Conversion 101: How to Create an SEM Legend Exercise

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The post Conversion 101: How to Create an SEM Legend Exercise appeared first on Bryan & Jeffrey Eisenberg. Don’s Contracting is in steady demand. The local market is tight, supply is low and demand is high. Don will tell you he makes his living off of word of mouth.

Five Ways To Plan For B2B Journey Mapping Success

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Journey mapping can be an energizing and eye-opening exercise in customer empathy. As advisors to B2B CX and Marketing Leaders in the Forrester Leadership Boards (FLB), we come along on many journey mapping “journeys”.

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To Excel At Customer Obsession, You Need An Adaptive Operating Model

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Rather than undertake a full organizational design exercise, firms are adopting tactical change, creating agile delivery […]. Many firms have used Forrester’s principles of customer obsession to guide their business and IT transformation journey, striving to be customer-led, insights-driven, fast, and connected. But in their pursuit, most firms fall short when it comes to organizational change.

Nineteen In ’19: New Year’s Resolutions For The Data-Driven Marketer

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Every New Year, I find myself making lofty goals: eat better, exercise more, spend less time on social media. By mid-February, those goals are a distant blip in my rearview mirror; the reality of life gets into the way and I just fail at tracking progress. But this year is different (I swear). I created […

TIBER-EU Framework Offers An Opportunity To Improve FinServ Cyber Resilience

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In short, there is a new voluntary framework for threat intelligence-led red-teaming exercises that has been published by the European Central Bank (the Central Bank for eurozone economies). The European Central Bank yesterday launched its TIBER-EU (Threat Intelligence-Based Ethical Red Teaming for the European Union) framework for financial institutions regulated within the EU.

Zero Trust Technology Works, Excuses Don’t

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I have done a few exercises on implementing Zero Trust and ZTX in enterprises. The impetus for the strategy days was that those organizations had leaders that are Forrester clients and had read, or at least breezed through, the research that has been published on the topic of Zero Trust, and they are bought in […]. security & risk cybersecurity digital strategy digital transformation S&R pros Security & Risk

Episode 79 – Lessons from a Record-breaking Crowdfunding Campaign with Connor Young of Ample Foods

eCommerce Evolution

Connor Young is a bit of a health nut – and an exercise enthusiast. He’s also an entrepreneur. He’s combined his passions into a powerful and growing commerce business called Ample Foods. Connor and his team are doing a lot of things right with Ample.

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Bootcamp Takes on the Back-Office


The 2019 iQmetrix Bootcamp is the perfect place to strengthen your back-office processes and exercise your tried and true practices to see where you measure up against the best in the business. Back-office really means backbone—especially when it comes to your business.

Stick With It

Traffic and Sales

I’ve been taking these consultation calls with store owners and going through this exact exercise. Podcast listener and subscriber, Coby, told me he grew his store to $10K/month in sales under a year.

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Retail pop-ups at the airport: turn passengers into customers


World domination is the goal for luxury brands, so airport pop-ups are a go-to marketing exercise for well-known companies like Tiffany & Co.,

Episode 71 – Finding the Biggest Levers to Pull for Conversion Rate Improvements

eCommerce Evolution

EVERY store owner would benefit from going through the exercises discussed in this episode. My guest on this show is a legend in the eCommerce space. He’s the founder of the Shopify Agency, Ethercycle. He’s the host of the wildly popular Unofficial Shopify Podcast.

NORAD Tracks Santa’s Journey Around the World


Colonel Shoup was inspired to use the event as a public relations exercise for NORAD , publicizing the cutting-edge abilities of the organization. Photo: Wikipedia.

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For Better Research, Create An Authentic In-Store Experience

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That being said, performing a shopper exercise or wearing eye-tracking glasses can feel unnatural.

Making It Real: Disruptive Technology To Elevate the Customer Experience

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Exercising the organizational discipline to change course and learn from testing can reduce execution waste.

The Empowered Marketer: Catering to the High Fashion Buyer


I have to engage in thought exercises to conceptualize who I’m talking to and deliver a product or experience that’s valuable to them. High fashion is a highly competitive space.

It’s Time To Stop Talking Retail Innovation, And Start Doing It

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When it becomes part of your business strategy, an element in the marketing/operations flow that is exercised, a muscle develops that can be relied on to lift more than its own weight.

Instagrammable Moments: 5 Reasons Why Your Stores Need Them This Holiday Season

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It can evolve to your budget and priorities In a creative realm like store and experience design, it’s always a smart exercise to think big.

Heads you win

Steve Dennis

This is mostly an exercise in naming “the what” of our gratitude, and recognizes little of “the why” or “the how.” As we celebrate Thanksgiving in the United States, many of us will engage in some practice, formal or otherwise, to name that for which we are grateful. Our health, our families, a roof over our head, the delicious food we are about to eat, and so on. You know the drill.

Why Product Packaging Design is Important to Ecommerce Success


The authors created a strategy canvas exercise that’s designed to help businesses figure out where there’s an opportunity to stand out.

A ‘Wellness Plan’ For SMB Retailers

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79% want brands to show personal understanding & care [vi] Exercise SMBs should be enabled to engage their customers and conduct transactions throughout the store.

