets of life, fashion retail has continued to play it safe when it comes to utilizing technology to further innovation and the customer experience.

As Fast Fashion Races To Capture Award Season Trends, Brands Struggle To Keep Up

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The digital fashion landscape has become a consumer’s dream of being able to see their favorite celebrity wearing something they want, only to go shopping a mere 24 hours later and find an almost exact replica. fast fashion olivia Skuza NuORDER Fashion Nova

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How a Traditional Luxury Women’s Fashion Brand Became an Early Player in the Direct-To-Consumer Age


Once you’ve found a business model that works — with plenty of proven success — it can be difficult to… Direct to Consumer

Does The Forever 21 Bankruptcy Signal The End Of Fast Fashion?

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Forever 21 , once one of the preeminent names in fast fashion, filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection after months of reports and speculation. The struggles at Forever 21 spotlight a potential weakness in the fast fashion business model itself.

The Empowered Marketer: Catering to the High Fashion Buyer


High fashion is a highly competitive space. But Aneesha Rao has fashion buyers down to a science. She’s the Strategy & Digital Marketing Manager for two different high-fashion online retailers: Need Supply and Totokaelo. Why editorial content is so important in high fashion.

Italian fashion industry begins road to recovery with 18% increase in consumer purchases

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The last three months have seen a dramatic drop in purchases from Italian fashion retailers online, but the country’s fashion brands seem to be over the worst. That’s according to new data from, the daily Covid-19 Commerce tracker from data technology firm Emarsys. Critical Issues Internet Retailing

Is The Future Of Fashion Gender-Free?

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The times they are a-changing, and it’s extremely important for companies to evolve and cater to a broader audience and a new generation of consumers. All of this has me thinking: Is the future or fashion — or even retail in general — genderless?

Defining ‘Direct To Consumer’

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DTC refers to the process of selling directly to the consumer. D2C – Digital Underdogs DNVBs are digitally native D2C that are trying to exploit inefficiencies in the supply chain in specific product categories (fast fashion, eyewear, mattresses, shaving, etc.), direct-to-consumer DtC Ashwin Ramasamy PipeCandy DNVBsBy Ashwin Ramasamy, PipeCandy If you’re a follower of retail, you have definitely stumbled upon these terms in your newsfeed — DTC, D2C, DNVB.

Fickle Fashion: Over 80% of consumers are buying clothes they never wear

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Fickle fashion is killing off sustainable clothing as eight in 10 (83%) consumers admit to buying items they never wear, according to data from the Fashion Retail Academy. Critical Issues Retail Supply Chain Internet Retailing

How Fashion Retailers Can Retain New E-Commerce Customers Past The Pandemic

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Fashion retailers were hit hard by the COVID-19 outbreak, but the industry may have found a silver lining: an influx of new e-Commerce customers. I wouldn’t base it on income brackets or age groups — listen to your consumers and give them what they want. ”.

Looking Fashion Forward: 5 Best Practices for Fashion + Apparel Retailers


On the surface, fashion and apparel sounds like a broad enough category that it’s easy to think they don’t have their own obstacles. Instead, fashion and apparel brands have the other retailers’ struggles on steroids because they face all of them.

Amazon Advertising Strategies for Fashion Brands and Retailers


And judging by the features and activities released in the last couple of years, fashion is one of the latest verticals to see a big push by Amazon. Amazon’s focus on the fashion segment has encouraged both users to buy more and companies to list a lot more products on the platform.



Consumers are increasingly expecting fast, affordable and on-trend, seasonal apparel at the click of a button – putting increased pressure on online retailers to deliver in ever-shortening time frames.

TechStyle Fashion Group and General Assembly Win EIS Awards


TechStyle Fashion Group and General Assembly are drastically different companies that use email marketing in different ways. Using Sailthru’s Lifecycle Optimizer , the global education company evolved its email program, which previously involved time-consuming, manual workflows.

What social networks deliver greatest benefit to fashion ecommerce?

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Fashion retailers understand that social media plays an important role in driving awareness, traffic and orders. However, given the complex shopping journey of today’s fashion consumer, it’s difficult to clearly identify the relative merits of different social networks – particularly as the networks themselves are continuing to evolve and introduce new features.

10 fashion brands & UX tips you can learn from them


eCommerce companies and direct-to-consumer (DTC) brands have made waves across the retail industry. Improving the user experience on their eCommerce website is a key priority for small fashion business owners.

Sailthru and TechStyle Fashion Group Win Digiday Technology Awards


To even hope to catch consumers’ attention, every brand needs a great email marketing platform, which Digiday defines as… well, Sailthru. Nothing illustrates this better than our work with TechStyle Fashion Group, the winner of Digiday’s “Best Digital Retail Technology” award.

Forrester: Digital Growth, Consumer Convenience Will Drive The ‘Next Normal’

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Today’s consumers are agnostic to channels. As a result, consumers are using digital in completely new ways and “quite frankly, shop in ways that we’ve never thought about.”. The consumer has a heightened set of expectations from a shopping experience standpoint.

What Artificial Intelligence Means to TechStyle Fashion Group and BloomNation


In Los Angeles, we were recently joined by Eric Pescatore, Director of Strategy & Analytics at TechStyle Fashion Group, and Eric Wu, Head of Product & Growth at BloomNation. They’d predict consumers’ actions based on their onsite behavior, which really lent itself to audience segmentation and testing. Pescatore, an avid tester who tested 30,000 in ads alone last year, notes that fashion is the opposite.

How To Start a Clothing Line (Tips From 13 Fashion Pros)

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Even if you don’t know how to sew a stitch, you can still launch a successful fashion business. This step-by-step resource includes tips from over a dozen fashion pros and CEOs. Fashion Business 101. The fashion industry has recorded steady growth over the years.

Refinery29, TechStyle Fashion Group and General Assembly Included Among EIS Awards Finalists


Refinery29, TechStyle Fashion Group, General Assembly. TechStyle Fashion Group: Loyalty or Membership Programs; Retail; Transactional/Ecommerce. The post Refinery29, TechStyle Fashion Group and General Assembly Included Among EIS Awards Finalists appeared first on Sailthru

Industry Updates: California Privacy Act, Online Grocery Shopping, & Gen Z Fashion

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of consumers said they go online grocery shopping at least once per month including pick-up and delivery. of consumers say they go online grocery shopping at least once per week, which was unchanged from 2017. Millennials and Gen Z Looking for More From Fashion Brands.

How to Position Your Lifestyle and eCommerce Fashion Brand


Positioning is only for the brands that are consumer centric. If you are in the lifestyle and fashion eCommerce segment, you are in a crowded place with a lot of players competing for your ideal consumer’s attention. How to Position Your Lifestyle and eCommerce Fashion Brand.

Barneys and MedMen hope ‘high’ fashion will be a big hit

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Two retailers are seeking to really put the high into high fashion. As more states legalize marijuana, and societal attitudes shift, the notion of cannabis as a mainstream consumer product seems more real every day.

The Complete Omni-Channel Retail Report: What Brands Need to Know About Modern Consumer Shopping Habits


” Hubspot defines it as: “the ability to deliver a seamless and consistent experience across channels, while factoring in the different devices that consumers are using to interact with your business.”. This modern consumer behavior has led to a rise in two industry terms.

Increasing Revenue from Email: The Definitive Guide for Fashion, Apparel and Specialty Retailers


Consumers also prefer receiving promotional content via email. Email is a catalyst to get consumers there, which is why email must exist within a holistically designed customer experience. When it comes to digital marketing channels, none is more reliable than email.

Modern Brands Are Building Deeper Connections With Their Consumers


As the direct-to-consumer (D2C) movement rolls on with ever-increasing momentum, a few clear brand engagement strategies and successful trends are emerging. . Shop our Instagram” is now on almost every fashion site, and “Shop Now” is on almost every fashion site’s Instagram page.