3 No-Cost eCommerce Marketing Strategies to Increase Conversions to your New Shopify Store

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Just from doing that exercise, you now have two content templates that you can use: 1) for creating “X tips” articles and 2) a case study article. Have you ever clicked on a Facebook ad and dropped on an unfamiliar site with an unknown brand?

Make Customer Service Your Most Valuable Asset This Holiday Season


The goal of this exercise is to maintain or even improve the speed and accuracy in which you reply to customer inquiries. This exercise can be combined with the one above to help streamline your entire customer service strategy.

How Can Retailers Get The Most Out Of Holiday Hiring?

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The RTP team shares ideas and suggestions for retailers to get the most out of seasonal employees, and identifies areas where retailers should exercise caution with these hires.

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How to go from a local seller to an International Brand and Beyond


A parallel exercise would be listing down of your weaknesses. Every town has several small businesses with strong goodwill and a loyal clientele. If you think your local business falls into this category – then congrats. There must be something that you are doing right.

Who Pinned It Best? 3 Steps For Retailers To Win At Pinterest Marketing

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With so many posts about exercise routines, top recipes and house cleaning tips, how can an independent retail store or small chain utilize this channel to drive interest, provide helpful resources and ultimately promote merchandise?

Why I Love Self-Service (And Could Learn To Love Chatbots)

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Suffice it to say that she gets much more attitude than useful information, with the exchange ending like this: I had to exercise patience, the Zen of not gnawing his ear off for being such an ass.

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Retailers, Reach For The Minimum By 2020

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According to the Journal of the American Medical Association, less than 5% of people who survive a heart attack successfully change their eating, smoking and exercise habits afterward.

Retailers Can Boost Revenue With Customized Financing Plans

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By Mike Rittler, TD Bank From appliances to home exercise equipment, many Americans don’t have the cash on hand to pay for big-ticket items. For others, it simply makes sense to take advantage of no- or low-interest offers.

The FastSpring Team Meets Up for 2nd Annual Fall Summit


Getting the opportunity to come together and participate in wonderful team building exercises really helps to remind us that we are all working toward the same goal. After a fun day exercising our creative muscles, the FastSpring team took over the beach for some team building activities with the Santa Barbara Adventure Company. At FastSpring, we take our company mission, vision, and values seriously.

The Psychology Behind Customer Loyalty


Not only did the game do a brilliant job of conjuring a scenario that many exercise aficionados face (who likes to workout in freezing temperatures?), Passionate fan bases are common among sports teams, rock bands, even baby hippos.

Searchandising: Site search hacks that drive revenue


Bonus tip: During this exercise, scan your report’s top 100-500 keywords and jot down common abbreviations, misspellings and product attributes that appear. Improving customer experience is top-of-mind for every digital business.

Are mass store closings the start of an inevitable downward spiral?

Steve Dennis

Second, any such analysis is merely a rote arithmetic exercise that erroneously assumes that massive store closings don’t have any adverse impact on e-commerce, nor make a brand less relevant and competitive in consumers’ minds nor serve to de-leverage fixed costs. At the recent inaugural ShopTalk Europe event in Copenhagen, Hudson’s Bay Company CEO Gerald Storch posited that retailers risk hastening their demise by taking an axe to their store counts.

Sales Kickoff 2019: EVOLVE


Through interactive exercises and eye-opening deliverables, teams discussed how important it is for our clients (and all online brands and retailers), to understand and strategize around this changing landscape.

Udemy vs Teachable: A Comparison of Online Course Selling Heavyweights

Ecommerce Platforms

Supplemental resources such as class exercises and worksheets. So you want to sell courses online? Maybe you have a knack for Adobe Illustrator or like the idea of making money by teaching people photography.

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Dependency Upgrades: why commerce software engineers need a policy and process  


   As an optional exercise – use the new features. For most commerce software engineers, dependency management includes upgrades and best practice suggests upgrading dependencies proactively.

Why You Shouldn’t Split Test During an eCommerce Redesign

Inflow Insights

Comparing the performance of the old and new site isn’t as useful as other exercises during the redesign process you can run.

This Holiday Marketing Campaign Increased Revenue by 108%


In addition to cleansing and organizing Final Draft’s existing contact database, this exercise primed our campaign for future customization. Executive Summary. How do you make your business stand out on one of the most highly emailed weeks of the year?

Marketers Need To Think Like Technologists


Value is seen in platforms that exercise transparency from performance of campaign, to granular impression level data.

eCommerce A/B Testing: Ideas & Tips You Should Know


When properly executed, this exercise helps businesses evaluate a variable’s effectiveness related to the control. What is eCommerce A/B Testing? eCommerce A/B testing is a scientific method of evaluating a marketing variable compared to a control. This occurs when brands show a percentage of users either a control or variable version of a marketing asset. eCommerce A/B testing mirrors the scientific method and helps businesses isolate individual elements that influence results.

Celebrate Entrepreneurial Independence Day with a Free Read!

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This book is the diet and exercise of marketing and communication and persuasion. We all know the freedom that comes from being an entrepreneur.