How Fashion Retailers Can Capitalize on Visual Search Demand


Imagine that you’re looking to put together a fashionable new outfit. When it comes to the fashion industry, image-based search is arguably a better fit than text because a picture is worth a thousand words.

Consuming Hypermedia APIs vs The Other Guys


For readers who have only consumed REST level 3 APIs, it is worth noting that a lot of ecommerce vendors still have not adopted hypermedia APIs into practice and are working on legacy Level 1/2 API layers. API consumption has come a long way in the last few years.

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How E-Commerce Retailers Are Winning With Agility

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By Roman Kirsch, Lesara Fast fashion has been dealt a blow by the rise of trendy online retailers. But not all e-Commerce retailers are created equally, and not all of them are responsible for the decline of fast fashion.

How Natori’s Direct-to-Consumer Ecommerce Strategy is Accelerating Brand Growth


As the director of ecommerce for Natori, a leading fashion brand, I’ve spent the last several years developing our direct-to-consumer channel. The Direct-to-Consumer Channel: Challenges & Opportunities. Going direct-to-consumer after 40 years of wholesale is tough.

Quad Assortment and Pricing Data Illuminates Fashion Trends


One noteworthy observation is the early adoption of the trend by large department stores, including Macy’s, Nordstrom, Kohl’s, and Target, while fast fashion retailers such as Forever 21 and Revolve Clothing arrive relatively later to the game. From necklaces to dresses and sweaters, choker-styled accessories and tops have made a statement in the fashion industry. The post Quad Assortment and Pricing Data Illuminates Fashion Trends appeared first on Quad Analytix.

As Contactless Payment Use Grows, Here?s What Consumers Need To Know About Fraud Prevention

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These frauds happened the old-fashioned way — with the card in hand. How can consumers stay safe while using contactless payments? Touch-free “contactless” payments in stores and at vending machines are gaining popularity with U.S.

Omni-channel OMS – A Requirement for Consumer Satisfaction


Omni-channel fulfillment has become a consumer expectation. This new norm is requiring retailers across the globe to consider new technologies and processes as they seek to better serve modern consumers.

Marie Kondo and Consumer Minimalism: Are Changing Attitudes Changing eCommerce?


Unless you’ve been living under a bridge, you’ve probably come across the terms “KonMari” and “consumer minimalism” more than once. By using Kondo’s approach, you become more thoughtful about your possessions, care for them more and end up consuming less.

2019 Wrap-Up: The 5 eCommerce Trends That Defined Consumer Spending Last Year


That’s in sharp contrast to fashion footwear, which declined 5% in the same period. The company expects strong sales growth to continue in the years ahead, with sport leisure surpassing fashion as the largest footwear category in 2020. It was a strong end to 2019 for eCommerce sales.

How Worldwide Consumer Preferences Determine Your Global Ecommerce Strategy (Alipay, COD, Lazada)


When it comes to delivery, consumers prefer transparency into the delivery process more so than selecting the actual carrier. Only half of consumers found the possibility to select the delivery company to be important. Understanding How Consumers Buy in Emerging Markets.

Is A Neiman Marcus, Saks Merger Inevitable?

Steve Dennis

Ultimately consumers in quite a few markets will have to adjust to seeing yet another iconic name disappear for their set of choices—at least in its brick & mortar incarnation. Fashion Luxury

9 Awesome Examples of Fashion & Accessory Websites


The best fashion brands convey a lifestyle, an appeal, an aspiration. The same can be said of fashion websites. Through beautiful photography, inspiring brand stories and show-stopper promotions, a well-designed fashion website can influence visitor behavior in all the right ways.

How Established Brands Can Reap the Rewards of Direct-to-Consumer eCommerce


There’s no question that eCommerce is opening up a literal world of opportunities for consumer brands. As Gideon Spanier at Raconteur points out, direct-to-consumer (DTC) brands are “dominating” in retail precisely because they are building relationships with consumers.